Mystery boy (one direction) 1

Zayn is an outcast that no one trust or will give a change to. Olivia is a popular who will only associte with Louis, Naill, Liam and Harry in the dojo. When the Black Dragons attack Olivia, some one saves her. She will stop at nothing to find her savior and protector. When she does, will there be romance between her and the mystery boy? Or will her knowing him, put her in danger?


3. 3

The next morning, Olivia and the gang met up in the dojo to set up. Louis and

Naill hit in the locker rooms so when Mystery Boy came in, they could lock the

doors behind him. Liam and Harry set up a control system, made up of who knows

what, in Poul´s office. Olivia stood in the center and waited. About 10 minutes

later, the Black Dragons came in. She shifted on her foot, when Ken smirked at

her. He clapped twice and everyone surrounded her. He stepped into the center

of the circle with Olivia and they circled each other.

The boys prayed that Mystery Boy would show up soon. Olivia waited to

hear that chime on the door but it never came. Ken threw a punch at Olivia and 

she braced for the impact. After a while of waiting she opened her eyes. There,

standing in front of her, was none other than Mystery Boy. Ken pulled out a 

knife and the others followed. "Oh, you definitely found my weakness! 13 duller 

than a river stone sword." Jack said, sarcasm dripping off of every word. Ken

frowned. "Yes, mock the people with swords when you have nothing." Ken

spat. At this, Mystery Boy laughed...hard. "Oh, i wouldn´t say nothing."

Mystery Boy retorted. He pulled off his shirt.

On his waist line, were two swords. He pulled them out and waited for Ken

to make the first move. The whole time, Olivia stared at his perfectly sculpted

chest. His perfect 6-pack led to his bowling ball sized biceps. Everything about

him screamed "I´am sexy and i know it!" His muscles rippled in suspense. Ken´s

eyes widened. Mystery Boy took the opportunity to knock everyone´s swords

from their hands. He knocked them into the air and they all landed in the mat.

Olivia laughed and backed out of the circle.

Mystery Boy somehow got everyone in front of him. They backed out the

door and they all ran to their own dojo. He turned around to make sure Olivia was

alright and Louis along with Naill ran out of the locker rooms. They locked the

doors behind Mystery Boy. He turned on his heels and chased Louis and Naill to the center.

Next, he walked into the office and pulled Harry and Liam out by they´s ears. He

circled them as they stood in the middle of the mat. He set down the sword and

turned towards Louis and Naill. "Now, i will only ask once. Why would you lock

me in here?" He said annoyed. Louis visibly gulped.

"We just wanted to help Olivia find out who you were. She has been going

crazy trying to find you. You are wery sneaky." Louis replied. "Led me get this

straight. You set this whole thing up so i would save you again becuse you

didn´t recognize the boy, who was deemed unapproachable and dangerous by

you, when i protected myself and your little friends befind you." Zayn said

staring Olivia in the eyes. She nodded and he kicked the door open. He was about

to leave when she called his name. "Zayn! I´m sorry, Okay? Please don´t go. Let

me explain. Trust me." Olivia called out to him. He thought about whether or not

he should trust her. Trusting peaple never worked out before, he had already

learned that lesson. He continued out of the door and ran.

Olivia looked  at the gang and sprinted out after him, with Louis, Naill, Liam and Harry on her heels. The only problem, Zayn was to fast. He was a good 100

feet ahead. Finaly he slowed down to a walk in front of a huge worn down

house. He stepped in side and Olivia looked at the guys.


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