No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


12. Shining Like A Diamond... Literally.


I was pulled by him over to the boys, as I shyly smiled touching my lips. The three of them looked up at our sight, before Zayn noticed the way we were holding hands.

"I knew it." Zayn mumbled dropping his gaze.

"We're officially together" Harry announced kissing my cheek while the rest chorused "No!". I raised my eyebrows waiting for their comments.

"She's my wife. She can't date you!" Liam seriously said making me laugh. Where was I during the marriage?

"I'm still you wife husbo" I joked causing a smile to appear on his face.

"She's my baby's mama!... Yes! She's my baby's mama!... Surprise!.... Ashley you can't do this to our child!" Louis shouted getting Niall and Melody's attention as they rushed to where we were gathered.

"What's going on?" Melody asked calmly, she's a chilly and calm person, unless I tell her something about guys in general, then she turns to an ultra-hyper-creature.

"Louis we'll decide when I give birth to our child" I joked in a very serious tone making Niall shout a 'What!' obviously thinking it was true.

"Ashley & Harry are dating" Zayn muttered under his breath annoying the crap out of me at the way he was acting.

"But she's pregnant with Louis's baby! When did you two do it anyways?" Niall asked while Melody just rolled her eyes.

"She's not pregnant Niall, they're just kidding" She informed her boyfriend making him blush in embarrassment.

"Well congrats guys" Niall winked at Harry.

"I told you he liked you" Melody whispered in my ear while hugging me & I giggled.

"Harry, if you hurt my wife I am so going to abuse you" Liam threatened hugging me & whispering in my ear if I was sure about the situation, so I nodded confirming.

"Harry we're having a long talk tonight." Louis motioned for Harry who seemed bothered with his statement. Zayn was just... There, not having a single dust of care in this word, his phone taking the best of him.

*Harry's P.O.V*

I actually did it. I'm dating Ashley! The boys didn't seem to be happy about it but I don't care. When I want a girl I get her. I already know what Louis' going to talk to me about, and it is going to be a very long talk indeed.

I've been holding Ashley's hands since she said yes. Cameras taking pictures of us, paparazzi’s asking questions & fans screaming. The hotel entrance was empty, probably Paul managed to do that so we wouldn't have bra's thrown at us.

"Ashley is staying in my room" Liam announced as he grabbed the keys.

"What! But she's my girlfriend" I protested hating the way he was so calm and sarcastic, when I wanted to spend time with her and get to know her better, maybe then I would like her to the point I decide to keep her with me.

"And she's my wife" He smirked as if sending me off, but Ashley's smile only meant she thought we were joking around.

"It's okay Harry, I'll stay with Liam" I sighed in frustration. Why does she always have to be with Liam? But I gave up mumbling a "fine!" Then walked to my bentest friend's room.

"LouBear! I'm staying in your room" I announced waking into him "Liam wanted to share a room with Ashley" I sighed laying on the second bed.

"Speaking of Ashley, Harry I know what you're doing" He gave me a serious look that only meant he was one of the many anti of our relationship.

"Oh really, what am I doing then?" 

"You're just playing around, I swear if you ever hurt her I'm going to feed you to a pack of hungry wolves" He threatened seeming too serious to be the Louis I knew, and he might really do that.

"Bloody hell Louis why do you keep saying that? I like & I’m not hurting her" I wasn't only trying to convince Louis, but also convincing myself. Because I really don't know how to actually fancy a girl or how it feels.

"I know when you like a girl, I can read you like a book Harry, you can't fool me" He acknowledge. I sighed at the headache he was giving me.

 "Then you don’t know me as much as you think you do because I like her. & I don’t know why all of you are having problems with believing it"

"We'll see, just remember don’t even think about hurting her. you know how much she means to me...To us"

"Fine whatever, can we sleep now. It's pretty late & I’m tired" he just shrugged & walked to his own bed

*Liam's P.O.V*

I can't believe Ashley is going out with Harry, I thought she was smarter than that, all the boys know that Harry is just playing around with her & I don’t want her to get hurt, I hope Louis will talk to him, Ashley has been through a lot & she's still strong because we're around her, but now she doesn't talk to Zayn, if Harry breaks her heart too she won't talk to him, she'll only have me, Louis, Niall & Melody & I don’t think that's enough.

The hotel we were staying in was pretty much empty, unlike the other, I actually knew that we were only here for sometimes, just to wait for the tour bus to get ready. The rest will probably unpack all their clothes thinking they're staying there for so long. And I'll have a good laugh at all of them.

"Ashley is staying with me in the room" I informed Harry while grabbing the keys.

"What! But she's my girlfriend" He protested making a thousand different ways of killing me in his little mind. There is no way in hell I would let Ashley stay the night with him, he'll just try to get under her pants. 

