Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


2. Chapter 1

I turn on the heating and rub my hands together."Girls bed!"I said to my twins,Georgia Rose and Diana."I want to watch this!"Diana cried.On the screen was Katy Perry talking about her new song."It's late baby!"I sigh.Georgia Rose is sat on the sofa reading Horton hears a who.The girls are really advanced for their age of 3."Please mummy!"Diana cried.

"Fine. Grandad will be here soon, I have to go to work."I explain.


"Mummy I need a new book,I finished!"I smile and kiss Georgia Rose forehead."K baby ,I'll ask Aunty Nicki for another!"I go and kiss Diana and walk to the door."Dad,Girls in bed by 8:30 by the latest!"I say sternly.

"Hello to you too!" He laughs.

"GRANDAD!"The girls scream,their pale,blue eyes filled with joy and their mousey brown hair flying back."Bye!"I quickly kiss him and run to my car.I slam the door twice before it shuts properly.It's a rusty,old car that I can just afford but I need it.


I hurry in to the dance Studio and find Nicki warming up my class."Thanks Nicki!"I whisper.I am  a personal trainer and dance teacher but I also work shifts in a book shop.The gym and book shop are both owned by Nicki."OK,class sorry I'm late.So lets go from the top .Slide from left to the right and jump back"I say."5  6  7  8!"I go along with them till they finish the moves."OK,next drop to the floor and lie one your side and pull your leg up and..."

"Kathy, I'll take over.Mr Rona is here"Nicki smiled sympathetically at me.Mt Rona or Tom thinks that some how he is the girls father but he's not.I know who is."Kathy!" He smiles at me and hugs me.

"What Tom?I am teaching a class to get money!"I say angrily

"I booked training tonight!"He smiles.

"Fine.Treadmill 10 minutes."I snap pointing over to the machine.He smirks and walks over there."So how are my girls?"He says starting up the machine."Tom,They are NOT your kids!"Tom's face fell.

"I know but....Christmas eve!"

"Nothing happened between us ,it was you and Nicki.Anyway some one out there probably has your kid,you probably have loads!"I say.Tom starts to pick up the pace."I saw your car, you need a new one.That thing will fall apart and it's going to rain soon, plus in London that's not safe."I smile weakly.

"Tom,I can't afford one.I can just afford this one"Tom looks me in the eyes and stops the treadmill."You need to find a man that can take care of you and the girls.For God sake Kathy,find their dad!"

"Tom,I can't he doesn't know!It was a night stand."


My work is done.Nicki gives me my paycheck.I gather my stuff and walk to the car.Sticking my key in the lock,the rain that was threatening to fall ,fell.I turn the key but the door won't open.....again.I try again but this time ,of course, the doors falls off.My clothes are drenched and the rain slides down my skin fast.I sit in the car seat in attempt to stay dryer but the rain finds it's way in."Hello Ned?I need a tow truck please.Nicki's Gym"I sigh and get out the car.Everyone has left and I'm alone.The light of a single street light lights the floor around my feet.I sigh deeply and pull my wet,blonde hair into a pony tail."Need some help?"Some one asked from the shadows.I looked around before seeing the figure."If you have a brolly,that would be great!"I laugh shaking.He steps forward in to the light and he's buzz cut and smile become visibly."Liam!"I smile.

"Here!" He says standing next to me.

"Kathy? Kathy Williams?"He asks.

"So you do remember me!"I cheer.

"Of course ,you were my sisters best friend.How can I forget?"He smiles wider."Waiting for a tow truck?"He asks pointing to my car.

"Yeah piece of junk was the only transport I have.I'll have to scrap it,Can't afford to repair it"I say sadly.


"Well Liam ,In June 24 2009 I went out on my friend,Nicki's hen night and got drunk I then had a one night stand and fell pregnant.I left him my number but he never called.I have twin girls,I don't get child support from him because I can't contact him!I get £100 benefits and I work 2 jobs to keep the house and keep them happy!"I sigh in frustration as the tow truck pulls up."Kathy , where to?"I smile at Ned.He is small,bold and fat but he's lovely.He gave me this car when I needed it.Yes it's a pile of crap but to us it's a lot."Ned this baby needs to go to the dump!" I say tapping the top."Empty it!"Ned shouted as a clap of thunder went off.I take out the bags from the boot and grab the box of books on the back seat."Thanks Ned,Nice seeing you again Liam,I need to see my girls"I smile and start to walk off.

"Want a lift?"Liam asks.

"Please!" I walk with Liam to his car in the customer car park and climb in."It's pouring down!"I laugh as another clap of thunder sounds.

"Yeah ,It rain's loads!Left or right here?"I look ahead and point left.Liam's car slows down and I jump out grabbing my stuff."Thanks so much!"I smile.He nods at the door and the girls come bombing down the path in nothing but their matching nighties and wellie boots."MUMMY!"

"Girls it's raining in side!"I laugh.I turn and look at  Liam.He stares oddly at the girls and then smiles .I smile and walk in side.


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