No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


21. The Interview

"Thank you Miami! " I shouted over the microphone smiling at the cheerful crowd. "Alright I'll leave you guys with One Direction" I giggled while the boys walked to stage seeming excited to perform, after all; we've spent the past days in pools and amusement parks because Florida is just so sunny, so why not take advantage of that? Harry wrapped his arms around my waist placing a simple kiss on my lips. I smiled waving goodbye to the amazing crowd while heading backstage.

"I'm actually really jealous of you." Melody poute crossing her arms while as I laughed hugging her small body.

I just finished opening for One Direction's concert, this time I performed Demi Lovato's Give Your Heart A Break. For the first time ever performing, I felt confident, I was walking on stage dancing & singing not caring about anyone, & it felt really good, because now I finally get to rehearse with the backup band and not just randomly sing a song that pops in my head.

There's only two days left till I go back to New York, I already called Selena & she said she'd be very happy to have me, even Justin lives with her. I still didn't tell the boys, but I'm planning on telling them tonight since it was my last concert with them. The past weeks we'd perform every night in a different state. It was really exhausting but fun.

"You guys were amazing as always!" I heard her petite voice saying behind me when I turned, I saw Melody congratulating the boys. I stood up from the makeup table & hugged my boyfriend directly.

"Babe you're so incredible" I complimented kissing his cheek, he smiled mumbling that he loves me, and I couldn't say anything back because I wasn't sure of my feelings.

"Ashley, I want my hug too" Louis mocked playfully crossing his arms, I laughed hugging him as he hugged back tighter. Here is the thing; if you ever feel down, a hug from Louis or Niall will instantly change your mood, it's like hugging a teddy bear that smell nice and hugs you back.

"What about me?" Liam teased pouting; I rolled my eyes hugging him as well.

"Liam!" A girly voice shouted & we all turned to see Danielle, she came running then embraced him in a hug.

"You were all so amazing!" She started talking with the boys, & I felt a hand pulling me away. I just followed whoever the person was, they turned around & I recognized his curls and blue eyes.

"Why did you pull me here? You scared the shit out of me!" I exclaimed putting my hand on my chest. He chuckled at my reaction.

"Sorry love, I just wanted to tell you something" He said grinning widely.

"Well? Spit it out"

"I really, really love you so much, I never felt this way towards a girl, like most of people say; I was a player but you completely changed me. & I want to let you know that I'll stay with you no matter what people say" He confessed grabbing my hands & looking deep into my eyes, I know he's not lying. I can tell when he's just saying & I can tell when he means something. He leaned in kissing me smoothly yet deeply & the kiss was different, it meant a lot more, I don't know why though.

"Harry what's going on?" I questioned as we pulled away.

"Nothing.... Can't I tell my girlfriend that I love her?" He cheekily replied.

"Yeah but you always do, & this time it felt weird, like the kiss was special & what you just said felt so true" I raise my brow confusingly.

"Nothing is going on love, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you" I smiled as we walked back to the boys. The smile I was pulling really meant nothing but 'I appreciate your love but I can't share my feelings yet' and I felt terrible.

"Guys, I think we should celebrate since it's our last concert here" Harry sugged and everyone gave him an odd look.

"Are you serious now Harold?" Louis rolled his eyes.

"Yeah... What's wrong with that?"

"Raise your hand if you just wanna sleep since we barely had rest this whole week" I said as everyone's hands were up except for Harry's, Melody's and Danielle's.

"I'm afraid that means no celebrating tonight." I smiled poorly while my evil laugh was the louded in my mind.


*Next Morning*


Usually, hearing laughter makes me joyul, but when Louis and Niall are involved, on my bed at the morning, that's when I'm supposed to wake up from my sleep and face their cruelty.

"What the hell? Why is everyone laughing?" I finally managed to say. Niall shoved his laptop to my face while still laughing.

"What's up everybody! Ashley here" I heard my voice coming out of the speakers and saw my sace showing in the screen, my eyes widened at the scary memory. It was the embarrassing clip from high school.

