Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


7. sun. sand and scars

I woke up to see Niall wrapped in my arms. I slowly realised my self from his arms but he let out a groan. "Come back lil!" He said still with his eyes closed "why?" I asked looking back at him. "Because I miss you. You were worm." He said. " I'm only over here. I'm going to make breakfast" I said. He shoot right up. "Breakfast?!" He asked. "Yeah now get up you lazy Irish ass" I said as he got up only him his pants. Wow "lily...?lil?LILY" he shouted. "Huh! What?!" I asked. "You stare" he said walking to me, "sorry" I said blushing. "Come on babe" he said is his amazayn Irish accent intwining our fingers together walking to the kitchen. Niall made my bacon and we ate it in the sofa talking watching tv while all the other boys came down "morrrrnniiinnnggg" Louis shouted. "Hey lou" Niall said. They came and sat down with us. "Niall put a top on!" Zayn shouted covering his eyes "no lily likes it!" He said back. Harry coughed and stared at Niall. I looked over at Liam and he smiles. He was looking at me differently then normal.. "Come on baby" Niall said standing up reaching out his hand to me. I gladly toke it and we walked up stairs. "Where are we going?" I asked " we're getting ready" he said. "Why?" I asked confused " we're going swimming...we're on a beach in no where. Why not" he said taking of his pants and putting swim shorts on. "No" I said. They can't see me. Yet "why not?" He asked walking to me. "I-I-I can't swim.." I said making something up. "I'll teach you" he said holding my hand. "O-okay" I said. "Go get dressed" he said sitting on our bed. I walked to my wardrobe and toke out a bickii and stared at Niall. "What?" He asked confused. "Your still here..I'm getting dressed" I said. "I'm your boyfriend. I live with you." He said "Niall...please" I asked. "Fine fine. But to be honest I think it's stupid. I'm not going to do anything to you" "I know i know I'm just not confutable..." I said looking at the ground "well I'm going to see sooner or later..." He said walking out seeming kinda pissed. I put it on with leggings and a top over the top so they can't see anything. And went down stair and out Side where all the boys where I the sea playing in there swim shorts. "Where's your swim sute!?" Lou shouted from the sea. "It's under!" I shouted back walking in the sand to the sea. "Take it of! Come join us!" He shouted back. I ignored and sat down in the sand watching the boys. Niall came out the sea and sat next to me "what's up?" He asked "nothin" I said back. "Why aren't u in with us?" "I don't feel like it?" I said leaning on his shoulder. My phone started to ring, it was a unknown number. I pressed accept.



"Who is this?"

"Long time no see"


"I see you"

He said then hanging up. "Who was that?" Niall asked. "Oh just my phone company" I lied. "Oh okay" he said. "I'm going back in you coming?" He asked. "Nah I'll watch 4sexy men with out Tops play it's fine!" I said. He instantly tensed up. "I'm joking!" I said "good" he started to relax. He then went into the sea and played with the boys. And I watched. I liked around looking to see if anyone was there. No one. Probs just a fan jealous of me. Then all the boys suddenly walked up to me. Picked me up over there heads. I was screaming. "PUT ME DOWN" I shouted. They walked to the sea and dropped me in "I. FUCKING. HATE. ALL. OF. YOU" I shouted while all the boys Wear having a Laughing fit. I got up and walked to Harry. I was so cold. "Take your top if do you will get wormer" Harry said. "No" I demanded. "Lily you will get a cold!" He said taking my top of. "Lils..." He said staring. I ran past all of them and went into my room. I heard running and Niall bashing in my door. "LILY LET ME IN" Niall shouted. As I put a new top on. "LILY MARIE STYLES LET ME IN" Niall demanded. I got up and walked to the door but the kicked it down before I opened it. "Whoa " I said. "Let me see." He said. "See what" I asked. "You fucking no what" he said angry. "No Niall I can't I'm sorry" I said looking down on my bed. He walked up to me and stod between my legs. Leaned in and started kissing me. It got deepens and deeper until I was laying on my bed with Niall on top of me. I felt his hand slide up my top until I stop him. "Niall no" I said Pulling my top back down. He pulled my top up forcefully and looked. He started for a moment until he bent down and kisses every single scare. Brouse. Cut. On my tummy. "Are your legs the same?" He said looking serious. I nobbed. "He did this?" I nodded. "I. Will. Find. Him. And. Kill. Him." He said stopping with every kiss. " I love you" I said. "I love you too" he said kissing me. Liam and Lou braged in "whoa whoa whoa what's going on" he asked. "Go away." Niall said. "Fine bossy panties" Lou said. He kissed me one more time and then we went under the covers and soon feel asleep in his worm bear chest and arms

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