The Daughter Of A Killer

Amanda Kane. The daughter of a killer. The killer whose last victim was her own mother. No one knows. Except her brother, and Kian. Kian's like her older brother. She lives with him, Jc, Ricky, and Connor. She doesn't want them to know. She just says her she could care less if her dad was dead, her brothers an asshole so their not friends, and her mom's dead. But one day they ask. And they don't want that for an answer. They want a real one. The true one. But hey, everyone has secrets.


3. Three



"Do you think you can drive yet? Cause you can stay a little longer." Sawyer winked.


"I think I'm good, but I guess I stay a little while more." Amanda giggled, slipping her sweater on.


"So, what do you want to do now?" Sawyer asked.


"I don't know." Amanda shrugged as Sawyer put his hands on her waist.


"We should probably upload that video." Sawyer said. Amanda nodded and they did just that.


"I thought Joey lived with you?" Amanda asked.


"Yeah, he does. I don't exactly know where he went.." Sawyer said just as Joey walked into the kitchen with Ingrid.


"I went shopping with Ingrid." Joey smiled brightly.


"It was really fun." Ingrid smiled just as brightly as Joey did.


"Bet it wasn't as fun as what we did." Sawyer mumbled, but Joey heard and looked at me with his jaw dropped. Sawyer just kept his little smirk on his face and walked out of the kitchen.


"Spill the beans, Mandy." Joey said to Amanda.


"I don't know what your talking about." She giggled.


"So you and Sawyer....?" Ingrid asked.


"Okay, fine. We did." Amanda smiled, feeling her face burn up. 


"And?" Joey asked.


"And what?" Amanda laughed.


"You know what!" Joey playfully smacked her arm.


"What Joey is trying to say is: was he good?" Ingrid laughed.


"Yes, very." Amanda giggled.


"So are you two like a thing now?" Joey asked.


"I don't know." Amanda shrugged.


"Sawyer!" Joey called.


"Joey!" Amanda whisper-yelled at him.


"What?" Sawyer asked walking in the kitchen.


"Are you and Amanda a thing now?" Joey asked him. Ingrid was holding in laughter.


"I don't know. Amanda wanna be a thing?" Sawyer asked her.


"Sure." Amanda shrugged.


"Aw!" Ingrid squealed.


"Ooh, kiss so I can tweet a picture of it!" Joey jumped up and down with excitement. Sawyer gladly walked over to Amanda and pulled her into a kiss. "Got it." Joey said. They pulled away and Sawyer bit his lip, gazing into Amanda's bright green eyes. 


"Okay, Sawyer, not in the kitchen!" Ingrid laughed.


"Sorry, already been done." Amanda giggled.


"At least you came in when you did and no earlier." Sawyer laughed.


"Oh my God, TMI!" Joey shrieked, not even looking up from his phone screen.


"Well Joey and I are going to go make our video." Ingrid smiled and they walked off.


"Wanna go get something to eat?" Sawyer asked Amanda.


"Can we go to Fro Yo?" Amanda asked, smiling up at him hopefully.


"Anywhere you want." Sawyer smiled.




Sorry, I should've posted the video yesterday...

But I kinda forgot.


I know it's short. (Ha, that's what he said)

Anywhore... I don't know how long the

chapters are supposed to be.

Tony said you guys like long chapters, so I'll

try that next time!

Well, I hope you guys like it!



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