Lost In Confusion

Justin is now 19, he's been thinking lately of how lonely he is, he's broken from his break up with Selena. He thinks about flashbacks with her when they were dating. He started getting thoughts about another relationship that nobody knew about, him and Miley. He's on the believe tour and Scooter notices how he hasn't been acting himself lately, what happens when Scooter and the crew try to fix Justin's broken heart?


3. Reality Check.

 *Author's note*

Hey guys one thing before I start the chapter, this is just a story... Some of these references like Selena being on TMZ are real, but I'm just using the whole Selena cheating for my story. It has nothing to do with real life. Some people kept asking about that ;p FanFICTION, lol okay hope you guys are enjoying it so far, hope you like my next chapter(: 





 *Justin's POV*


I don't know what to do...What should I do. I haven't seen Selena in like a month... Yeah I know it hasn't been that long, why do you think I have such a broken heart still....who am I kidding? I will have a broken heart til the day I die, Selena just had that type of effect on me. 

Scooter: "Justin!"

I look up finally to see everyone staring at me.. I guess I was frozen for a bit to give myself time to think things through.

Justin: "Sorry Scoot.." I mumbled giving him a hurt look.

Scooter leaned over and whispered in my ear. "No matter what happens, I can't have you mad at me or anyone else, this needs to be done." 

I was now more scared and confused then before.. almost a bit anxious so  that I could just know what was going on.

I look up and the girls were looking at me, a bit worried. Selena wasn't looking at me though, she was looking at the floor, gazing. I noticed a tear drop from her eye. I was concerned but I wasn't going to be the one to crack and talk first. Why would I? She hasn't said anything to me since the day of the break up, not ONE thing.. I looked at Scooter and asked "So whats the deal with all this?" 

Miley: "You mean with us Justin?" she chuckled

Miley.... I looked up at her and we made eye contact, the memories from when we were dating came back to me..I actually kind of missed that to be honest.

Justin: "Oh hush you know what I mean." as I chuckled and stuck out my tongue at her.

Miley: "Oh quit it kid!" she laughed holding her stomach

Demi and Taylor shot her a look and kicked her under the table, then Miley looked at Selena with her head held low and Miley murmured "Oh right... sorry" she looked like she felt bad.

I looked back at Selena and noticed her eyes were just red as if she were on the verge of tears. No Justin, don't, she's not your problem anymore.

Scooter noticed everyone's awkward body language and cleared his throat. Getting everyone's attention. 

Scooter: So guys, I want to thank you all for coming first of all. I'm excited to let Justin know that we are bringing Demi, Miley, Taylor, and Selena on to the rest of your Believe tour, they'll all be your opening acts, this will definitely draw more fans.. not that you don't already have a lot. Scooter winked and the girls all let out a friendly smile to acknowledge what he said.

Scooter finished: "Anyways they'll all be staying on their own tour bus, along with Pattie." Pattie let out a warm smile. 

Scooter: "So we have this week off and rehearsals begin back next Monday and the next show is next Friday. Okay see you all later, if you need anything I'm just a phone call away." He said firmly but friendly as he and the rest of the crew left. Besides Ryan and Chaz of coarse.

The only people left at the table were the girls, Ryan and Chaz, and then me... I thought about breaking the awkward silence before I heard someone speak up. 

Demi: "So Justin how are you, how've you been?" she asked in a friendly tone

I see what she's trying to do here, she's trying to have me admit that I've been horrible without Selena. I read you loud and clear Miley...

Justin: "I've been doing fine lately, thanks for asking, how about you Demi?" I said hinting that I knew what she was trying to do.

Demi: "Oh no girls or anything?" she raised her eyebrow at me, completely ignoring my question question. 

Justin: "No." I replied flatly, feeling annoyed and sad.

Taylor gave Demi a look, the look of "Stop-It-Selena-is-right-there.." and then Taylor took over the convo.

