No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


7. Secret's Out, Singer's in.

Two days after the kiss with Harry, we haven't spoke that much and it's getting kind of awkward between us. I headed out of bed going straight to the shower where I washed my hair with scented soaps, after my shower I didn't bother changing to any other clothes, so I stayed in my pajamas & went downstairs.

All the boys were still asleep, I mean it's 7 am after all. I made some breakfast for the boys, & made some for me, I sat on the couch flipping the TV channels to find anything interesting; nothing really caught my eyes so I just carried on eating my breakfast

"Morning" A voice said behind me, I quickly turned around to find a shirtless Liam, 6 packs, impressing.

"Morning Li Li" I teased knowing that he hates that nickname, he came closer & kissed my cheek. Did I mention that I became pretty close to Liam lately?

In the past two days, a lot of things changed. Zayn's sister called and told him that she's in my dad's house, so we all went there and I finally saw my dad, he was fine and healthy. My dad wanted me to stay with him but somehow the boys convinced him that it's better if I tour with them. Melody became so much closer to Niall that I’m smelling the presence of a romance, I already mentioned Liam & I being close, not in that way. He just understands me, plus he has a beautiful girlfriend Danielle & I like her so much, I've talked to her on the phone & we Skyped once, and I’m in love with her accent. Harry never talked to me about that kiss which worries me, What if he's just playing around with me? What if he- my thoughts got interrupted by Liam's voice coming from the kitchen

"Oh I see you made breakfast"

"Yeah, feel free to eat whatever you want" He just brought a cupcake & sat next to me in the sofa.

"So did you & Harry talk about those kisses?" Liam said while taking a bite of his cupcake. Yes he knows about the whole thing, like I already said we're pretty close now so I've told him everything.

"We don't even talk.... Everything is awkward"

"You know, I would say he's just being shy. But knowing Harry, he's always like that, kiss this girl then go out with another one. He can't stick with one girl. But I don't really know how this situation is so I’m not judging"

"Thanks, doctor Phil" I replied sarcastically.

"I'm just trying to help, but seems like you don't appreciate it" He faked hurt while pouting at me.

"Aw is little LiLi getting rejected?" I pouted as well making him laugh adorably.

"You know, these cupcakes are pretty good actually"

"Thanks, I know I’m a good cook"

"You should eat more food, you're so skinny" Liam teased holding up my arm.

"Did I hear food!" Niall came out of nowhere running over to us.

"Happy now? You woke Niall up. Now the others won't find anymore food to eat" I said with thumbs up in Liam's face.

"Nialler, there's food under your bed sheets, go look in there" Liam said trying to get him back asleep.

Niall walked back half asleep. I'm sure as soon as he gets to his room he'll just lay down & have a thousand different dreams again.

"Nice one Liam, I’ll try it more often" I winked impressed by his sneaky ways.

"You know you really should stop winking, it might kill someone” He mocked innocently.

"What's the supposed to mean?" I asked playing dumb.

"That I’m sure all boys fancy you, so if you keep winking at everyone they might lose their minds" I know that he didn't mean it in any flirting way. That's just how we talk to each other, but he actually made me feel a bit wanted.

"Would your girlfriend be happy hearing this?" I smirked wiggling my eyebrows.

"I don't think she'll mind, you two are getting along pretty well."

"Yeah she's really awesome"

"I know, I can't wait to see her again"

"Me either"

We sat there in silence for a good 30 minutes, me eating my breakfast and Liam eating all the cupcakes. TV was on but there was nothing interesting to watch, just a Gossip show. It’s sick how people live off ruining others’ life, making a rumor about people they don’t even know and ruining their reputation, following their every move and writing their every word. If I was a celebrity, I’d probably flip out on all of them, cuss them out and even punch if it takes. Privacy is much appreciated, I love privacy.

Liam was still sitting there eating cupcakes.... I only remember making a few. He probably ate them all, turns out he's not any better than Nialler.

"Would you mind leaving some cupcakes for the others? You're not any better than Niall"

"It's not my fault you make such a amazing cupcakes, & yeah there is still like ten in the kitchen"

"It's not my fault that I’m amazing." I joked resting my bowl of cereals on the table.

"Looks like you're vain as Zayn, no wonder you two have the same last name"

"Oh my god it rhymes. Vain & Zayn. I'm gonna ignore the last part cause I don't have any come back"

"Good morning world! The Louis Tomlinson just woke up!" Shouted Louis running from his room. He even have that much energy at 8am?

"Morning Lou, Ashley made some cupcakes, they're in the kitchen" Was Liam’s first words once Louis showed up.

"Good morning, & leave some for the others" I warned getting up and going to my room to check on Melody.

The door was locked..... That's weird, I could hear voices in there, oh she's awake already. I knocked making the voices stop.

"Uh.... I can't open..... I'm uhh... naked" She replied oddly. I walked to the boy's rooms, first it was Zayn, I know that waking him will be a challenge, and I love challenges.

"Wake up sleepy-head" I whispered in his ear, he groaned and turned his whole body around to reveal his bare tattooed chest. "Wake up Zayn!" Now I shouted in his ear avoiding any contact with his skin that might cause my heart to stop.

"Whaa...." He groaned opening one eye.

"Come on get up, Please!" I pleaded seeming like I was in the urge of crying.

"Okay....” He sighed slowly getting up and quietly yawning before he stretched.

"I’m only waking you because I love you, imagine if Louis woke you.” I told him while giggling.

"Yeah you love me. And I love you too so that's why i'm doing this" Once the words left his mouth, he attacked me with those fingers tickling everywhere.

"Nooo! Stop!.... S...stop pl...ease!" I tried to say between laughs, but he didn't stop, in fact, he succeed to find my weak spot, and that was only the start of it.

