Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


4. Holiday.

Lilys pov:

Most of that day we just sat down watching movies and talking about what happened that time me and harry was apart, he told me about his new family that he loves, the boys, x factor, fame and everything in between.

"That movie was crap" Niall said to me and harry.

"Shhh its our fav" Me and Harry both said at the same time.

"Harry...The boys are here" Niall said staring down at his phone looking worried at me.

"Are you going to be okay?...There our brothers we trust them with our lives" Harry said to me looking at me, I sat up from Harry's lap witch I was laying on burning the movie.

"Only if your with me" I said look into Niall's amazayn blue eyes.

" Of course babe" Niall said walking to the door and 3 Loud boys run in and jump on harry, I just sat there really scared, I know there nice and Harry and Niall like them but I cant trust them just yet. I'm knocked out my thoughts when Niall came and sat next to me and placed his hand over mine, instantly giving me chills around my body...there something special about him.

"You okay?" Niall leaned in and whispers in my ear, I just nodded. and all the boys started talking about random stuff.

"so this is lily, my sister, lily you have seen them but you passed out after..this is Liam, Lou,Zayn" He said pointing at all the boys and then they saying hello to me after.

"Yeah its nice to see you not on the floor with blood ev--" Louis started but stopped after Niall cut him off

"Louis!" I shouted to stop him fro finishing his sentence.

After about 2 hours about talking about anything and everything niall said he was hungry so we all got in Harry's black rang rover and drive to Nando's. Harry and Lou was in the front, Liam, Zayn and Niall in the back but we all the realised there was no room for me...

"Put her in the boot?" Lou said and harry slapped him.

"I'll stay home i said" going back to the door.

"No, i dont want you on your your going to have to sit on someones lap..." harry said looking back at me.

"well she wont feel confitable with me or Zayn so Niall..?" Liam stated

"I dont mind.." Niall said looking at me.

"um..Okay" I said walking to the car and sitting myself on Niall's lap. "Don't get to happy Ni Ni" harry said as a joke but gave him a serious look on his face to Niall"

Half way though the ride me and Niall were talking and he was asking me some questions

"Fav colour"


"Fav Animal"


"Fav food"


"Fav member of 1D"

"Zayn" I said with a smerk

"Aw love you Lily" Zayn said back to me.

"No but who is it really" Niall said...Problem was it was him..and just thinking about it I went bright red

"Omg shes red!" Louis shouted pointing at me.

"OMG Its Niall Isnt it!!!" Liam Said and everyone looking at me and i went really red.

"LILY LOVES NIALL. LILY LOVES NIALL" All the boys chanted as me and Niall went red. Thank fully we were here and the car stopped and I got out first with out realising these boys were world famous and had millions of fans standing right in front of me. I started having a panic attack but stopped as soon as I felt worm soft hand in mine and intertwined our fingers together as I looked up and saw who it was.


But it felt so right to hold him. we tock my hand with one arm and the other around my waste and tummy and guided me in nando's. We all arrived in and sat down but I could still here all the screaming girls would kill to be in my place right now. We sat down and as I looked down me and Niall both realised we were holding hands and smiled. After dinner we went back though the screaming girls, in the car, on Niall's lap, Back home, and in bed and soon feel asleep.

But i soon woke up screaming and in a unfamiliar room, soon Niall came running in.

"Lily are you okay?!" Niall said running to my bed.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just a bad dream" I said as he sat on the side of my bed.

"Um okay, good bye" Niall said getting up.

"No Niall wait" I blurted out without thinking.

"what?" He said back

"Stay...With me?" I said, he soon agreed, I moved up and he tock his top he got in my bed and layed down, then he wrapped me up in his arms and pushed me into him, I placed my head on his bare worm chest and soon feel asleep.

Nialls pov:

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON" I heard Harry shout from behind me, i slowly opened my eyes to see Lilly cuddled him on my chest in my arms. "What harry" I asked in my morning voice.

"Why the fuck are you in bed with my sister?" Harry shouted waking up lily as she moaned.

"Calm down, she had a bad dream and she wanted me to stay" I said.

"Well it sure dont look like it. I swear I will kill yo--" Harry started but stopped when Lily Cut him off.

"Harry calm done we didn't do anything" Lily said turning around to harry who's face was red with angry

"Pfft yeah right" He said walking out of lilys new room.

"Gosh what was that about?!" She asked me

"He's just protective" I said standing up.

Lilys pov:

Niall got up, wow them abs....ahhh...

"You stare" Niall said putting a shirt on.

"What...i wasn't staring..."

"Pfft sure babe" He said as I went red. I dont know, i just feel so right when im with him.

I'm not falling. I've Fallen. Hard.

After breakfast, Harry called the rest of the boys because they have a surprise for me.

"Lily..Were going on holiday" "Really? Cool!" I'm happy and excited to go!

"When?" i asked the boys "A hour..." they said. "Are you joking?" I asked "No, Come on ill help you" Niall said Reaching out his hand and I was happy to take it even though my brother didnt look very happy about it.

Me and Niall went up to my room, i grabbed a bag and Niall grabbed some cloths and put them in the bag. Me and Niall started fighting and toughing socks at each other, I went on my bed and jumped on his back and we feel on the floor, Niall was on top of me and we couldn't stop laughing we stopped and we looked deep in each others eyes, until he leaned down and closed the space between us as he kissed me. I freeze up but soon kissed back. Fireworks.

"Um I think we should go" I said standing up, grabbing my bag and we walked down stairs with the other boys.

"You ready?" Harry asked me wrapping his arm around my waste and kissed my hair.

"Yep, me and Niall got everything ready" He insistently tensed up and hold me tighter when I said Niall. "Lil, you need to sit in Ni's lap again!, Don't get to happy or ill kill you" Harry said looking at Niall. We got in the car and I sat on Niall's Lap. On Niall's Left were Liam and Zayn and on His left was the door and also his hand in mine, dont tell Harry or he will kill me. When we got to the air port the boys surrounded me and i was in the middle grabbing on to Niall's hand very hard, Girls screaming the boys names but we didnt stop we jut went in, after 15 ins we were on the plane, Lou&Harry up front. Liam&Zayn, Then me&Niall at the back.

AN/ Like, Coment, up date soon.

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