Fairies are fast.
Fairies are smart.
Fairies are rare.

Fairies are ideas.
Grab them before they can escape you.

(Disclaimer: The girl on the cover is ME, so if you want to use it, please tell me about it and leave me credit. Thank you!)


3. 3

Once I arrive, I slam my bag into a corner, sit down on my bed, when suddenly, there is a knock on my door. 

''Come in?'' I say, sounds more like a question though. 

The door opens to reveal.. my professor? what? 

''Hello?'' I say, very unsure of what's going on.

''Hi Zoe, I just wanted to see if you are alright. You haven't been here for a long time. Did you make any friends already?'' my Prof is an attractive man, i like him. 

''Yeah, loads of friends.'' I lie, smiling up at him. 

''My daughter is gonna go to Uni soon. I was wondering if you would be okay with you know.. sharing a room with her? Her name is Ann.'' He smiles. 


I don't want to share a room. 


''I would love to!''

''Great, she is going to arrive in a matter of hours. ´''

So, that is what you mean by soon.


''Great! I am looking forward to meeting her already.''   Liar.

He nods before leaving the room. 


I sigh and start debating on which side I should choose, since I now have to share a room. 

I decide on the right side, just because, and start getting all my things together. How will I store all this up? I don't even have a cupboard anymore! Well, I think they'll bring one in, right? They will have to, eventually. 

So, until I have room for things, I just stuff my clothes under my bed. Like, who the heck even cares? 

Shortly after, I hear someone knock again. 

I was about to read my book! For Gods sake. 

I get up off my bed and slowly open the door. Wouldn't want the new girl just barging in. 


Let's start with her shoes. 

She is wearing brown boots with little silver studs on them, pretty decent and cute, for pants she's wearing red leather pants... 

WAIT. Leather? alright then, I suppose. 

Anyways, she is wearing a sparkly black long sleeved top with some little skulls on it, and some silver and gold jewelry. She doesn't look like a writer to me actually. 

And yes I know, 'don't judge a book by.. bla bla bla' but I just can't help it, alright? 


She smiles kindly and offers her hand. Am I supposed to shake it? Do people still do that? Awkward. 

I take her hand and say, as polite and kind as I am, 

''Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Zoe, and I am  a writer.'' Why do I have to be that weird? Who tells a person about their passion in the first sentence that is exchanged? Oh God.. 

''Pleasure is mine lovely, I am Ann, and I feel like it's really weird to tell other people their hobbies and ambitions straight away, sorry sweety.'' 

Is she a mind reader? 

I let go of her hand, and motion my hand for her to look at our 'big' dorm.

She falls onto her bed, and looks at me for a few minutes. 

She isn't the prettiest girl, but she also doesn't look horrendous. 

She has short, black hair, it reaches to her collarbone, and she has got a bit of a tan. She has got blue eyes, and she is really tall. She kind of looks like a dancer. Oh and she also has a blue streak in her hair. 

''Well, what are you here for?'' I ask her politely. 

''What do you  mean? I'm not here for becoming an author. I'm studying dance here.'' 

Ha, guessed it right. 

''Not to sound rude, but what are you doing here then?  The university of dance is about ten minutes away, why are you staying here?'' 

''Well, I've got some connections to the staff here. I know a lot of boys that go to this Uni, so I thought, why not stay there?'' 


How weird is that now?


I'm about to say something, when she just puts her headphones on and decides to ignore me. 

Fine, I don't want to talk anyways- 
at least I wouldn't admit if I wanted to talk. 




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