The Daughter Of A Killer

Amanda Kane. The daughter of a killer. The killer whose last victim was her own mother. No one knows. Except her brother, and Kian. Kian's like her older brother. She lives with him, Jc, Ricky, and Connor. She doesn't want them to know. She just says her she could care less if her dad was dead, her brothers an asshole so their not friends, and her mom's dead. But one day they ask. And they don't want that for an answer. They want a real one. The true one. But hey, everyone has secrets.


2. Two



Amanda woke up early. It was about 6:30. No one else was up. The house was silent. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. She pulled out a box of pancake mix and a measuring cup from the cabinet. She gathered everything else she needed and mixed the batter in a bowl. She opened the fridge and couldn't decide on chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry pancakes, or strawberry pancakes. She decided on chocolate chip, she always made blueberry cause that's what Connor always wanted. She grabbed the bag of chocolate chips from the fridge and poured them into the batter. She made pancakes until there was no batter left in the bowl. She made bacon, eggs, and hash browns.


"BACON!" She heard Kian yell. Then four pairs of feet ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.


"I made bacon, eggs, hash browns, and chocolate chip pancakes!" Amanda smiled wide and pointed to the plates on the counter with food on them.


"YES! Finally, something other then blueberry pancakes!" Ricky yelled. Amanda giggled and handed them each a plate.


"Dig in, my munchkins." Amanda smiled at them. They did as she said and got their food and ate happily.


"Aren't you gonna eat?" Kian asked.


"Yeah, I'll eat it for lunch. You know I don't eat breakfast." She told him.


"So whose doing what today?" Connor asked.


"I am going to Sawyer's to do a video." Amanda said, sitting on the counter next to where Kian was standing.


"Probably to do each other, too." Jc snickered.


"Oh my God! Shut up!" Amanda yelled at him. Everyone thought Amanda and Sawyer were a "thing". But they weren't. I mean sure they've kissed before but that's it.


"So what are you guys doing?" Ricky asked.


"A drunk challenge where you answer questions and if you get one wrong then you have to do a shot of vodka." Amanda told them. 


"Oooh." They all giggled.


"Oh my gosh, guys stop!" Amanda laughed.


"Alright, guys, leave poor Manda alone." Kian smiled at her. He had always been more then a brother then hers ever was. He's the only one she'll talk to about anything. He's the only one who knows about her dad - whose currently in jail for murder. Kian is the only one that Amanda has ever told and the only one who knows besides her family. And that's how she wants it to stay.


"Here comes Kian to the rescue of his damsel in distress." Connor snickered.


"She's not my damsel in distress she's like my baby sister!" Kian said.


"Overprotective brother, I see." Jc nodded.


"Yes, yes I am." Kian nodded.


"So what do you have to say about Kian, Amanda?" Ricky asked.


"Kian is the best brother ever!" Amanda hugged Kian tightly, "A brother and a best friend rolled into one!" Amanda smiled.


"Don't you have a real brother?" Connor asked.


"Connor!" Kain whisper-yelled at him.


"What?" Connor defended himself, not knowing why Kian got mad.


"My real brothers and asshole so we're not friends." Amanda said, hopping off the counter, "Well I should go get ready to go." She skipped upstairs and put on a pair of Holister shorts and a baggy Old Navy hoodie. Holister shorts were really short so it looked like she wasn't wearing pants, but she didn't care. She applied her makeup, put on her flip flops and skipped down the stairs like Connor hadn't said anything about her brother. Usually when someone would say something about her family she'd cry. But Connor didn't mean to say it. He didn't know.


"Your leaving like that? Walking in the street of LA?" Ricky asked.


"I'm not walking, I'm driving." Amanda said. "I'll be back later." She grabbed her keys and went to the car. She drove to Sawyer's, singing along to the radio. When she arrived she parked the car, got out, and locked the doors. She walked up to the door and knocked.


"Hey, Amanda!" Sawyer greeted her as he opened the door. He moved aside so she could step in, closing the door behind her. "Go ahead, I'll be there in a sec." Amanda nodded and walked to where he usually makes his videos, in the living room. She sat in a chair and he came in with a bottle of vodka.


"Yay." Amanda giggled and clapped her hands.


"Ready?" Sawyer asked, sitting next to her.


"Sure am." She smiled. He turned on the camera and started talking.


"Hey guys, what's up it's Sawyer Hartman and today I am here with the lovely Amanda Kane." He paused and she waved into the camera, "What are we doing today, Amanda?"


"Well, today we're going to be asking each other math questions and all that smarticle stuff and if we get it wrong, we have to take a shot of vodka!" Amanda smiled, holding up the bottle and Sawyer held up the shot glasses.


"Alright, whose going first?" Sawyer asked.


"Ooh me!" Amanda raised her hand up high, and sat 'criss-cross applesauce' as she called ever since kindergarten.


"Okay, first question: How many continents are there?" Sawyer asked, reading from his phone.


"Um, 9?" Amanda questioned.


"No. 7." Sawyer laughed. She poured  vodka into her shot glass and downed it.


"Okay, your turn. Who was the first president?" Amanda asked.


"George Washignton." Sawyer smiled. That's how the rest of the video went. Amanda lost, but she wasn't drunk. Maybe just a little tipsy.


"I can't drive home like this. I'll get pulled over." Amanda said, as they entered his kitchen.


"Stay here then. You can stay as long as you want." Sawyer smirked, grabbing her waist and pulling her towards him.


"Maybe I'll take up that offer." Amanda giggled, gazing into his blue eyes and putting her hands on his arms.


"I'd like that." Sawyer winked at her. Amanda grabbed him by his t-shirt and pulled him towards her. She kissed him, and he immediately kissed her back. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he set out down on the counter.


"Are you sure about this?" Sawyer asked in between the trail of kisses he left form her mouth to her neck.


"Yeah." Amanda nodded, pulling his shirt off. Sawyer didn't need to answer. That was all the assurance he needed. Besides, it's not illegal. She's 18 and single, plus they had been flirting for a while now and he knew that this day would come. And it came, and it happened.




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