"And she's my wife" I smirked sending him a clear message that meant 'Shut up or you'll die'.

"It's okay Harry, I'll stay with Liam" Ashley approved smiling at Harry who was in the edge of killing us all, he sighed muttering whatever word under his breath before he walked away.

"What's up husbo?" She mocked giggling at the end.

"Nothing much, wifey. Now let's get these suitcases to the room" I replied winking before grabbing her suitcases, she tried to help but I didn’t let her. What kind of husbands would I be if I let my wife carry those heavy suitcase? We walked to the room, it was pretty big with two beds, the walls were green.... which is an odd color to paint a hotel room wall. But it was really nice.

"Oh my god look at the view" Ashley exclaimed walking to the huge balcony "It's beautiful" She observed.

I walked next to her "We probably have the best room here" I commented once I saw the beautiful city lights that New York is famous of. 

She suddenly headed over to her suitcase before searching in it and grabbing some clothes.

"You know we're just staying here for a night" I informed watching as she walked to the bathroom.

"Yeah I know" she said from the bathroom, I lied on my bed waiting for her to come out. She then opened the bathroom door wearing her cute pajamas & her hair was in a messy bun [A/N: Link for the Pajamas in the external link]

"I can finally rest" She sighed in relief whilst making her way towards me.

"Nice pajamas!" I complimented admiring the cute pug on her pink shirt.

She thanked me kissing my cheek before heading to the extra bed where she was going to sleep. "Do you really like Harry?" I suddenly asked trying to confirm or deny what my mind had been fighting for.

"Uh yeah, but not like... so much, I just think he's a nice guy and really attractive, why?" I was relieved to know she wasn't so into him, and hopefully he won't make her fall.

"I just don’t want you to get hurt" 

"Why would I get hurt?" she asked sitting up in her bed in complete interest to know.

"You know... Harry is pretty common with girls... We're all afraid he'll just mess around with you" I explained trying to sound calm and like the situation isn't as bad. She smiled & lied down next to me.

"Thank you so much for everything Liam" She attempted to wrap her arm around my waist but I ended up feeling ticklish, she took advantage of that and tickled me, but I'm not an easy person myself, I quickly got rid of her fingers running up and down my chest and tickled her everywhere that she could not breathe anymore. The laughter we were letting out were as loud as the fans, and that says a lot. Suddenly, the knock on the door covered up our laughter, and I quickly got off Ashley helping her up as she didn't stop giggling.

"Hey Louis, what are you doing here?" She asked fixing her hair and clothes once she opened the door.

"Will you two please stop being loud, some people are trying to sleep here." I could clearly hear the annoyance in his voice.

"Oh.... Sorry man." She apologized closing the door and turning my way before she burst into silent laughter. "Oops! We better sleep"

"Can you sleep in mine? you're a great cuddle buddy" I pleaded getting her to nod in approval before she lied next to me again, wishing me a good night as I turned off the lights.

*Ashley's P.O.V*

I woke up to the sound of my phone's ringtone. Groaning loudly, I ran my hand around the small table next to the bed to have it come in contact with plenty of items, only one of them was vibrating, and I figured it was my phone so I picked it up.

"Hello?" I groaned yawning loudly.

"Hey, it's Ryan" The person in the other line introduced themselves.

"Ryan? Ryan who?" I questioned confused to which Ryan of the Ryan's I know that is.

"Shame on you Ashley doll, you forgot about me?" His nickname quickly flickered my memory tape back. I recognized him and felt so stupid not to do so at the first seconds.

"Ooohh Ryan Good! How have you been!" Liam turned his head to me slowly opening one eye, I mouthed sorry & walked to the balcony.

"Great actually, I’m the swag couch aka stylist of Justin Bieber" He mocked seeming pretty believable, that's what he'd always wanted to do, he wanted to be famous.

"Oh my god that's great!" I exclaimed excited for my old friend.

"Yeah, how about you?"

"Well I'm on tour with One Direction, and dating Harry Styles" I spoke proudly as he gasped.

"The curly-haired penis-looking-nose British white boy! Why are you on tour?" I laughed unable to keep it down, I can't believe he just called Harry a curly haired penis looking nose British white boy!

"The boys want me to open for their concerts, apparently, I have an amazing voice" I laughed looking down the balcony, when I finally realized a big crowd of people were down there, and they were taking pictures of me.... Looking so horrible... Even worse, in Liam's room!

"I've never heard you sing before, but that's fine" He said sniffing as if he was crying. I just chuckled silently, not only at Ryan, but also at the fact that the world is going to have a good laugh at how pathetic I looked this morning. 

"So how is Melody & Shay?" He asked remembering the two crazy girls that he only knows when they had braces.

"Melody is with me on tour, she's dating Niall... Or should I say Irish one. Shay is still in California but as soon as we get there, we'll pick her up" 

"No way! Messy Mel dating Niall Horan from the worldwide boyband One Direction? God heavenly father! Where are you now?"

"I'm at a hotel with the boys in New York. We're waiting for the tour bus to get ready so we can start our journey"

"Oh amazing, you're living a fancy life huh?" He joked as a faint sound of laughter was heard in the background.

"Sort of" I laughed.

"Ashley?" I turned to see Liam rubbing his eyes, shirtless, why does he always sleep shirtless goddamn it? when he noticed I was talking on the phone he apologized & I nodded smiling.

"Listen Ryan, I have to go. We'll talk later okay?"

"Yeah, nice talking to you again. Bye-bye Ashley doll" I hung up, How did he even find my number though?

I made my way inside since people already got enough pictures to think I'm a hobo at One Direction's hotel room that I could already think of articles titles; 'Paranormal Activity in Payne's hotel room.' '1D Brings Charity Cases To Tour.' I reckon my talent of making awesome articles titles that even reporters might not find.

"Who was that?" Liam asked stretching slightly.

"A really old friend named Ryan, & also Justin Bieber's stylist" My answer seemed to satisfy him, he just nodded making his way to the bathroom.

Ryan is a really old friend of mine, from high school days. he knows Melody & Shay, I didn't know he worked for Bieber, in fact I didn't know anything about him. I kind of forgot he existed.

"I'm going to change, you better wear a shirt Liam, or else I'm gonna eat you" I shouted jokingly instantly hearing his laughter back from the bathroom.



Sitting on Harry's lap is an absolute joy, once I finished eating breakfast that was only cereal because that's the only thing that satisfies me, I headed Harry's room to wake him up, and he decided to give me the royal treatment since then. He started playing with my hair which I've always loved, I don't know why some girls hate it, but I just loved it because it relaxes me.

"Your hair smells so nice" He commented making me giggle.

"Okay, Paul said the tour bus will be here in twenty minutes. Hey wifey" Liam announced waving at me& Harry coughed at the last part, I ignored him & greeted my husband while Harry glared at me & I just laughed. Louis walked towards me & placed his hand on my belly feeling it.

"I can feel him, my baby is inside her" We all laughed except for Harry. He really hated the boys' behavior today. "Hey Ash, wanna go to the Pet Store?" Louis proposed as if knowing that animals are my weakness.

"Omigoshyesyesyes! I love pets" I exclaimed jumping from Harry's lap to Louis'.

"See Hazza, this is how I get the girls" Louis acknowledged smirking & Harry who just rolled his eyes looking the other way.

Niall & Melody walked in looking for a place to sit, I really think they need to make a couch for seven people, if they don't have one yet..

"Morning" Mel looked too tired to function, so I decided to wake her up with some hot news.

"Ryan called me" I informed looking over at her as she finally found a little place between Niall and Louis.

"Oh my god Ryan Good?" She exclaimed wide eyed making me feel terrible for being the only one who didn't recognize him.

"Yep the one & only" I confirmed feeling accomplished since she finally looked refreshed.

"Who's Ryan?" Harry & Niall chorused in jealousy.

"An old friend of Ashley, & apparently Melody too, he's also Justin Bieber's stylist, no need to freak out" Just as Liam explained that, Niall jumped from his place in absolute awe.

"Oh my god! Justin Drew Bieber's stylist!" Everyone laughed at Niall's reaction. Does he realize that he's a part of one of the biggest boybands ever?

"Nialler baby, I'll make sure to take you to meet him." He kissed Melody roughly that I almost screamed out 'rape' if it wasn't for the bus outside arriving, & quickly everyone stood up, I held my phone in my hand & my bag in another one heading over to get my suitcase.  

"Paul is taking care of everything" Liam repeated his famous line with a smile on his face. Poor Paul guy, he takes care of everything, I bet even if I get my period blood the boys will be like 'Paul is taking care of it.'



The tour bus was pretty big, I had a room with Melody, Paul said we can't stay in the same room as our boyfriends cause they don’t want any 'PDA' going around. I unpacked already, I was pretty nervous that my first concert is today. The boys went for rehearsals, they don't need much practice since they're used to it. & they said I should just get on stage & start singing whatever I want. I'm going to sing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri because it's just so peaceful and makes me go down to the knee.. But I was still nervous considering the fact that I am not used to being on stage.

"What are you thinking about?" Melody asked suspecting something.

"I'm nervous about tonight, it's the first time I sing in front of so many people. What if mess up? What if they don’t like me? Or if I trip over the microphone & make a joke of myself? what if a giant monster steps on-"

"Shut up!" She cuts me off laughing. "Giant monster stepping on you! Where do you think you are? Terabithia? " She mocked laughing out loud.

