No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


17. Witch is Back, Bitch Can Smack

I opened my eyes to the boys singing the most annoying song ever to wake me up. I just showed them my middle finger but they didn't leave.

"Oh what you just did was not polite Ashley"

"Someone is grumpy in the morning"

"Let's throw her to the pool"

"I don't think that's a good idea Niall"

"Yeah but its fun"

"Will you guys shut up & let me sleep" I shouted with a really sleepy voice, opening my eyes again then closing them.

"Look, she opened her eyes!"

"Wakey wakey Princess" I didn't move, then I felt something licking my face, I opened my eyes expecting Makaveli but I found Louis instead, I quickly stood up.

"Did you just lick my face Lou?"

"Yeah, it was sweet. Let me try it again" I pushed him away.

"Eww no! Where's Harry? Harry save me here!" I shouted getting Harry to show up a second later.

"What happened!" He asked rushing over to me.

"Louis was licking my face" I pouted & he just laughed at me, and I rolled my eyes at my failure of a savior. Ignoring them, I locked myself in the bathroom to finish my morning routine; but this time, I didn't put too much effort, I felt so unwanted that I didn't need to look good.

I walked at the hallway to find Zayn talking on the phone, Louis threatening Liam with a spoon & Niall eating ice cream while Harry was just watching TV. All of their rooms were wide open like we were all in one big house.

"Louis, leave Liam alone & hand me that spoon, Niall stop eating ice cream at breakfast, I'll make some waffles, & Harry..... Keep watching TV" I demanded standing in the center, trying to sound tough. Louis gave me the spoon; Niall left the ice cream & started running around screaming 'WAFFLES' Harry just smiled at me.

I made waffles for everyone; Zayn didn't eat or even sit at the table so Niall's dream came true as he ate two. Okay Zayn really has a serious problem with me. I unlocked my phone to see a new text.

From: Crazy Shay

'you're gonna have to tell me more, can we Skype now?'

"Guys, I'm going to Skype with Shay, if you want anything I'm in my room" I informed them as they nodded. They make me feel like a proud mommy.

I opened my laptop & quickly logged into Skype, she was already online so I just sent her a video request.

"Hey!" She shouted "Can you hear me?!" She shouted again.

"Yes I can Shay, no need to scream" I reassured fixing my laptop screen as she laughed.

"I miss you so much" She sighed frowning playfully.

"I miss you too muffin, how is life back in Cali?"

"So boring without you, I'm not even kidding" She sighed & I giggled.

"So, is there any special someone yet?" I winked, knowing Shay, she goes on too many dates trying to find her 'Prince charming', but she never lets anyone use her or get in her pants, she's so strong and funny.

"No, but you have a special someone, right? Now tell me the rest of the story" She excitedly hheld her pillow to her chest like I was about to tell her a bed story.

"Oh! so after I sang for them they decided that I should be opening for their concerts, then Melody thought she was going to stay alone but Niall asked her out & she said yes, so I had some problems with Zayn before, because once, his crazy girlfriend slapped me in the face in front of everyone, & he just watched her not moving or anything. But in the plane we played truth or dare & Zayn asked me who's the one I have a crush on & I said Harry, Then Harry asked me to be his girlfriend & I-"

"And all of this happened in the plane?" She interrupted obviously shocked that my eventfull life had that much drama.

"Yes. Like I was saying, we dated for about three days & we had some fans meeting backstage. One of the fans insulted me & all but the boys stood up for me, then they went to the club & I didn't want to so I stayed with Zayn"

"Wait, you said you had some problems with Zayn..."

"Yeah but we became cool, you know I can't stay mad at someone for long. But now we have problems again."


"I don't know. Watch the interview we had & you'll understand.... & then I got a text with a picture attached to it, of Harry kissing that girl who insulted me then there was this huge fight between the boys & Harry"

"Oh my gosh! & you're still with him?"

