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You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


37. Remember, Their Dares Are Cruel.

 It’s crazy how close Zayn and I became just because he keeps putting himself into risk, first he made out with a taken girl who’s boyfriend almost killed him, and I spent every night with him after giving him my blood. And now he finally decides to quit smoking, which I’m more than glad to help him with. But I know, it’ll be so hard. Again, it’ll be worth it.

Each one of us was laying somewhere, Zayn and I on the couch, Louis sitting on the floor, Niall was on the arm chair, while Liam and Harry were on separate swivel chairs. We agreed on watching a movie called The Mist; horror fiction.

 “Wait, where is the popcorn?” Niall asked pausing the movie once it was about to start. “I’m not starting without my popcorn.” He added.

“Zayn can you go get it?” I pleaded with my fingers still locked with his, I refused to let go of his soft hands whenever I got a hold of them.

“No, why me?” He protested confusingly.

“Just go” I pushed him off the couch and he sighed making his way to the kitchen so he could get us some popcorn.

“Boys!” I yelled to shut them up and get their attention. “Zayn wants to quit and he needs our help. I Googled the easiest way to help someone who wants to quit smoking and they said we have to stay with him 24/7 try to distract his mind from smoking and never ever leave a cigarette next to him” I explained to them what the plan is.

“How did you know that Google is a group of people?” Louis asked his ridiculous question.

“Yeah I think she’s female, she knows everything” Niall replied convinced with his theory.

“It doesn’t matter! Focus boys!” I hissed at them half whispering and half screaming.

“So what are you saying?” Harry asked like everything I’ve said came from an ear and left from the other.

“I’m saying that I should stay with him in his room, and we need to make sure he doesn’t smoke for at least twenty days” I reformed my explanation to an easier version.

“Wait why do you have stay with him?” Harry raised an eyebrow again only catching the useless part of the plan.

“I’m the only responsible one. And if he gets angry, he won’t punch me.”

“Well then count on us, we’ll do our best” Liam informed me nodding, I smiled at him waiting for the rest to get in.

“He’s doing this for you guys, for his family and the fans. Come on!” I encouraged them and Louis finally sighed.

“I’m in.” He shrugged.

“Alright.” Niall sighed.

“Yeah I don’t have any other choice.” Harry rolled his eyes. They suddenly awkwardly sat on different positions so I turned my head to see Zayn with a bowl of brown popcorn. Yes, brown popcorn.

“What happened to the popcorn?” I asked looking at the horror scene in front of me.

“Got burned. I didn’t want to make popcorn you forced me to” He replied shrugging carelessly.

“Niall, can you make some?” Before I could finish Niall was halfway to the kitchen “Leave some for us!” I shouted after him.

“Did anyone ever watch this movie?” Louis asked playing with the burnt popcorn.

“I did” I replied.

“Oh really, what is it about?”

“It’s basically about some weird creatures that eat people and there is this dude-“ I got interrupted from my summary.

“Don’t ruin the movie for us” Liam stopped me.

“But he asked” I defended myself.

“Yeah and we didn’t” I sighed crossing my arms then Niall came back with two bowls of popcorn one for me, Zayn and Harry and the other one for the rest. The movie started and the room fell in silence.

Since I have, still have, this fear of blood, I couldn’t see it. And this sick movie was all about blood, so every time a bloody scene comes on I close my eyes and ears but I still imagine blood which makes me scream. We, I mean they finished the movie since I didn’t really watch 67% of it.

“Zayn, I’m sleeping in your room” I announced yawning tiredly.


“You wanted me to help you right? Well just to make sure you don’t try anything”  

“I’m not okay with that” Harry protested clearly annoyed.

“Nobody asked for your opinion curly” Zayn said ruffling Harry’s hair which made him more furious.

“Just make sure not to put your hands on her” I raised my brows at the protective Harry that was on my sight. What the hell does he think he’s doing?

“He is no-“ I got interrupted by Zayn’s hands resting on my lap, which sent little tingles into my stomach.

“You mean like this?” He teased Harry with a smirk on his face.

“Zayn take your hand off” I warned seriously and he obeyed my order. “Harry we’re not sleeping in the same bed so we won’t do anything, thanks for the concern” I eased him grabbing the empty bowls and the full of brown popcorn bowl and taking them to the kitchen. I cleaned the mess in the living room then went to my room took a very long shower, for about an hour, brushed my teeth then changed to my pajamas.

