Safe in Your Arms

I run I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do I just run. When I get away I don't know where I am. I see a figure coming towards me. With the sun in my eyes all I can make out are soft curls and gorgeous green eyes.


4. Shopping! & Adopted!

Darcy's POV Harry took me shopping and he happily went into any store I chose. He bought some really cute stuff. I felt bad letting him buy all that stuff for me. After shopping we went to the orphanage to sign some papers. I'm officially Darcy Anne Styles! We went to his flat, Not his mum's house this time. He showed me a room and asked me how I wanted to decorate it I said I'd love blue walls and purple and green furniture. " Want to watch a movie?" he asked "Sure sounds fun." I responded. We cuddled and watched "Tangled." "I love this movie." I said. He nodded and smiled. I was falling asleep. I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head. He carried me to his room and laid me down on his bed. "Goodnight love." He said I smiled and fell instantly asleep.------ The Next Day-------

I woke up and in Harry's room and smiled he was cute when he was asleep. He woke up and said "Good morning love." Those were words I haven't heard in years. I followed him to the kitchen and he made breakfast. "Pancakes and bacon, my favorites." I said "I'm glad you like it." he responded. We went to eat on the terrace. We talked, I told him about my mum and he told me about the other guys. "I was thinking we could have a lazy day" he said. "Sounds awesome." I said cheerily. "My cuts and bruises hurt and I don't feel like doing much today." We went to our rooms to get dressed I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I put on a big sweater and leggings. I pulled on my Uggs, and walked out of my room. He was sitting on the couch. "I was wondering if you want to go with me to get some ice cream and movies?" He told me. I smiled "That sounds awesome, I love ice cream!" I was so happy today. We walked outside, "Woah, your car is really nice!" I told him. "Thanks!" he said. I got in the car and he drove to Walmart. Fist we went to the freezer section. We got cookies and cream, chocolate, cookie dough and vanilla. Then we went to the movie isle we got "Titanic", "Fun size", "Despicable Me", and "Despicable Me 2". We were walking out to the car when we where surrounded my paparazzi. I didn't like it so I put my head down and held Harry's hand tightly. He pushed his way through he crowd. We made it to the car and he quickly pulled out. Soon we were back at his flat. The rest of the day we just cuddled, watched movies and ate ice cream.

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