Safe in Your Arms

I run I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do I just run. When I get away I don't know where I am. I see a figure coming towards me. With the sun in my eyes all I can make out are soft curls and gorgeous green eyes.


2. Safe Haven

Darcy's POV:

I wake up in the street I had passed out. I see a figure walking towards me all I can make out are soft curls and gorgeous green eyes. I lose consciousness again.

Harry's POV:

I see a girl laying in the street she looks to be about twelve or thirteen. As I walk towards her I see that she looks like she passed out. I pick her up bridle styles and take her to my house. " Mum I found this girl in the street she looks very beaten up."  I said. I took her to Gemma's room. Gemma was gone for the Summer. I watched as her flutter open. She is very beautiful. I wonder who did this to her?


Darcy's POV: 

I woke up seeing a someone hovering above me. Wait a second, " You're Harry Styles!"

He chuckled "Yes I am" " Where am I?" I asked "You're in Gemma's room I saw you in the street. You looked very beat up so I brought you here." Harry responded. " Thanks" I said. " What's your name?" Harry asked. " Darcy" I responded simply.

Harry's POV: 

Darcy, That's exactly what I want to name my daughter one day. I asked her how old she is " I'm twelve" She responded. "What happened to you" I was very curious. She sighed, "My dad abuses me, I ran from him and then I guess I just passed out in the street" I feel like I was supposed to meet her. As if by fate.

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