Fairies are fast.
Fairies are smart.
Fairies are rare.

Fairies are ideas.
Grab them before they can escape you.

(Disclaimer: The girl on the cover is ME, so if you want to use it, please tell me about it and leave me credit. Thank you!)


2. 2

I'm not gonna lie. University sucks. I am only 17, but you know, I am one of those 'smart kids'. 

It had always been this way. I had skipped a few classes at the age of 15 and now? Now I had gotten into university. Yes, it had been my dream for years but I wanted to express my feelings, share my stories, share my songs. Not sit in a stupid room all day, listening to the prof talking about Shakespeare. I've read Romeo and Juliette about thirty times, I know what it is about.


Sometimes I wish I would not have gotten into University at such a young age because now I spend my evenings in my dorm room, reading old books about the meaning of life. I'm glad I don't have to share my room, but I do get lonely sometimes. 

And that is where my family comes in. 

I have two sisters and two brothers. I love them to death. They are all younger than me. My mom isn't the.. best mother. She doesn't abuse us or something like that, but she is just.. she is never there. 

My dad left our family two years ago. We still call each other though. 

I never had much of a home, at least my home didn't feel like my home. My mother hasn't called me one time, since I have gotten here. She is busy with her job in the bakery and my siblings. 

I am her 'trouble kid'. 

I used to suffer from depression and I do still deal with my OCD sometimes. It really isn't that bad. Plus, I am an artist. I am creative, a writer. I spend most of my time alone, writing or reading. That is my thing. And now that I am here in Liverpool, two hours from my family, and I don't know anyone, I write even more. 

Oh, how rude of me! I didn't properly introduce myself. Forgive me, please. 

My name is Zoe



It's five minutes past eleven when I decide to brush my hair and go to bed. 

I go up to the bathroom, grab my hairbrush and start going through my tangled, dark brown hair. Two days ago, I went to the hairdressers and got my hair trimmed and dyed. Is now reached down to my shoulders and the ends are dyed a reddish color. I really like it. Well, apart from the red. It looks too.. not me. 

I have bags underneath my green eyes. University is making me tired already. I feel like I need to sleep for twelve hours, so I can concentrate again. No, I am not talking about my classes and homework. 

I'm talking about my book. I am currently writing one called: 'Storms go high'. My best one yet. 

Over the past four years, I've written five books. Just for me. I am not getting paid for writing. 
Nobody read them yet. 

I walk out of the bathroom and sigh. I don't have classes for the next two days, but I am not happy about that either. 

I don't know anybody and I didn't really talk to the other students yet. They are so much older than me. 

After turning my bed sheets around two times, since my Ocd won't leave me alone for once, I slip into bed and slowly drift off into a deep and much needed sleep.



I wake up quite early the next morning. This is shit. It happens all the time. If I have time to sleep late, I won't. Urgh. 
I slowly walk towards my bathroom to follow my usual morning routine. 

I jump into the shower (well, I of course, take my clothes off first ;) ) and wash my hair and body. 

The shower is my little 'room' to plan my day. 
There isn't much to plan but I still very much enjoy the steaming hot water and the smell of ginger shower gel. 

I step out the shower and wipe away the fog on the mirror.

'My skin is looking particularly bad today'

I decide to let my hair dry naturally today. I don't feel like doing anything to it. 

I grab the Foundation by Mac, that is lying on my counter and start putting it on. Concealer follows suit. While I am busy doing  my makeup, I try to figure out what to do with the day. 
By the time I am done, I decide to go for a coffee. Starbucks is just two roads from here. 

I grab my notebook and put it in my bag. 
Then I head out of my dorm room. 


When I am finally there, I automatically put my notebook in front of me and start typing. 

''Hello, my name is Chris, and I am going to be your waiter. What can I get you?'' A kind looking man around thirty says. 
I mean, why do they even say this here? It's just a coffee shop. 

I look up at him and order my usual. A strawberries and cream frappuccino. 

He nods and walks away. I can finally concentrate again. 

I need some inspiration. Every time I want something to inspire me, I start just writing a bunch of crap. Whats on my mind. I call these 'Fairies' .


Sometimes you have to hold on to something. 
Prove people wrong and show them the real you.
Maybe that is the best way.
Maybe it's not.


I rest my head on my hands and stare at the people in front of me. A father and his daughter. She has got long, blond hair. He is laughing at her trying to lick the cream off of his frappe. I don't want kids. I couldn't concentrate, having those creatures around me. Though, I love kids. I just don't think I could work properly.

The waiter arrives, my drink in hand. 

''Thanks.'' I say, as quiet as I can. 

He nods again and heads back to the counter where he looks for new customers. 

I should really get a job. 


Is it what I want? 
Or is it what you want? 
Or is it what they want? 


I finish my drink shortly after, save my work and close my notebook. 

Time to go 'home'.


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