"Say Zayn Malik is sexy and I will never wake him up again."

"N-no Way- y" I knew I was going to say it sooner or later, I just chose later because I enjoyed feeling his skin contacting mine. As creepy as it sounds, it felt really nice.

"Well you gave me no choice" He pulled me up on his shoulder, & I started screaming while hitting his back. Next thing I know is being thrown into a pool.

"Zayn I will kill you!" I threatened trying to get out of the cold water, he was laughing then Louis joined him & started laughing too. Mission Getting Out Of The Pool: Successful.

I didn't even bother getting him back, I just walked past him muttering "Zayn Malik is sexy and I will never wake him or the others again"

I was so mad because the water is so cold, and he didn’t even hesitate once or care about whether I know how to swim or not, he just thinks he can play with me like the rest of the boys, well throwing me in a cold ass pool is just cruel of his part.

I ignored all their calls and headed back to my room soaked wet, it was unlocked, but the scene facing me wasn’t the best, I sure would have been happy to see Niall and Melody making out, but anger blinded me. I picked up a jumped that was laying on the bed and walked back to the hallways again to protect my eyes.

There was a window that probably leaded to the roof. I climbed up to confirm my guess, and I was facing the empty pool. At least I could be by myself here. Thank god it was sunny these days so the roof wasn’t wet, or I’d just slip around and fall from here and die.

Thinking about how my life is changing just because of those 'same-last-name-as-zayn' and 'parents-getting-divorced-then-moving-to-london' thingy's. I have to admit that the boys are so amazing and I don't think I can leave them anymore. Then I thought about that crush I had on Zayn that I’m supposed to be over right now. In fact when he told me he's still with Perrie it really made me think about everything twice. and I was so jealous of her... When he touched me this morning and threw me in the pool, I could feel my whole body tensing at his touch. That's not normal, I’m sure. Maybe I’m not really over it, maybe this is not a crush. Then I thought about those kisses with Harry. Apparently he was just playing around, but it still hurts to know that. I never had a boyfriend, it's not because nobody wants me, it's because i've never met someone who makes me feel good..... But I better stop thinking, it causes all my problems.

"Ashley? What are you doing here?" A voice said from behind me making me quickly turn while sniffling to find...


"I think the real question is: how did you find me?" I corrected him calmly turning to look at the pool again.

"Umm..... This is my place, I come here to think about..... things" He told me coming closer.

"Well this is a great thinking place"

"Look, I’m so sorry for what I did earlier, I was just kidding. I really had no idea you'd react like-"

"Don't be sorry, I just had a lot through my mind lately so I overreacted. I'm the one who should be sorry" I said finally turning around to face him.

"What's on your mind?"

"Like you already said.... things"

"What kind of things?"

"My life changes, boys problems, messed up feelings, touring with you guys, I don't know what to do anymore. I was just supposed to live with my dad and here I am. living with One Direction"

"What's wrong with living with One Direction?" He asked and I hesitated before telling him.

"Living with 5 famous, hot, attractive, caring, lovely, perfect guys. That's what's wrong" I was afraid of his response.

"Oh I get it, you're afraid of falling for one of us."

"I already did." Shit why did I have to say that? Mental face slap.

"Y-you... did?" He choked on his own words before a silence followed. "Which one?"

"I can't tell you" I refused to let out my secret, then descended from the roof before heading to my room again to find it empty. I quickly changed to a loose sweater with grey pants, and put a beanie on my wet hair before cleaning the mess that was in my face. Once I finished, I walked directly to the door.

"I'm going to Costa" I announced

"Can I come with you?" Liam jumped from the couch and offered

"Yeah sure, are you going to change or it's okay to go shirtless?" I joked eyeing his bare chest. These boys literally own no shirts, I bet Tarzan is their idol or something.

"I'll be right back" I stood there awkwardly, all eyes were on me waiting for my muscled buddy to come back.


"Yes, let's go"

As always, Liam's sweet, goofy and funny personality made me forget about everything, he talks about everything and nothing, where there is a moment of silence, we start randomly laughing until one of us points out something about the other. Walking with Liam is always fun.

"I have some problems with Danielle" He spoke up looking at me.

"What! What happened?"

"She said that I focus more on my career, and that I don’t give her the time she deserves" He mumbled in a sad tone once we've walked into Costa.

"What!" I didn't realize that I shouted loudly, but the looks everyone was giving us definitely proved how loud it was. "How could she say that! You're always texting, calling, video chatting. And just like she's a dancer and needs to focus on her career, you're a singer and you need to focus even more." I defended him looking at his sad eyes that were looking in front of him.

"I don't know....I don’t think I deserve her." He mumbled looking everyone but my eyes.

"Look at me" I placed my hand by his jaw line moving his head to face me. "If she; your girlfriend, doesn't support you, then she's not worth it. I'm so shocked of what you said, I can't believe she could say that" I slowly shook my head in disbelief.

"Thanks" He barely smiled at me, finally looking at my eyes.

"No problem, I'm always here if you need to talk" I smiled back as it was our turn in the line.

"We're having the same as yesterday" Liam ordered and turned towards me smiling. "We know you can sing" He suddenly winked making me laugh at his joke, but then I stopped once I realize how serious he actually is.

"Whoever told you is a liar. I like to sing, but it doesn't mean I'm good."

"Harry heard you singing once, and he told us your voice is pretty great."

"He's just saying, my voice is not that good though"

"Then let us hear you" He challenged me smirking.

"Alright when we go back, the first thing I'll do is sing for you guys" I said and regretted it the next second. They're up to something and I have to find out. They served our orders and we stayed there this time.; eating & laughing and talking. It's just amazing having One Direction as friends.




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