The Daughter Of A Killer

Amanda Kane. The daughter of a killer. The killer whose last victim was her own mother. No one knows. Except her brother, and Kian. Kian's like her older brother. She lives with him, Jc, Ricky, and Connor. She doesn't want them to know. She just says her she could care less if her dad was dead, her brothers an asshole so their not friends, and her mom's dead. But one day they ask. And they don't want that for an answer. They want a real one. The true one. But hey, everyone has secrets.


4. Four



Sawyer and Amanda arrived at Fro Yo and waited in line. A few fans saw them, and instantly jumped over to them. 


"Are you guys really dating?" One asked.


"Yeah, we are." Sawyer nodded.


"Aww! We saw your tweet about you guys going to Fro Yo, so we picked one and I guess it was the right one!" The other one squealed, "Can you sign these for us?" 


"Sure, thing!" Amanda smiled, as they each handed her and Sawyer a notepad and a Sharpie, "What are your names?" 


"Jessica and Amy." Jessica told them. They signed the papers and handed them back, then took a few pictures.


"Thanks so much!" Amy smiled wide, and they left. Amanda and Sawyer got their frozen yogurt and sat at a table.


"What are you doing tomorrow?" Sawyer asked. 


"Kian's parents are coming up tonight, so we're cooking a big dinner for them." Amanda smiled.


"Sounds fun. I always thought you and Kian were related." Sawyer said.


"He's like a big brother to me, more of a brother then my real one ever was." Amanda shrugged. Sawyer didn't asked about her brother. It didn't seem like she really wanted to talk about it. After they made the video for Amanda's channel, questions and answers, she went home.


"I thought you and Sawyer weren't a thing?" Ricky laughed as she walked in the house.


"Shut up." Amanda giggled, walking upstairs. 


"So how did this thing with you and Sawyer happen?" Kian asked her.


"How do you think it happened?" She asked, sifting through her closet.


"Oh. What are you looking for?" He asked.


"A dress. I need something to wear for tomorrow night." She said, ignoring her phone as it starting ringing. 


"You gonna pick that up?" Kian asked.


"Who is it?" She asked, not bothering to look.


"Unknown Number." Kian said, meaning it wasn't anyone in her contacts.


"Ignore it." She shook her head, "Found it!" She yelled, pulling out a cream colored, strapless dress.


"Try it on with," He paused and looked at the shoes at the bottom of her closet, "these." Kian picked up a pair of heels from her closet that were the same color as the dress.


"I have to paint the bottom of those." She said taking them and grabbing a bottle of red nail polish. 


"With nail polish?" Kian asked.


"Yeah, I do it to all of my heels." She shrugged and sat down. 


"Well I'll leave you to paint them." Kian nodded, laughing.




So here is your chapter!

With the thing with the nail polish & heels;

I actually have all of my heels like that. It's really

easy to do to! Just put tape around the bottom of

the heel and then paint the bottom of the heel with

whatever color nail polish you think would go best

with whatever color the heels are!

So anyway, hope you like the chapter!

I'll mumble about the shoe thing so you get

an idea.

Byee, cuties!


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