I opened Zayn’s room door like I owned the place to find him chilling shirtless on his bed, he looked at me and smirked cheekily.

“Hello there” He flirted.

“Rule number one: don’t touch me or try anything with me. Rule number two: No smoking. Rule number three: don’t break the rules” I cautioned putting my pillow on the floor.

“Wait so you’re just gonna sleep on the hard ground?” I nodded “Why don’t you sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the ground?” He offered and I was more than pleased to do so.

“Awh you care about me, okay let’s switch places” I knew he loved his bed so it was revenge time. For… throwing me into the pool that one time months ago.

“Are you sure you don’t want to share the bed?” He sighed. No chance Malik.

“Positive, now move” He moved to the ground sighing in frustration, I turned the lights off and tried to sleep. Every now and then Zayn would turn to the other side, I guess he was having a hard time and I felt bad.

“Zayn” I whispered.


“You can sleep on the bed too” There was no way I’d sleeping on the floor either, he let out a small laugh as if signaling that he won.

“What about the rules?” He mocked.

“Rules are made to be broken” He then stood up and pushed me aside to get into the bed.

“Can I break the second rule too?” I bite my lip blushing at his question.

“No, that rule is unbreakable.” He sighed again before I fell asleep in no time.


*Next Morning*

“Ashley!” A hand was shaking me roughly from my sleep.

“I swear if you don’t take your hands off I’m gonna break it” I warned turning to the other side to ignore him.

“Just wake up! We’re going to London in about three hours” I froze for a moment trying to process the idea, before I jumped on him.

“What did you just say?” I asked bitterly clearly annoyed that one; I had to wake up in such a rough way, and two, we’re taking a god damn flight just out of the blue.

“Eh that… we’re going to London” The blonde Irish repeated.

“And you just thought about informing me now! What kind of sick heartless pricks are you?!” I screamed at the scared Niall, in a second; the boys were all standing by the door because of my loud shouting.

“Uhm Ash you’re only in your underwear….” Liam observed while Harry and Louis were just staring at me.

“What? But I was wearing a pajama before I slept” I looked down to confirm Liam’s words. Zayn!

“By the way you strip in your sleep” Zayn said taking a bite of what looked like cupcakes, I didn’t bother to cover, they’ve already seen everything.

“Why aren’t you mad?” Niall gave me a confused look. It’s cute how I just screamed at him and he still didn’t think it was enough madness.

“Underclothes are just like bikinis, why would I be mad?”

“Well we’ve never seen you in a bikini so…” Louis shrugged still not taking his eyes off me.

“I did” Harry proudly said while smirking.

“Hey let’s play truth or dare” Louis randomly said.

“That is totally not random” I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

“Louis, it’s too early to play games and she has to pack” Liam protested.

“But pleaaase! Pretty pleaaase!” Louis begged.

“Alright fine whatever” I gave up sitting down on my bed as the rest didn’t really switch from their places.

“I start!” Louis yelled “Ashley truth or dare”

“Dare” I chose boringly, just waiting for this to be over.

“I dare you to wear a bikini for the whole day” He successfully said causing my eyes to widen.

“So that’s why you wanted to play truth or dare! You…” That little pervert piece of ass!

“Louis I don’t think that’s right, we’re going back to London she can’t walk around with a bikini” Liam defended me while I made up thousands of different way to torture Louis before killing him.

“Yes she can if she wants too, a dare is a dare you can’t change it” Harry protested taking Louis’s side.

“Niall ! Help me” I begged for help.

“That’s not a good idea, people will start calling her a slut, we don’t want that to happen” Niall defended me too and I crossed my fingers waiting for them to say that it’s okay the dare is off.

“They will not. We can all tweet about it so they see it coming” Zayn suggested surprisingly not defending me for once.

“But I want you guys to know that if I get cyber bullied Zayn, Louis and Harry are going to wear a girl’s bikini for the next day.” Their smirks fade away when they heard my condition.

“You’re on!” Louis shouted, That’s when I went quickly to my room and changed to my American flag bikini then packed as many clothes as I could in my two suitcases then headed downstairs to line them next to the others.

“Guys she changed!” Louis shouted from behind me then I heard really fast footsteps, I turned around to see them all lined on the stairs. “Why are you wearing a coat?” