Lost In Confusion

Justin is now 19, he's been thinking lately of how lonely he is, he's broken from his break up with Selena. He thinks about flashbacks with her when they were dating. He started getting thoughts about another relationship that nobody knew about, him and Miley. He's on the believe tour and Scooter notices how he hasn't been acting himself lately, what happens when Scooter and the crew try to fix Justin's broken heart?


5. Call you mine again..

*Selena's POV*

When I woke up I saw those same caramel brown eyes that had comforted me last night, the same eyes that were easy to get lost in.. 

Justin: "Good morning my beautiful princess." He smiled and kissed my forehead.

Selena: "Good morning Justin, my handsome prince." she giggled

Justin: "Hold on stay right here." he said anxiously as he ran out of the room down the hall.

What was he going to go do? I'm a bit scared, knowing Justin it was going to be a surprise of some sort... 

I heard someone walk in and it wasn't Justin...

Miley: "Hey Sel..." she had glossy eyes that screamed sorry

Selena: "Miley listen, I don't want you to feel bad about any of this. Justin and I made up, everything is  good, no worries, i forgive you." I said comfortingly 

Miley looked kind of happy, like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Miley: "This is why I love you Sel... I'm sorry.. Friends again?" she smiled

Selena: "Friends again."

Miley: "Ahh yay finally!" she said as she jumped on me hugging me tight and we both giggled together when I heard someone walk in.

Justin: "Oh sorry am I interrupting?" he only put his head in the room leaving his body hidden behind the cracked door.

Selena: "Nope, just more friends making up.." I let a friendly smile escape my lips

Justin: "Oh good, well if you don't mind.. he walked all the way in, his hands behind his back still. 

Selena: "Justin whats behind your back?" I said confused..

He pulled out his hands only for there to be roses in one hand and a teddy bear in the other, kind of cheesy but I didn't mind, I liked it. 

Justin: "Selena, I lost you a month ago, and I don't know about you but it was the worst month of my life, I was alone and miserable. I want to be able to call you mine again, I want to be able to have you in my arms, knowing that you're my girl... Selena, will you be my girlfriend again?"

I was kind of frozen. But frozen with excitement.. I mean, he wanted me back? Like officially? I was still frozen but I wanted to say yes but it wasn't coming out. I tried to nod my head to find that it wouldn't nod either.. SPIT IT OUT SELENA C'MON I KNOW YOU CAN..

Justin: "Sel?..." he was looking a little worried, I must have been either really pale or really red from blushing.

I snapped out of it and nodded my head while saying "Yes Justin, I would love to be your girlfriend." and let out a big smile.

Justin looked so happy he had a sigh of relief and then put the roses and teddy bear down on the bed, only to grab me bridal style and spin me around while spontaneously kissing every part of my face. When he finally planted a kiss on my lips, I felt fireworks go off in my stomach, it made me feel happy again. Then he pulled me in for a tight hug and squeezed me like I was going to disappear at any moment. When we were hugging I rested my head on his shoulder and I opened my eyes.. Only to see one of my best friends looking hurt. Miley had glossy eyes, tears threatening to fall, while she was just looking at Justin, in disbelief. As if this couldn't be happening... I felt bad but  I decided it would be best just to close my eyes and try and forget about it. When I opened my eyes a couple seconds later, she was gone. huh, weird.. maybe she just slipped out of the room to avoid eye contact, or avoid being seen by one of us.

Justin pulled out of the hug and looked at me. He just studied every part of my face as if I wasn't  real. 

Selena: "Justin, what's wrong?" I asked cautiously 

Justin: "Nothing, just wondering how I could have gotten so lucky with a girl like you." He smiled putting a piece of my hair behind my ears to stroke my cheek with the back of his hand. 

Selena: "Justiiiiin... stop you're gonna make me cry again." I groaned in a happy kind of way.

Justin: "Nope." he stuck out his tongue then kissed my cheek.

Selena: "Hey lets go out and talk to the girls or something.." I suggested

Justin: "Sure." he got up off the bed and pulled me up with him.

We walked down the hallway to the living room to find Miley being comforted by Demi and Taylor. Ohh shit.. They were on the couch and we were behind them, quiet though so they didn't see or hear us.

Demi: "Miley, its gonna be okay. He was her's in the first place..."

Taylor: "Yeah that is true Milez.. But its okay you'll get through it and we'll help you every step of the way don't worry too much about it."

Miley: "How can I not worry about it when he's like on my mind all day, I think I love him.. what do I do? I love Selena and I would never wanna get between them two because her friendship means way too much to me...But seeing her and Justin shatters my heart into a million pieces."

Demi and Taylor just rubbed her back in a comforting way. 

Miley: "Do you guys know why Sel cheated on Justin with Harry? I've always wondered since that day..."

I froze and I felt Justin stiffen up a little.

Demi and Taylor both looked at each other and neither of them knew why and they both shrugged.  The room was quiet. 

Justin looked down at me and noticed that I was really uncomfortable so we walked off quietly in the opposite direction that they were in, and we left out the other door, to the parking lot.

When we stepped off the bus into the parking lot Justin comforted me.

Selena: "Sorry Justin..."

Justin: "Shh don't worry bout it sel." he said hugging me and rubbing my back.

Justin pulled out of the hug and had his eyebrows furrowed together as he studied my face.

Justin: "Sel..?"

Selena: "Yes?" I answered back a little scared about what was going to follow next.

Justin: "Why did you ever cheat on me with Harry?" he said looking a little hurt.

I had to take a second and think about what to do.. I mean I couldn't Just tell him.. Harry had someone that I loved in hostage. I haven't seen her in a month and a half..and God knows how long t would be til I see her again if I say something now.

Selena: "Look Justin, I-" 


I looked down at my phone as I felt my heart dropped as I saw who texted me, it was Harry. I opened the message to see that it said "I wouldn't do that if I were you..(;" I then looked up and around to see Harry and the rest of One Direction walk up to us. I felt Justin's grip tighten on me as he pulled me behind him, not letting go of our intertwined fingers. Then I look over and Demi, Taylor and Miley walk outside about to say something to Justin then they saw Harry and his crew and immediately stood over by Justin with friendly smiles to calm Justin down. 


******END OF THE CHAPTER (; hehehehehehe

What's going to happen? Who does Harry have hostage? What were the girls going to say to Justin? Why was One Direction there? I dunnooooo i guess you'll have to wait for my update.. much love ;*

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