"Yes I am"

"How could you! He cheated on you"

"Let me continue! And then Ryan said that JB wants to meet me so we went to meet him with the boys & he was nice. Harry was playing jealous but whatever. Anyway he explained everything saying that the girl threw herself at him & he pulled away quickly but not fast enough because her friends took the picture. So... yeah that's all"

"Jesus Ash, this is like a movie" She exclaimed looking shocked & I laughed. "So how was the date anyway?" By her tone, I could clearly tell she didn't like Harry

"It was ah-ma-zing, the best date ever! There was a picnic at the beach, fireworks with my name & Justin Bieber wanted me to be in his music video"

"Aww that's so romantic- wait what! Justin Bieber wants you in his music video?" She asked in disbelief. I nodded sticking my thong out at her.

"Let me go cry at my life, luck & face" She dramatically waved. Then my dog started barking. "You have a dog?" She asked as I picked Mak up & showed it to her.

"Shay, meet Makaveli, Mak meet Shay" I introduced the two making him wave. She chuckled at me.

"Oh my gosh the puppy is so cute! you bought it?"

"No, Louis bought it for me" She was tickling the screen as if that'll tickle him.

"I just wanna eat it right now" I laughed then I heard a knock on the door.

"Hey can we join this video chat?" Louis asked with Liam, & Harry behind him.

"Sure, she wants to meet you anyway" I approved shrugging.

"Who's that?" she asked & I shouted "One Direction!" making it seem like I'm a huge obsessive fangirl. Louis sat next to me, Harry in my right & Liam was hugging me from behind.

"Hello love!" Louis shouted waving.

"Ello lads" She greeted doing her best British accent that I laughed along with the boys at how much of a failure that was.

"So guys, this is Shay, my best friend, this is Louis, my child's father, Liam my husband, Harry my boyfriend" I introduced giggling.

"Damn girl! You have an affair with three attractive boys. When is it my turn?" She sighed making us all laugh at her silliness. Then after we calmed, I looked up at Liam.

"Where is Zayn, Niall & Melody?"

"Zayn is out, like always. Niall & Melody are having a make out session in the living room, that's why we're here." He said with a disgusted look on his face. I swear all they do is make out!

"So Harry, I heard you took her to an amazing date last night" Shay cleared her throat winking at him. He smiled kissing my cheek.

"It was nothing, she's worth even more" I blushed biting my lip. Something I do a lot.

"Aww get married already, & make cute babies. & name the first child Shay" She coohed holding tighter to her pillow.

"She's already married to me, sorry" Liam protested.

"& she's already having my baby, sorry" Louis agreed.

"& our first child will be named Darcy, sorry" Harry said & we all sat in silence for a solid 10 seconds before bursting into laughter.

"Oh I forgot to tell you Shay, I'm having a meeting with Bieber at two" The boys all looked at me waiting for an explanation except for Harry. "Oh I forgot to tell you guys too, well Justin wants me to be in his music video Maria & we're meeting at two. Harry's coming with me" My words were met with shocked faces. Thank god Niall isn't here though! He would probably beg me to take him with me.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" Liam started randomly.

"No" I shook my head smiling up at him.

"More than I ever loved these five lads" He explained & I smiled, Louis & Harry sent him glares.

"I love her more than I love you Liam" Louis crossed his arms childishly.

"& I love her more than you both do" Harry defended crossing his arms as well

"& I love her more than any of you guys do" Shay said with a "HA!" at the end, we laughed at her.

"Sorry guys, I have to go now. Tom is making me walk his dog" She whispered the last part reading a text from her phone. We chorused a "bye" before Louis turned to me.

"Tom is her boyfriend?" He asked looking betrayed.

"No, she's single" then I saw a smirk on his face. I believe another couple is about to form thanks to me!



The only thing I ate this past week was a waffle at breakfast today & a pancake that Harry forced me to eat. I made them lunch because I'm nice, & only ate the salad to shut them up. Then headed upstairs to change for the meeting, I wore a 'It's My Life' tank with some destructed skinny jeans , a white watch & a heart necklace with some black converse. Not trying to impress anyone at all.

"You ready?" Harry asked me & I nodded. He took my hand & we walked downstairs.

"We're leaving" Harry shouted. Then we walked outside, I saw a Lamborghini waiting for us.

"Oooh Impressive" I mocked & Harry just laughed.

"I'll buy you one if you want"

"No no no don't spend money on me" I protested getting in the car. The Broadway Street was just 20 minutes away. The radio had country music, did I ever mention how much I hate country? I watched as we pulled over, thanking god that I won't have to listen to people crying about their past breakups.

"So, where do you think Justin is?" He asked looking around.

"See that boy with a purple hoodie & black pants?" I asked pointing at a guy reading a magazine. he nodded "That's him"

"& who's the girl next to him?" Harry asked then I spot a beautiful girl sitting there, her hair was black and she was laughing with Justin, they looked pretty close.

"I don't know, maybe his girlfriend" He took my hand as we walked inside, Harry was wearing his famous purple Jack Wills hoodie, I wasn't really so famous so I didn't have to cover myself. We walked to their table & Justin stood up after spotting us.

"Hey man" He greeted shaking Harry's hand while smiling.

"Hey Ashley, you look great" He greeted kissing my cheek as I blushed. Then Harry & the girl next to Justin both cleared their throats at the same time.

"Oh right, this is my best friend Selena" he said smiling at her, we exchanged a smile and a 'hi' ,she is so stunning. "& this is Harry Styles, you already know, that's his girlfriend Ashley" I shook her hand, & sat next to Harry, Selena was in front of me & Justin next to her. I glanced at that magazine & Justin noticed.

"Yeah that's you guys on the cover" He confirmed smiling, I picked the magazine seeing a picture of me with Harry from yesterday 'Harry Styles & his girlfriend going on a date?' That's cute.

"Sorry babe" Harry apologized turning to face me.

"Oh no it's okay, I think it's cute taking pictures of us" I laughed

"So, you already know why you're here right Ashley?" Justin asked going straight to our subject.

"Yeah, because of that video clip thing" he laughed at my unprofessional response nodding.

"Are you sure you can do it?"

"Well first tell me what I'm going to do" I raised my eyebrow feeling like a pro the thing that made Selena giggle.

"Right. Basically the song talks about some crazy woman who claims that she's pregnant with my baby" He explained.

"Like Billie Jean?"

"Yeah, a moment of silence for the greatest man ever Michael Jackson" He said closing his eyes, I was going to laugh but I couldn't. I could tell Harry was holding his laughter too.

"You're a fan huh?" I asked him silently laughing.

"A big one! Now let's get back to our topic, you're going to be Maria, all you have to do is walk around chasing me with a baby in your arms, in a funny way. & you'll learn what to do later."

"Alright, sounds fun" I approved smiling.

"Wait; there are no kissing scenes, right?" Harry asked eagerly making Selena, Justin and I chuckle.

"Nah don't worry" Justin replied. "So we have a deal?"

"Of course" I smiled as we all stood up.

"We'll start shooting next week, I'll let you know when, and Ryan will send you the papers to sign later." Justin said one last time as he hugged me, I hugged Selena as she asked if she could get my number from Justin, and considering the fact she seems really awesome to hang out with, I nodded

"Sure, I'd love to talk to you" she smiled. Harry held my hand as we walked outside waving at the two.

I'm so glad Harry understands me, I was expecting him to say no, but he let me do what I want. In the other hand, I still have these strong feelings towards Zayn, I don't know why but his mysteriousness attracts me, I love it & at the same time hate it when he's mad at me, Zayn is like the kind of guy that your parents stop you from talking to but you run away to prove them that he's lovely and sweet... I guess. But right now I'm hurt 'I'm not answering that question' what does that even mean? That he hates me but don't want to hurt my feelings? Or is it just to avoid rumors? Why is he mad anyways? I'm sure I didn't do anything at all...


"What?" I raised my eyebrow looking at Harry.

"Nothing, I was calling your name for the past five minutes when you didn't answer I started saying random things" I shook my head at his weirdness.

"You need help" I said getting out of the car.

"Ashley what's wrong? You're always thinking..." He questioned grabbing my hand to turn me around.

"Nothing..." He didn't believe me, I could see it.

"You know you can tell me anything?" He reassured insisting on getting to know what's wrong.

"Yes, don't worry. I'd tell you if I had something to say" He just nodded leading the way into the hotel. Talks about ladies first.

I walked after him, where Zayn and Perrie were cuddling. Harry turned towards me to see my reaction; shock, hurt & fear. Shocked at the nerve she got, to come back after everyone kicked her. Hurt at the fact he's doing it on purpose, I swear he is! And afraid that she might turn everyone against me, by using Zayn who hates me now.

"What's going on here?" Harry asked eyeing them up and down.

"I'm back with Perrie, I realized that I love her & I can't leave her for a stupid person" Stupid person? You could just say my name, Zayn, it wouldn't make any difference.

"Oh, where are the others?" Harry carelessly asked.

"In their rooms"

"I-I'm going t-to find Liam" I muttered running to his room. I knocked like crazy, feeling like I had to pee real bad.... From my eyes.


*Harry's P.O.V.*

Ashley seems to be so happy with her new work, who wouldn't be happy to work with Justin Bieber after all? Justin is a cool lad but it would be better if he had a girlfriend, so I could be less jealous. She looked so bloody stunning while she clearly didn't try to look good, but in fact she looked more amazing than she ever did. I love her natural beauty.

I pulled over five minutes ago calling Ashley's name but she seemed to be thinking so deeply about something.

"Pussy" I shouted a random thing that seemed to catch her attention.


"Nothing, I was calling your name for the past five minutes, when you didn't answer, I started saying random things" she shook her head at me.

"You need help" She said as she hopped out of the car.

"Ashley what's wrong? You're always thinking..." I grabbed her hand waiting for an answer. She doesn't even seem happy anymore.

"Nothing..." Like I'm going to buy that.

"You know you can tell me anything?" I was actually worried about her, I do have some feeling towards her after all. I just don't know what it is.

"Yes, don't worry. I'd tell you if I had something to say" I decided to leave it there and not insist much so I nodded walking into the hotel.

As I got in our massive flat, I saw Zayn with a blonde girl, snuggling.

Perrie. What the hell is he doing with her & why did the hell did he bring her here? I turned checking Ashley who wasn't only as shocked as I am, but she was also... Hurt?

"What's going on here?" I asked.

"I'm back with Perrie, I realized that I love her & I can't leave her for a stupid person" Love her? We all know that's a big lie. Oh stupid person? I know he's talking about Ashley & I would punch him in the face right now but I don't want to start a fight again.

"Oh, where are the others?"

"In their rooms"

"I-I'm going t-to find Liam" Ashley muttered running to her room, I don't know why she's so hurt. I mean yeah the bitch slapped her face but she should be mad not hurt.

"Zayn can I talk to you for a moment?" I asked but he didn't get the message "Alone" Then he stood up & I took him to my room closing the door.

"What the hell are you doing? You know you don't love her so why are you doing this?"

"It's none of your business & if you have a problem with her try to get over it because she's living with me"

"What! No bloody way! Nobody wants her here, she's just a trouble maker"

"Nobody cares about your opinions she's staying with me not you" He shouted as he slammed the door shut going back to his 'love'. This is so not good.


*Ashley P.O.V*

I couldn't hold it anymore; Liam knows everything about me so I always look for him when I feel like crying. He wrapped his arms around me calming me down without asking any questions. He got used to my dramatic life.

When I calmed down he started softly and carefully "Okay, tell me why you were crying"

"I.... Z-Zayn is b-back with... Perrie" He shook his head & hugged me again. Liam knows about my crush on Zayn, he was helping me to get over it but it didn't happen.

"I have nothing to say this time. He messed everything up" Liam said shaking his head

"Messed everything up? Like he cares. But in fact he loves his girlfriend, he was really nice before, like the day I knew about Harry & that Emily, he was by my side the whole night. But now..." I wiped my tears away.

"I know love, just leave it to me." With that he walked out of the room leaving me on the bed wiping my tears away & thinking about all of this.




I'm sorry this chapter is kind of boring & doesn't make sense. I was listening to Arctic Monkeys while writing it and since I'm a big fan I had to sing along... So I wasn't fully focusing. Anyways, thanks for everything, I love you all <3



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