No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


8. Zayn Is Single Like A Pringle

"Guys, Ashley's going to sing for us." Liam announced just as we walked in. I frowned throwing my phone on the couch, I've spent the whole way over to the house trying to make him forget about his idea, but I came to a fail.

"Oh my god I wanna hear her sing!" Louis shouted again. Typical

"She can actually sing you guys" Melody told them all, & I was just standing there awkwardly, mentally going through my playlist.

"Yeah, her voice is amazing" Harry said smiling at me. And that was my cue to get nervous, what if Harry and Melody can't actually hear and my voice sounds like a whale's matting call?

"Well..... What shall I sing then?" I asked hoping they'd say nothing.

"Sing Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri, I learned the chords last night!" Niall excitedly said picking up his guitar and already starting to play without waiting for my response.

"No, I can't take one more step towards you
'Cause all that's waiting is regret
Don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

I hear you're asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

And I've learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time" I didn't realize I've closed my eyes until I opened them to meet a completely different scene; Zayn, Liam, and Louis were looking amused and impressed, Melody and Harry looked proud, and Niall was still enjoying music from his guitar.

"So, now I'll go up to my room!" I avoided their comments but couldn't move due to Louis blocking my way.

"Your voice is honestly beautiful." Louis mouther looking at me like a queen. I blushed smiling at him.

"Thanks Lou"

"Marry me?" Joked Zayn holding my hand & sitting on one knee while looking obviously shocked. I nodded.

"Yes, if you want to" He slowly kissed my hand.

"How come someone with such a voice isn't famous yet? It's not fair." Liam mouthed making me feel confident.

"I don't know, i've never sang in public"

"Told you guys she was amazing." Harry proudly said making Melody glare at him.

"Hey guys! I'm the one who heard her sing first so I should get the credit not Harry" Melody cried playfully punching Harry in the arm.

"Thanks guys, I really don't know what to say. Hearing people complimenting my voice is always great, but professional singers? Like holy shit!" I exclaimed making them laugh loudly before someone rang the bell. I left them laughing in the living room and headed to the entryway while giggling. I opened the door to face someone I did not expect to see.


"Where is Zayn?" She asked crossing her arms by her chest.

"Umm.... Inside, co'-" I couldn't finish my sentense she just walked in pushing me over "I was gonna say come on in, but that's good too" I mumbled under my breath before closing the door and heading back to the living room.

"Zayn what are you doing here?" She asked seeming really uncomfortable with everyone looking at her.

"Uhh.... Hanging out with my friends?"

"Or making your friends an excuse to see this bitch!" She yelled pointing over at me. She seemed to quickly regret calling me that, but it was too late because Liam was first to defend me.

"You must be mistaking because that finger is supposed to be pointed over at you. We all know who's the female dog here." I faced Liam wide eyed to the fact he just said that. But I was really upset and shocked she would call me a bitch, I had only spoke to her once and she's already insulting me. What gives her the right?

"Oh well, how do you call someone who's trying to steal your boyfriend, Liam?" She pulled herself together ignoring he's indirect insult. 

"I'm not trying to steal your boyfriend." I defended myself getting her to turn towards me.

"Then why is he ignoring me these days & hanging out with you?" The way she pronounced 'you'... I swear, if I didn't have any manners I would have pulled down her hair! 

"I don't know, maybe because you're overly attached to him & you don't leave him alone for a second? Or maybe because you're so boring and have no idea how to have a good time? Oh & maybe because he doesn't like you & he's only going out with you to help you getting famous? You pick one, I listed them all" I sassed getting a wave of confident and pride, where did all of that come from? I think I deserve a high five... Soon enough, the high five arrived, but not on my hand, but my face. I must admit for a petite girl, she's really strong that tears steamed down my face before I could even realize.

"What the bloody fuck is wrong with you Perrie! " Harry shouted angrily getting up from his seat and showing her that he really hates what she did. Liam's arms were the only thing I recognized once I sat down hiding my red face, Liam knew I was crying, that he rushed to embrace me, and it did make me feel calmer, even if the pain was unstoppable..

"Zayn, you take your crazy girlfriend and get out of here this instant." Louis demanded pointing at the door. I couldn't believe he actually didn't say anything, he just watched her insulting me with a smirk on his face like he actually enjoyed seeing us fighting over him. He finally took his mad girlfriend's hand and pulled her out with him.

"I can't believe she just did what she did" Niall finally spoke shocked to how our happy and fun time turned to this disaster in minutes.

"I know it's not the good time Ashley but. Great come back girl!" Louis shouted & I couldn't help but laugh.

"I was expecting a high five but I got one on my face instead" I sniffed as they all laughed at my statemend.

"See, you always laugh like that okay? Don't ever cry again" Liam whispered in my ear & kissed my cheek.

"She's really strong though." I said loud enough for everyone to hear while I touched my cheek already telling that it's red.

"She's crazy." Niall mouthed.

"Ashley, are you sure you're okay?" Harry asked worriedly while holding my hand.

"Yeah i'm fine Haz, come here" I admitted before embracing him in a hug, in no time, I was hugging everyone in the room. They're precious, they deserve all the love in this world because they're amazing friends and I love them all. "Hey, where is Melody?" I asked after I noticed that her tiny body wasn't wrapped in my arms.

