Fairies are fast.
Fairies are smart.
Fairies are rare.

Fairies are ideas.
Grab them before they can escape you.

(Disclaimer: The girl on the cover is ME, so if you want to use it, please tell me about it and leave me credit. Thank you!)


4. 4

''What's it with all these poems on the wall?'' 

''These poems inspire me.'' I tell her, without looking up from my work. 

''I think they are boring. I like classical music. Such as.. I don't know.. Mozart or something. Poems aren't my thing.''

She is annoying me already. 

''I don't care, sorry. They're going to remain right there.'' I say, a touch of annoyance clearly noticeable.

''No need to be snappy. Oh, is that yours?'' I hear her walking around towards my side of the dorm. 

I turn around and see her staring at my Notebook. I jump up out of my chair, and grab it before she has the chance to read any of my poems or stories. 

''That is private!''

Ann looks at me like I am mental before sitting down on her bed again.

''How old are you, Ann?'' I ask, just out of curiosity. 

''You don't ask a lady that Zoe. But I am eighteen. How old are you?'' Ann smirks.

''seventeen.'' I say. 

''I'm tired, so you can have a talk with your imaginary friend tonight. G'night.''




I sigh, and turn off the lights. It has been a long day. Well, not actually, but it always sounds good to say that. 


I stand up, and walk over to my bed. 
I grab my Notebook and begin typing. 


Oh, what world we live in, 
Oh, how many lies we tell,
Oh, how I hate to live like that.


I scroll though my Twitter feed for about twenty minutes, see that there's nothing but One Direction fans and people who want to link me to a stupid picture or text or Lord knows what, and go to sleep. 



When I wake up the next morning, the first thing I sense, is the fact that I am alone. Where's Ann? 

I rub my eyes and look at the clock. 

8 a.m 



I don't get an answer from Ann, so I get up and walk towards my 'dresser'. 

I pick out some blue jeans and a cropped top. It is quite cold, so I pull my favorite cardigan over my arms. It has this gorgeous Aubergine color. I love it so, so much. 

I knock on the bathroom door. 

No answer. 

Fine, I think, and go in. 
No Ann. 

I brush my hair and my teeth, and curl my hair, so it doesn't look so shit anymore. 

I don't put on makeup though, I mean, what is the point in doing so? I probably won't go out. Well.. maybe, but at least not yet. 





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