Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


10. Chapter 9

Slowly I walk up the path to my house.Laughing at Nicki every few seconds."OK see you later Nicki,I have to go.Yes I have to get in the house first Muppet"I laugh down the phone as I place my key in the lock.I hang up and push my phone into my pocket."SURPRISE!"I jump in shock at the girls and Louis.The smell of paint fills my nostril."What?"

"Well, we decorated while you were at work,to say 'We love you'"Shock fills. me as I notice the new wood panel flooring and white walls."This is just the start"Louis smirks.I walk to the living room and my heart stops.My old tattered flooring and off white walls had been re-done and painted.A purple fabric sofa sat against the wall facing a new plasma .T.V. In between them sits an glass table on top of a rug matching the purple sofa.Pictures of the girls and I sit proudly on the walls in black frames.The window on the wall opposite the door has new floor length curtains.This house is the best thing I own.It is large."You did my living room?"I saying turning to Louis."Thank you"A small chuckle slips from Louis lips as the girls watch me closely."Not just this room"Louis slowly walks to the kitchen,the girls following slowly behind.I walk in to the kitchen,the old floor gone and replaced with black floor tiles.The old yellow walls covered in wall paper with tea cups on it.The counters replaced by new white ones with black tops.A new 6 seat table sits where the old one did."Mummy follow us!"Georgia Rose calls running up the stairs to her room."Their room too"

"Go have a look"Louis laughs.Like my 3 year old daughter I run up the stairs."Mummy look what Daddy did!"Diana cheers pushing past me.The walls are painted purple,more lament flooring replacing the old."Separate beds!"I say almost in a whisper.Sat equally spaced apart are two wooden framed,single beds.Each with new pillows and blankets on with purple covers on,new of course.In between the beds are two bed side tables with lamps on in the shape of rabbits.A book shelve sits opposite the door and a single chair next to that.The doors of the built -in wardrobe are new.A single toy box sits at the end of each bed,engraved on one box is 'Diana' and the other 'Georgia Rose' .My breathe hitches as I see the joy on their faces."Louis,thank you"I say hugging him.

"I put the chair in,so you can tell them stories"

"Thank you Louis"I say pulling out of the hug.

"Mummy your room"Diana sings.I turn to Louis and shake my head.

"No Louis ,you didn't?"

"Oh,but I did."I run to my room and fly open the door.A double bed with baby pink sheets sits in the center of the room,a white night stand sits either side with a single lamp on.The one closet to the door holds a alarm clock telling the correct time.A baby pink carpet covers the floor holding all the furniture in this room.My built-in wardrobe has doors!White doors.Pink curtains cover the windows and a light shade ,matching the one on the lamps, covers the main light.Above the bed,in bold black letters the quote 'Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten' my favorite quote."Louis,this is perfect."

"Remember our conversation before things got complicated?I do,hence the inspiration"I pull him it a hug.Tears of joy run down my cheeks.

"Mummy,we meet Daddy's girlfriend"Diana says pushing into the room.

"I don't like her"Georgia Rose quietly whispers.A small knock sounds on the front door."I got it"I say.I walk out the room towards the door.I can't believe he did this."Hello?"I asks  opening the door.In front of me stands a very pretty women with long brown hair."Hey is Louis here?I am Eleanor ,by the way"She smiles.Louis walks towards the door carrying the girls with him."Roro"She smiles at Georgia Rose.

"Her name isn't Roro!"I snap at her.She shots me with death glares.

"She likes it.It's here nick name!"She says sharply.

"No here names Georgia Rose and when you have kids you can call them what ever you want"Louis chooses then to push past.

"I'll leave now,Cat.Bye babies!"Louis says kissing each girl.

"Bye Louis!"I smile before shutting the door.

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