"Yeah, you keep laughing, because you don’t have anything to worry about" I pouted crossing my arms.

"Stop thinking about it, you'll do great. Just enjoy yourself when you're on stage" She advised smiling. As if she experienced it... But I guess she was right?



The boys came back from their last hours rehearsals and I got even more nervous. I was backstage in the dressing rooms, when someone knocked on the door. "Come in." I welcomed whoever wanted to see me.

"Hey" I turned to see Zayn carrying a grey box.

"Hi...." I still don't talk to him, but honestly I forgave him a long time ago. It's just sort of awkward between us, but I want to make it normal again, I miss his presence around me.

"I'm sorry if I’m bothering you I just wanted to show you what you're going to wear tonight" He rested the box on the makeup table opening it and holding up a beautiful red dress that I would never imagine myself wearing.

"I'm wearing this?" I asked in disbelief pointing to the beautiful dress. He nodded picking up four other boxes from the bag. The first one had the coolest pair of red high heels, the second one had a... Oh my god! 

"Dude! That's too much diamond!" I exclaimed touching the necklace and earrings and bracelet in fear of breaking anything, he chuckled putting them on the dress. "Who bought this?" I questioned knowing that whoever paid for a pretty much thousands on a necklace, earrings and a bracelet must be a complete fool.

"I did... But please just wear it tonight, it's going to look great on you." He begged thinking I wouldn't wear it since he bought it. I would wear those even if Hitler bought them for me!

"Thank you so much Zayn, & I forgive you because I can't stay mad at you for any longer" I softened wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I'm so glad you forgave me. Now go try this dress on, our makeup artist Lou is coming to get your ready later." I nodded & went quickly to my bathroom to put it on.


I got my hair & make up done, I'm wearing a beautiful dress and the diamond on my body costs more than my life. Mel looks beautiful with her black hair & beautiful purple dress. She walked out of the dressing room to where the boys get their rest after the show, and they all went silence.. Then I could hear the boys telling her she looked beautiful. It was my time to shine as a bright as the diamonds in my neck, wrist, and ears. I slowly walked out of the room, & everyone turned their attention to me, Zayn, Liam, Louis & Harry's jaws dropped. My cheeks turned pink. Niall didn’t even notice me, he was too busy checking his girlfriend out. They're so cute?

"Ashley, you look.... you look amazing" Harry choked on his own words as soon as I stood in front of him.

"So amazing" Louis exclaimed his mouth wide open.

"Perfect" Liam agreed seeming pretty impressed with my look.

"The dress fits you perfectly." Zayn complimented smiling at me & I blew him a kiss. Everyone looked puzzled.

"Zayn & I are cool now" I told the boys smiling & they all ooh'ed. Harry stepped closer to me then kissed me. He took my hand & we walked out of the bus & there were fans everywhere, cameras, and lots of people. Everything was moving. Man how can they deal with all this madness?

Harry had to take pictures with the fans, so he left me go, and I was quickly pulled by Zayn all the way to where the stage was.

"Okay babe, you can do this. Just enjoy yourself & I promise everything's going to be alright" I breathed nodding at Harry.

"Ashley, just remember we love & support you. You won't mess anything" Liam reassured kissing my forehead.

"Ms Malik, five minutes" A man informed looking at me. All the boys & Melody were cheering me, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, the outfit that Zayn got me completely made me feel beautiful, and I felt like nobody can mess with me.

I slowly walked to the stage, the smirk on Zayn's face before I walked in made me feel confident, until I spotted the thousands of people cheering and screaming. I took the microphone and closed my eyes to get used to lighting before I spoke up. "Hello everyone." I greeted making everyone scream louder. "I'm singing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, so I hope you'll like it" The instruments started playing.

'Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when I'm afraid

To fall..."

The audience were amazing, they were so awesome, and I felt like I was a superstar! I'm just glad no giant monster stepped on me- Okay Ashley remember what Melody said; Giant monsters only live at Terabithia. I'm not going to lie though, I felt so very proud of myself. I turned to see Melody crying & the boys giving me thumbs up. As I stepped backstage all the boys crashed me in a group hug.

"You were amazing!"  

"Ash, you killed it!"

"Great song & great singing love!"

They pulled away & I thanked them still shaking at the fact that I just performed for the first time ever, then Harry kissed me whispering "I am so proud of you babe" with that, their names got called & they entered the stage smiling. This was the first time I ever perform & it was amazing.



I update each and every day so it's not really good because I don't get the chance to edit it and make sure it is that awesome, I basically just go with the plot.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't think a 'friend' would buy such expensive diamond for their 'friend' ;)



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