"She went after Perrie & Zayn." Niall casually replied like it was just a usual thing for Melody to do. But really, she never gets in anyone's business, she's careless, much like Niall.

"Oh my god she'll kill her. Poor Perrie.... She deserves it though." I attempted to whisper but failed miserably since everyone showed a positive way towards it by laughing. Then Melody walked in while breathing heavily

"Guys you won't believe what just happened" She announced struggling to catch her breath.

"What! You killed her?" I asked seriously.

"Sadly, no. But, I overheard her argument with Zayn, and....... He dumped her!" She announced excitedly before a wave of 'Hell yeah!' and 'Finally!' hit the entire room, while I sat there not really caring much about Zayn, or Perrie, or anything that has to do with the two.

"But he still didn't tell her off, he just kept watching. Not feeling guilty at all. I'm not forgiving him" I stated looking over at Melody.

"You don't need to forgive him, if I was you i'd never talk to him again" Melody agreed shrugging, before she sat next to Niall.

"Who cares about Zayn & Perrie anyways? You have us, & trust me you won't get rid of us." Louis winked causing me to laugh. I wouldn't want to get rid of them, who would shut away such people? They're amazing enough to let me live with them!

"And if you think this night is ruined, then think again after we announce what we have agreed on telling you." Harry smirked eyeing the rest of the boys who nodded smirking as well.

"We want you to come with us on tour, because you have an amazing voice. & we want you to open for some of our shows." Liam sweetly announced smiling at me, amazing how such a simple and calm tone was used to announce something that almost made my heart fall down my butt.

"Shut up! Oh my god no way!" I exclaimed covering my mouth with my hand in absolute shock.

"Si way. & you're going to be great" Niall confirmed while smiling.

"Hey wait a second. What about me?" Melody furrowed her eyebrows.

"Well... You will come with us if you... accept to be m-my... girlfriend." And somehow, I was happier than ever. Melody and Niall are going to be so cute! Oh my god! A tour with my favorite couple and bestest friends, what more can I ask for? "So... Will you give me the honnor to call you mine?" 

"Of course!" She approved before jumping on his lap & locking her lips with his. A small 'aww' escaped my mouth as I rested my head on Liam's shoulder since he had his arm around mine. And the scene in front of us, was more like an horror movie to a five year old.

"Let's leave them to make some babies." I blurted getting everyone else's attention, except for Melody & Niall who were eating each other's faces

"Yeah, it's getting quite disgusting & I dont want to get any nightmares" Louis mumbled before he stood up & headed upstairs with Harry.

"You're going to sleep now?" Liam asked me. I nodded my head answering his question. He held my hand & pulled me with him up the stairs.

"Goodnight. & oh if you get any nightmares after seeing Perrie in her mad mode, don't hesitate on waking me" I joked kissing his cheeks while he laughed adorably.

"Alright, you princess go to sleep now" He pointed to the door of my room getting into his and shutting the door behind him, I went to my room as well and changed to shorts and a tank top before lying down on my bed.

This night wasn't really that bad though, even if I got slapped by a psycho girlfriend, I still had a great time with the boys when I was singing, then after Zayn and Perrie left we had such a laugh. Then the cute couple Nelody. aww it was too cute.


"You're so selfish" I turned around to see Niall.

"Nobody likes you" I heard a voice behind me and it was Louis'.

"Perrie is better than you" Zayn said stepping closer.

"We will never like you" Liam muttered.

"We hate you" Harry said slapping me in the face.

"You were never my best friend" Melody kicked me, I opened my mouth trying to speak but I couldn't.

"You deserve to die!" They all said stepping closer holding a gun. I screamed as loud as I could but no words left my mouth.


I suddently woke up from my horrible dream, I couldn't even know if I was crying or just sweating.. The dream was so real it scared the crap out of me. I tried to go back to sleep again but I couldnt. Then I decided to go to Liam's room considering his advice.

I opened the door & walked outside. Shaking, I opened Liam's door & walked towards his sleeping body.

"Liam" I whispered but he didn't move.

"Liam please wake up" I whispered again but he still didn't move, He looked too adorable when he's sleeping that I couldn't wake him. I slowly made my way to the door when suddenly.

"There is a snake in my boot" I held my leg in pain as I stepped on something.

"Who's there?" Liam groaned looking up from his pillow.

"Curse you Woody toy" I muttered turning to face Liam.

"Uhh.... It's just me, sorry for waking you" I apologized blushing madly and thanking god he couldn't see it thanks to the darkness.

"Ashley? What are you doing here?" Great now he's going to think you're a crazy stalker Ashley, great job.

"This might sound ridiculous but I had this really terrible dream & I can't go back to sleep" I explained looking at the ground.

"Aww come here, you'll sleep with me" He said taking off the covers to reveal he's shirtless body. What's with these boys and sleeping shirtless? Whoever burned down all the shirts in their wardrobe deserves death.

"Oh how wrong that sounds" I mocked & decided to sleep next to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, kissed my cheek and wished me a goodnight, before I fell asleep in his warmth.


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