Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


7. Chapter 6

Pushing open the old door to the book shop a small cheery sound filled the air created by the old,brass bell above the door."Nicki?"I call as I walk over to the till and place my bag and coat under the counter."Nicki?"I call again.God if she's not here ,I'll kill here.I go over to a 3 large steps that stretch across the book of the shop,up on the platform is a small area created by 4 large bookshelves.Moving the employee hand book I pull the door handle that sits behind.Jumping out the way of the bookshelves/door I call down,"Nicki?"The only cool thing about this bloody shop is our employee lounge behind the shelves.The walls are completely white with lament floor.A fabric purple sofa with matching pillows sits opposite the stairs,a matching rug sits in front with an oak table on top.I hear a bang echo up the stairs."KATHY!"Nicki screams running up the stairs and charging towards me."Where the girls?"She asks letting me out of a hug. "With their Dad?"I say suppressing a smile.The look on Nicki's face ,Priceless. "WHAT!?"She squeals."Tell me everything!"

"OK,so I bumped into my old friend Liam,Georgia Rose saw him ran away,he rang me and said 'I have your daughter' So I went to meet him and he was there.Liam left us alone.We argued.He was like"It was 3 years ago!",His defense every time!"Nicki laughs then confusion sets in."I know right!"I say.

"So he's not aware it was 4 years ago"

"Nope,I don't think he remembers anything about that night"Sorrow filling my voice.

"He will,soon Cat!"Nicki places one comfort kiss on the top of my head.There is many things Nicki is to me,like:My boss,sister-in-law,best friend but mostly shes my sister.The one I never had."When is Josh back?"Josh is my brother who married my best friend.

"4 days"A smile spreads softly across her face.

"Good,I miss him"I love him so much.He's the best brother ever.I grab a box of books and start emptying it on to the shelves.The bell sounds and Nicki quickly kicks the door shut."Welcome to Escape,Can I help you?"I ask the 4 gentlemen walking through the door. "Nice Kathy!"I squint at the stilettos as I try to make them out. "Nicki shut the blinds babe"I say as she starts to pull the small blinds over the windows the very top of the bookcase. "Liam!"I cheer as I walk over and hug him."Why are you here?"I ask suspicion clear in my voice."Books?"He says.I roll my eyes turning to the counter and standing behind it.I stand and watch them closely,not paying attention when the bell sounds again."Aunty Kathy"A small figure calls as they stand in front of the counter,all that is visible of the figure is a brown mop of hair."Lucy"I laugh pulling her up on the counter top. "Nicki!"I call loudly,a small click fills the air then a bang of the employee door ,Nicki comes running towards Lucy ,picks her up and spins her round."AHHH"Lucy giggles.She is just like Nicki.Both have long brown locks of hair,bright green eyes and the best smile ever."Nicki,why is your daughter here......Alone?"Nicki stops and looks at Lucy. "I'm bored with grandad,I want to see the twinnys!"A huge smile spreads across my face.Grandad?Boring?Of course not,no grown man sleeping is boring ."Well the girlys are with their Daddy"Lucy looks sad and a huge frown tugs at the corners of mouth."They don't have Daddy,they told me so!"

"LUCY!"Nicki screams."They have a Daddy but they just haven't met him before today,Aunty Kathy hasn't seen him in 4 years"Warm tears start to stream down Lucy's face as Nicki tells her off."Lulu,come here!"I pull her in to my arms and hold her closely."Don't worry"

"What if he takes them away?"I tense up at hearing this.

"He .....He wouldn't dare!"I say.Nicki pulls Lucy off me and I relax.

"Lucy we are going home!"Nicki grabs her car keys from the counter and leaves. "4 years?"I roll my eyes at Harry's stupid comment.

"Do you all think babies magically appear?They take time,9 months to be exact.Think,Louis and I are both 21,the girls were made when we were 17.Add 3 and that makes 20 not 21."Giving the boys a lecture.

"Kathy we are not stupid!"

"Liam shut up and buy a book!"I laugh at him.Each boy chooses a random book off the shelves in front of them.Harry slams his book "Chat up lines for hitting on Blondes"on the counter."Sudden interest in blondes Styles?"I joke. "Only one"He says with a cheeky wink.Zayn slams his book down harder then Harry. "Cat in the hat?"

"What?It's a timeless classic"

"No Zayn , Pride and Prejudice is a classic.That's a kid book!"


"Zayn my 3 year olds read that!"Zayn sticks out his tongue and gos over to stand with Harry. "Niall this is an interesting choice"I say reading the title as I scan in. "Just want to know if I am doing it right"

"You want me to sell you this?"Niall nods gently."OK Niall you can know read "How to be Irish"I laugh as he grins.

"Hey Kathy"Liam says pushing a book into my hands.

"Pirouette"My mouth hangs open at the book.

"Remember this?"I nod slowly.

"Surprised you do!"I laugh at him."I didn't even know that was in here,I loved this book"I say smiling.All the memories that come with the simple title rush back."Remember when Ruth and I dressed you like a ballerina and made you dance?"I laugh,Liam's cheeks burn red as he remembers.

"I remember,that's when you all wanted to be ballerinas"He smiles a smile that he saves just for me."I loved them days,but we knew they would end"I had moved to Doncaster when I was 16 as my family and Nicki lived there."Anyway I have to restock shelves 4,5 and 12"I smile at them,"Nicki show them the employee lounge"I say as she walks through the door,her face lights up and she runs to the back."There is no door"I giggle at Zayn and then at the gasps that follow."Don't you want to see it ,Li it's really cool!"I ask picking up the box again.Liam pulls it out from under my arm."Kathy I was just wondering if you want go out......with me?"I smile at his sweetness.

"Are you asking me out on a date?"I say.

"Yeah"He says quietly.

"I'd love too!"I smile.

"Great ,see you at 8:00PM."I smile as he runs off to find the boys.

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