Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


8. Chapter 7

So Liam won't tell me where we're going,he just says it's a surprise and not to wear a dress or skirt.I have taken his advice,I decided on black,skinny jeans,a purple top and my converses.It's to hot for jeans but I don't to wear shorts."Kathy,you ready yet?"I hear Liam call up the stairs.I guess he let him self in."Yeah,grab my coat please.Coming down now!"I grab my handbag and head down the stair.Liam's face lights up when he spots me."Come on!"He says pulling me out the door handing me my coat in the process,towards the car.Slowly I pull my self in to the seat,plug in my belt and shut the door."Where are we going?"I ask again.

"It's a surprise!"Liam laughs.Switching on the radio I let out a sigh."Kathy,do you remember the annual fun fair that used to come to Wolverhampton every year?"A smile finds it's way to my face.

"Liam ,if I didn't remember I would not have my favorite memories"I laugh.

"Remember when I took you on the ghost train,you were terrified but it sucked!"Liam laughs,

"Or the time Ruth and I took you on The Cage you screamed the whole time"I giggle,The fair was the best thing that happened in Wolverhampton."How are the girls?"I ask Liam.

"They are really good...I think"Guilt spreads on Liam's face,"I don't see or talk to them much"He says.I look at his face but guilt and anger set in.


I look at my phone to see who text me.


Where are you?Need to get the girls clothes

I completely forgot!I guess I could tell him about the spare key.


In bottom of bird house

My head shoots up as the car jolts stop.In front was the back of a white van."Liam?"

"We are here!"Liam cheers."Shut your eyes!"He says as he changes moods.I gently close my eyes and let Liam guide me.The sound of gears,music,laughing and screaming fills my ears.The smell of different take away fill my nose.Burgers,chips,hot dogs,candyfloss the lot."OK..3....2...1"I slowly open my eyes."Welcome to the Fair!"Joy fills my body.

"Liam this is perfect!"I beam up at him."So ,Mr Payne.Superstar?"I ask noticing my favorite ride.Super star or Air wolf is a ride that is shaped like star,each point has a row of 4 seats.The barriers comedown and it spins,slowly at first then faster .The robot arm that hold it then starts to spin up side down while still spinning the seats.Liam nods unsure as I pull him towards it.This is going to be great.



Feeling a little sick.I ate a cheese burger and chips,candyfloss and a caramel apple as well as going on The Cage,Wild Mouse,Bounce and Tadga.All spin in on way or the other."Music?"Liam asks turning on the radio.I nod gently letting my eyes shut."So it's the 24th July today and 2 days ago One Direction released their new song Best song ever.So if you haven't heard it yet.Here it is!"The lady cheered on the radio.Liam changed the channel quickly."Liam I was listening to that!" I snap as I change it back.

"Maybe it's the way she walked

Straight to my heart and stole it.

Through the doors and past guard"

Identifying each voice easily I turn to Liam."Remember when Georgia did that?"I laugh think of how she walked past hundreds of people to follow Liam.I tap my foot along to the tune.

"Said her name was Georgia Rose.

And her daddy was a dentist"

I stop and turn to Liam,"What!?"

"Listen it was Harry's idea.He wouldn't stop talking about his new best friend.He spoke to the writers to change some bit"Liam explains, My blood boils and I feel the blood rush to my cheeks ."HE HAD NO RIGHT!"I scream.The car slows to stop.I push out the car and turn back to Liam."Well,Thanks for turning my daughter against each other"Then rush into my house.

"Yeah"Liam says uncomfortably

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