No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


28. Shayley Fandom

"Hey Justin" I greeted walking in and putting my bag on the table where Selena was eating a taco.

"Hey Ashley! Um... We're not actually filming today; in fact we’ve finished the your scenes in the video.." He announced making a grin spread on my face. No more fake babies and bellies!

"Then why am I here? See you guys later" I waved turning my heels after picking up my bag.

"No, wait... We have an interview in twenty minutes" He added, quickly catching me by my wrist.

"Why didn't you tell me before?!" I snapped knowing that I need to find a proper outfit in less than a damn twenty minutes!

"You were in Johnson!" He defended his fault. Phones are made for a reason. I sighed then groaned then whined and pouted.

"Now I have to find a dress in less than twenty minutes. Thank you Justin" I rolled my eyes running to the wardrobe where Shay was playing Fruit Ninja in front of the mirror, well at least our makeup and hair is done.

"He told you about the joyfully wonderful interview?" Shay asked sarcastically not bothering to look up.

"Mhmm" I confirmed puling out the dresses hanger, it had so many cute dresses, but most of them were either too dark, or too childish, so I ended up choosing one that’s revealing in the back, but corrected that by covering up in a jacket, I put on some long knee black boots, and jewelry that Shay had already picked for me.

"Just one more thing." Shay pointed out taking a stand of my hair and twirling it behind my ear then holding it with a black firm hair clip. “Aw, you actually look so adorable.” She then commented before I turned to the mirror and observed my outfit, it did look adorable. “You really look beautiful!” She exclaimed once more embracing me in a hug.

"Hey, watch the hair!" I joked mimicking  her mirror face, she rolled her eyes. Shay has a mirror face that I always do to tease her, she basically fixes her hair while doing the duck face. I smirked at her getting out of the room; I walked to the little kitchen where they usually hang out. Ryan was eating like always, I swear he's like the second Niall. Justin was flirting & Selena was giggling.

"Come on you guys, let’s get going already!” I whined getting all of their attention as Shay followed me.

"Yes sir." Ryan mocked putting the sandwich back on the plate. Justin took Selena's hand & walked outside leading the way to the car.

Justin was the one driving while Ryan was arguing with him about the color of his car. Selena, Shay and I were in the backseat talking about how we'd donate a bottle of tears to African kids for some ice cream right now, because of how hot it was. Suddenly, my phone made its famous whistle making me pick it up to find a next text message from Zayn. My face lit up to know that I’m hearing from him.

From: Zaynie Swagison

'You and Liam are in love? Is this a fucking prank!'

To: Zaynie Swagison

'It's a long story...'

From: Zaynie Swagison

'I don't fucking care! Tell me what's going on Ash'

To: Zaynie Swagison

'Why the hell are you so mad?'

From: Zaynie Swaginson

I don’t know, why am I? Think about it. Bye'

I kept staring at the phone with confusion, reading the text over and over again. What the hell is wrong with him? Maybe he's mad because I didn't tell him before. I honestly don't know...

"What's wrong?" Shay whispered in my ear, I smiled as if telling her that nothing was wrong. She looked back at her phone. Then Justin pulled over turning towards us.

"Alright, you're all going to be in the interview. Shay & Ashley don't say too much about your personal life or else they'll use it against you. Selena, they'll ask you about our relationship of course. Don't tell them too much" He warned looking at each one of us, we all nodded. Ryan opened the backseat door then Selena stepped out of the car, I followed her then Shay did the same. Ryan closed the door & Justin held Selena's hand. Shay & I didn't have boyfriends so we just walked with each other.

"This is not fair" Shay muttered under her teeth.


"We don't have a date" I laughed.

"Hello Justin" A fourty years old woman wearing a green jacket and orange pants that really grabbed attention towards her greeted "You're late, hurry up all of you & get in" Shay couldn't stop her laughter so she burst out laughing while walking to the stage. I was walking confidently, I got used to all of this, so confident is not really a problem for me.

"Hello & welcome Justin, how are you?" She asked shaking Justin's hand, he sat on our seats & we all followed him.

"I'm great, thanks." He replied smiling.

"This is your girlfriend Selena, right?" She went right to the main question.

"Yes, she is" He said pulling Selena closer making her blush. As Shay and I just stared begging for any attention so it won't be as awkward.

"Congratulation, you two look so cute! How is it like dating Justin Bieber?" She turned to Selena who mouthed a thank you smiling cutely.

"I've been his best friend since forever, I don't see him as Justin Bieber the worldwide famous superstar. He's just Juju Biebs to me" Selena replied making a coo escape my lips.

"That is so adorable! I'm pretty sure everyone is glad you two are finally together!." The interviewer said turning to face us.

"This is Ashley & Shay" Justin pointed at each one of us.

"Hi" We both chorused.

"I already know Ashley, she's Harry Styles's girlfriend" Shit shit shit!

"Umm. Ex-girlfriend" I corrected her awkwardly.

"Oh I'm sorry, I forgot about that picture. It's not a real picture isn't it?" Before I could open my mouth to explain, Justin was already halfway through it.

