The Daughter Of A Killer

Amanda Kane. The daughter of a killer. The killer whose last victim was her own mother. No one knows. Except her brother, and Kian. Kian's like her older brother. She lives with him, Jc, Ricky, and Connor. She doesn't want them to know. She just says her she could care less if her dad was dead, her brothers an asshole so their not friends, and her mom's dead. But one day they ask. And they don't want that for an answer. They want a real one. The true one. But hey, everyone has secrets.


1. One



"Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda!" Connor shook her awake.


"Whaaat?" Amanda whined.


"Get up. You said you would make me pancakes today! It's already one o'clock in the afternoon!" Conner complained.


"Okay, okay. Let me get dressed and then I'll make you pancakes." Amanda sighed, sitting up. She put on rainbow skinny jeans and a Superman tank top. She did her make-up, hair, and walked downstairs.


"Can you make me pancakes too?" Ricky asked.


"Can we just go to Micky-D's for brekkie?" Amanda asked them.


"If you can wake up Jc, then we can." Kian said. Amanda walked up to Jc's room and jumped on him.


"Amanda! What are you doing?" Jc asked, sitting up.


"Get dressed. We're going to McDonald's for brekkie." Amanda smiled and skipped downstairs. "Mission accomplished!" Amanda said, skipping into the kitchen and hopping up on the counter.


"Whose buying?" Kian asked.


"Me." Amanda raised her hand up high.


"Then we should order everything on the menu!" Connor laughed.


"Then you have to chip in." Amanda said as Jc walked in the kitchen, ready to go. They all piled into the car and drove to McDonald's.


"Are we eating in or out?" Ricky asked.


"Inside!" Everyone yelled. Ricky parked the car and the filed out and into McDonald's. They ordered their food and then sat down.


"You have to make me pancakes tomorrow then." Connor told Amanda.


"Deal." Amanda nodded. When they finished they went back to their house.


"Amanda, your fans want you to do a cover." Kian told her.


"What?" She asked, confused.


"Your fans are tweeting like crazy to you saying you should do a cover of some song called 'Can We Dance'." Kian said, holding up her phone.


"When did you get my phone?" Amanda asked taking it from his hands.


"You almost left it at McDonald's. So I grabbed it for you." Kian said with a smile, "Your welcome."


"Thanks." Amanda laughed and walked upstairs. I guess I have to sing for them. Amanda thought, entering her room. She grabbed her camera and set it up. Then she grabbed her guitar and sat down on the floor in front of her camera.


"What are you doing?" Jc asked, walking into her room.


"I was about to do a video until you came in here and started talking to me." Amanda told him.


"Oh. Are you gonna sing?" Jc asked.


"Mhmm." Amanda nodded.


"I wanna hear!" Jc yelled.


"Ugh, fine. But you have to be quiet while I'm singing." Amanda told him.


"Okay!" Jc smiled wide and sat next to her. She clicked the button on her camera to start the video.


"Hey guys! I'm here with Jc today, and I'm going to sing! He's just here to listen. I'm gonna sing 'Can We Dance' by The Vamps. So here we go." Amanda paused and started strumming the strings on her guitar, "I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking, baby, I'm known to go a little to fast. Don't mind all my friends, I know their all crazy, but they're the only friends that I have..."


By the time she finished, Ricky, Kian, and Connor were there listening.


"So there you guys have it! That is my cover for today. And I will see you next time I post a video!" Amanda smiled into the camera and turned it off.


"Your voice is amazing!" Jc smiled wide.


"Thanks." Amanda smiled again.


"Sing for us again!" Connor yelled.


"Go on my YouTube channel and watch the other ones then." She laughed, plugging the camera into her laptop. With that the boys were gone and she heard her voice through the wall that separated her room from Ricky's.



Hey guys!

So I hope you guys like the story so far.

I know it's just the first chapter, so there's not a lot to work with.

Well the next chapter will most likely be up tomorrow



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