Safe in Your Arms

I run I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do I just run. When I get away I don't know where I am. I see a figure coming towards me. With the sun in my eyes all I can make out are soft curls and gorgeous green eyes.


1. Running from Fear

Darcy's POV:

He slapped me across the face. The evil man I was supposed to call Dad, had just slapped me. He was drunk it was way too obvious. "You little good for nothing brat get over here" He said. I shakily walked towards him scared for what was to come. He threw an empty beer bottle at the wall and said " Come here princess daddy has a surprise for you" He cackled. He pushed me down the stairs I couldn't get up I couldn't do anything but cry. He picks up shards of glass and presses them on my back. I screamed I was in so much pain. Even worse I was used to it, I was used to my once loving dad wanting to kill me. After my mum died years ago he has't been the same, He drinks constantly and always seems to be drunk never sober. He drags me up stairs, to my room. He plugs my Hot iron in and says " Now sweetheart this will only heart a little." I scream my terrified cry drowns out his evil laugh. He puts the hot iron on top of my cuts from the glass. After that he passes out. I work up the energy to run I run as fast as I can. I can't stop running. I won't stop running. Soon I can no longer stand. I lose conciseness.



Sorry About the short chapter I hope you like it. First Movella soo psyched!!

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