"No its not, some girl called Emily was a crazy fan of Styles so she made it up & showed it to Harry so she can break them apart"

I felt so awkward actually, but he explained it much better than I would ever do.

"And she did it" The interviewer said making me cough uncomfortably. "Ashley, how was working with Justin Bieber? Can you describe him as a person and a co-worker?" She quickly changed the subject, Justin laughed eyeing me.

"It was so fun & I'm really glad I did it. He's a really awesome guy & fun to be around, he never takes anything seriously, which is amazing about him. Besides, he's after perfection, and that's what he makes" I said looking for some smart words to say. Then Justin turned to face me with a funny look.

"Thank you" He said in a really funny way so I laughed hitting his arm playfully.

"I've personally seen your two twitcams, with Shay. & I think you two are so hilarious like..." She said laughing and making the four of us laugh. & I turned to face Shay.

"Aw thank you, we don't even try" Shay replied being her confident self.

"So what is exactly your role in the whole video Shay?" I tried to hold in a chuckle knowing that she really can't say much about her role.

"I'm not allowed to say anything, but you'll see" She quickly took a way out of it, what a smart ass.

"You two have a really beautiful friendship; did you see that fan made video?"

"Um no. I didn't even know we have fans" I said exchanging a weird look with Shay.

"Then I'll show it to you" She said turning to face the big TV screen in front of us, then Nicki Minaj's Super Bass started playing, with parts of our twitcams, all mixed together making a comedy clip if I do say so myself. I laughed shaking my head.

"That is why I love Youtube!" Justin exclaimed laughing along with Selena.

"Oh my god that’s my favorite video of all time, it beats my birth video!" Shay said as the video ended.

"To whoever made this, thank you so much we really love it" I said still between laughs.

"It’s really creative. Justin, when will the Maria's music video come out?"

"Next month probably, since the single is coming next month too"

"What can you say about it?"

"I really worked so hard to make it good, & I had so much fun shooting it. I just hope the fans will like it"

"We can't wait to see it" She said turning to face the camera "This is all the time we have everyone, thank you for coming Justin, Selena, Ashley and Shay. It was amazing meeting you."

"Thank you for having us" We all said shaking her hand.


*At Home*


We just came back from the interview, it was really fun though but I'm tired. I picked my phone to call Liam.

"Hey babe" he answered in the second ring.

"Hey, how are you doing?" I asked laying down on my bed.

"Just fine, too busy with the meetings & interviews you know" He sighed.

"Yeah, I just came back from that interview, turns out I have fans" I laughed along with him.

"Of course you do love. Who wouldn't like you?"

"Um.. I don't know, your fans maybe?" I teased but speaking honestly.

"Oh come on, they're just jealous. I'm sure if they really knew you they'd love you as much as I do"

"Aw I miss you!” I couldn’t bring myself to saying that I love him too, because I do love him, but the same way I love Louis, Niall, Justin, and Ryan.

"I miss you more, I saw that fan made video by the way. How come I missed all of those twitcams?"

"No actually, it was just two long ones.” I replied hearing his chuckled on the other line.

“You're even worse than me"

"Shut up you tease. I was just bored"

"Whatever you say. So Justin said you don’t have anymore work."


"And... I've been thinking... why don't you come live with us again?" He offered taking me by surprise. It was all happy at first, but now, Zayn is acting weirdly, Harry is being pushy, Liam is treating me differently, Niall isn’t even around because he’s too busy being with Melody, Louis likes cuddling with Mak for the whole day.

"I don't know... what about Shay?"

"She can come too" My excuse wasn’t enough for him.

"Well then... okay, can you send someone to pick us next week?" I approved deciding to just give it a chance.

"But I can't wait till next week! how about Friday? It's two days from now"

"Alright then! I better go to sleep, I'm tired"

"Okay, you looked so amazing by the way, I loved the outfit." He complimented forming a smile on my face.

"Thank you!"

"Sleep tight beautiful. Love you"

"Bye..." I hung up throwing the phone on my bed & heading the bathroom. I quickly changed to my pajamas & lied on bed then my phone got a text, I was hoping it would be from Zayn, but it was from Louis.

From: Smiley Loubear.

You said we would video chat tonight, but you're not online§

To: Smiley Loubear.

‘Oh sorry Lou, I just came back from an interview & I'm so tired! I promise we'll Skype tomorrow okay?’

From: Smiley Loubear.

That’s if you don’t get tired again…

To: Smiley Loubear.

‘I won’t! I love you <3 Goodnight.’

From: Smiley Loubear.

‘That heart looks like a penis… But I love you too haha.’

Finally, I can sleep I put my head on the pillow thinking about my day; If it's a bad idea to Love Liam, I mean he offered so I'm not like using him... But I still feel bad! Thinking about Zayn & why he was so mad earlier. If Justin & Selena will still be my friends even though we finished the video. About how much I miss my family, who don't even call or text me. It's like I don't exist in their world. With that last thought I fell asleep.



I Think some of you already know why Zayn was mad ;) It's obvious. 

I decided to keep updating every single day, it's alright because I have enough time. I love you all! Thanks for the lovely comments! 



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