Taylor: "Hey Justin!" she greeted warmly

Justin: "Hey tay" I said and chuckled

Taylor: "We should all catch a movie tomorrow!" she suggested smiling warmly

Justin: "I'm not sure..." I murmured

Taylor: "YES C'MON Justyy Pooooo!" she begged

Justin: "Okay fine." I chuckled. But on the inside I just wanted her to be quiet so I could think about things...

Taylor: "YAY. Okay that sounds good I'll make a group chat and text you guys the details. " she clapped her hands and said excitingly.

I looked around to analyze what everyone was up to and I looked up to see Miley who had been staring at me for quite a while... She was biting her lip and gazing into my eyes..

I cleared my throat.. "Hey Milez.." I chuckled  

Miley then snapped out of it looking like she finally came back to planet Earth.

Miley: "Hey JuJu.." she said smiling warmly grabbing my hand and rubbing her thumbs on it, stroking.. like a massage.

Justin: "So what movie do you think we should watch tomorrow?" i asked smiling, remembering our wonderful past.

Miley: "Lets watch Catching Fire!" She said excitingly, all the girls looked over and nodded in agreement, except for Selena...She still hung her head low. I had a concerned look on my face looking right past Miley tuning her out, just so I could gaze at Selena, my Selena.. She's hurting and I haven't done anything about it. I should say something. Just as I opened my mouth to say something I felt someone point my face towards theirs.

Miley: "Juju did you hear what I just said?" she asked, obviously annoyed.

Justin: "Yeah!" I lied

Miley: "Okay what did I just say then?" she chuckled

Justin: "Uhm.." I didn't know what to say "I-" I was interrupted

Selena: "Miley just said how she couldn't wait to watch the movies with us and how it would be awesome getting all of us back together.. and how great it would be to suck your face off." she cheekily replied, then rolled her eyes.

Miley: "SELENA!" she looked at her, surprised and kid of hurt at the bold statement. "Why would you say that?" she asked, not breaking eye contact with her

Selena: "Oh its obvious Milez... I know how you feel about Justin." she replied coldly and rolled her eyes.

Miley sat there, hurt and shocked. Miley: "I can't believe you Selena. You've been so depressed and bitter since the day of the break up between you and Justin, you don't have the right to act more hurt than Justin. It was your fault, nobody else to blame Sel. I don't know if someone has given you a reality check ye but I will. Justin was hurt from you, and I'm sure he realized that he deserves someone better than you, I'm sure he moved on by now." she said coldly, not breaking eye contact.

Selena sat there, speechless, taken back by what she said, probably hurt at the fact that most of what she said was true. Well everything except the fact that I had gotten over her. I don't think I ever will.. I was in love and no matter how much she hurts me I don't think its gonna die down. There will always be one little speck of love for Selena in my heart, it may not always fill my heart, but its always there. 

Selena: "I'm sorry Justin...I'm just so sorry..." she said as she ran out of the Starbucks. 

Everyone looked shocked and watched as this all went down, Ryan and Chaz watched me waiting for my next move, I forgot that they were here with me, they'd been so quiet this whole time...

 The girls ran out after Selena, except Miley. She stayed and couldn't look me in the eyes. "Listen Justin, I'm sorry I said all that I just can't help but remember what we had. I shouldn't have brought that onto Selena, she didn't deserve that. I probably embarrassed her because I said it in front of you guys. I'm sorry. I'll give you time to think. I'll understand whatever decision you make. Bye Justin." she said as she kissed my cheek and ran out. 

Ryan and Chaz both looked at me. They blinked their eyes to see if this was all real. What just happened? 

Ryan: "Justin Chaz and I both know how confused you might feel right now, lets head back to the bus so you can think over some things." he suggested feeling bad for me. 

I nodded my head in agreement not looking up, I just gazed. I got on my segway and we all headed back to the bus..

What just happened? What do I do now? I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, I just wanted all the time in the world to think this through...

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