"How the hell did you guys get this?" I yelled quickly closing the tab like it was going to take it off the face of our planet.

"Ryan posted it on Twitter" Melody replied giggling.

"That little fucker!" I exclaimed while Harry wrapped his arms around me.

"I personally think you're a pretty good dancer" He mocked making me even more mad at Ryan, I will so murder him.

"Yeah, I agree" Liam teased laughing under his breath.

"I was drunk you guys, I didn't know what I was doing" I sighed trying to find an excuse for my stupid actions.

"You're awesome when you're drunk" Louis attenpted to high five but I was too lazy to lift my hand so he just frowned awkwardly putting his hand down.

"I like the little Irish dance you did at the end" Niall said chuckling, I just smiled at him because you can't look at Niall Horan and not smile.

"And you had a dog that looks exactly like Mak" Louis said picking Makaveli from the floor as the little dog tried to escape.

"Yeah, except it was a female called Olive" I nodded.

"Olive is a male name" Liam corrected.

"I don't care, then it's Olivia"

"Aww too bad you don't have it any more, it could fall in love with Mak" Melody suddenly said causing everyone to laugh.

"Listen guys, I have to go back to New York" I randomly announced, taking them by surprise. Except for Melody, she was nodding with an encouraging face expression. "Justin called & said the shooting is starting on Tuesday & its Sunday already. He's sending me a plane to New York" I tried to sound believable.

"Alright, but when are you coming back?" Harry asked kissing my forehead.

"In less than a month"

"Where are you going to live?" Liam asked worriedly.

"With Selena, I'll call you guys every day & keep you updated by Twitter" I nervously said smiling, they all nodded slowly.

"I'm going to miss you, you know" Louis mumbled frowning.

"Me too" Liam agreed

"Me three" Niall's face was the most hreatbreaking thing ever, he's just too adorable to be looking sad.

"I'll miss you." Zayn mumbled after a long silence which surprised me so I looked up to meet his eyes, but he quickly dropped his gaze avoiding eye contact.

"Just don't go for too long okay?" Harry was looking a bit sad. I nodded trying to smile as wide as I could in such a situation. "Now get out everyone, I need to get ready" I shouted pointing to the door, they all walked out including Harry.

I took a nice, long shower. The interview I was having was in two hours. I still couldn't believe I slept for that long, but I was really tired though. After my nice shower, I wore a yellow ginny tied with white tailored shorts, a cute ring, earrings, & a necklace with a bracelet. I looked for my yellow shoes, & yellow bag to match.


For the first time ever, the interview was about me. Not the boys, me. I was slightly nervous but excited at the same time.

"Okie dokie I'm ready" I joked walking out of my room.

"When did you buy these?" Louis asked furrowing his brows.

"When I went shopping with Danielle." He pouted crossing his arms.

"But I am your shopping buddy!"

"Don't worry Louis, I bought another Superman outfit" his eyes lit up & I smiled satisfied.

"You look great" Zayn commented & I nodded smiling not trusting my words. I suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around me from the back.

"You look amazing Ashley" Harry whispered in my ear as he kissed my cheek, I blushed thanking him.


*In The Interview*

"Everyone has been talking about Ashley Malik, who is she really? We'll find out with Ashley Malik herself" The audience started clapping & as I walked towards Robin, I hugged her while she mptioned for me to sit next to her, I did as I was told.

"Good morning Ashley" She greeted smiling at me.

"Good morning Robin, & America" I giggled nervously, that's right I was in Good morning America.

"How are you doing? How aare you copping with the sudden fame and cameras pointing at you?" She asked directly.

"I'm doing great, I don't really consider myself famous, I'm really just hanging out with five amazing guys and that forces me to face cameras on daily bases. But since they're always around me, I honestly don't pay much attention." I explained grinning widely.

"So, tell us about yourself, everyone knows you as Harry Styles' girlfriend but who are you really?" She asked seeming deadly curious to know more than the audience.

"Hmm who am I?" I wondered making everyone in the crowd laugh. "Well I'm just a normal girl who sings loudly in the shower and jams to Chris Brown, I eat Nutella with a spoon and if you bring me food I will marry you. Honestly, I'm not that complicated of a person." I stopped noticing that people were on tears of my odd introduction.

"Okay, that was... That was just so real, you're real and you don't lretend at all." Robin said once she stopped laughing. "But how did you end up knowing One Direction?"

"Oh thank you. Since my last name is Malik as well, I got mistaked by Zayn's chauffeur who was to pick Walyah from the airport, since I had just moved from Los Angeles to London, I had no idea how to find my dad, so Louis and Harry welcomed me in their house. And it just started from there, Harry heard my singing, and next thing I know is being accused of having a 'Great' voice." I laughed using air quotations.

"Your voice is honestly beautiful, have you considered taking singing as a career?" Robin asked as the audience cheered loudly.

"I will, but I'm filming for Justin Bieber-" The whole crowd was whistling & cheering at the mention of his name. "...I'm filmig for Justin Bieber's Maria music video"

"We've already seen you tweeting each other like you're good friends, we've seen some pictures of you & Selena, & of course you & Harry kissing each other. But how did you know Justin? Is it because of the boys?" Robin asked.

"Uhm no, I have an old friend; Ryan Good, He's also Justin's stylist, he called me once asking if I wanted to meet Justin, & knowing that Niall is a big fan" I laughed with the crowd & Robin " I said yes. So when I met him he was nice & really humble, then he called me the next day asking to meet again, & as we met each other he told me about it so I was definitely instrested."

"What was Harry's first reaction when he knew about it?" She asked smiling.

"He was like 'Are there any kissing scenes?'" I tried mimicking Harry's voice and accent but failed miserably. Everyone was laughing at my failure including me.

"A jealous boyfriend he is"

"Of course.

"Everyone please give it up for One Direction" Robin announced as they walked in the stage while laughing. Harry literally ran towards me embracing me in a hug. I just smiled as everyone coohed and laughed.

"You two are so adorable!" Robin exclaimed as we sat in our places again, Harry was holding me next to him.

"Thank you" We both said at the same time.

"So Harry, describe Ashley as a girlfriend" I laughed already sensing that he will include the words 'beautiful' and 'amazing' in his speech.

"Amazing, beautiful, caring, lovely, funny, bubbly, perfect & every positive word I can't think of right now" I bit my lip nervously while feeling my cheeks heat up.

"Here you go everyone, the first time Harry Styles says a whole sentence without an 'um' or an 'er'" Everyone started laughing at Robin's wods. I'm actually enjoying this interview, they're not scary as I thought.

"So let's talk about your career, your American tour is about to finish, right?"

"Actually we finished our concerts, we just have some signing and meetings to do" Liam replied taking charge of business as always.

"You only have two weeks left right?"

"Actually, it might be less." Liam confirmed.

She turned towards me "You're staying with them, right?"

"Actually I'm not, I have some filming to do with Jutin, so I'm going back to New York."

"Well we hope the best for all of you" She wished as I mumbled a small thank you, she then she turned towards Zayn who was just listening to our conversation not being apart of it. Or even talking to Louis like Louis and Niall were doing.

"Zayn..." He looked up at her. "The last time you had an interview, they asked you what you think about Ashley, & you gave her minimum rate, is it still the same?"

"No. I think perfectly amazing is best to describe her" I smiled so widely that it might have looked creepy. I couldn't help but hug him, so I stood up & gave him a big hug, he just smiled hugging back. I walked back to my place in tears.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help but hug him" Robin smiled softly at me.

"I heard Niall's girlfriend is your best friend" She suddenly said.

"Yes she is, she's amazing & I'm so happy for her & Niall. They're perfect for each other, really they're literally perfect for each other." I smiled looking at Niall who blushed hiding his face.

"Well, thank you One Direction and Ashley for coming, it was amazing talking to you" We all smiled, I hugged her one more time as the boys shook her hand. Harry put his hand on my waist walking with me backstage.



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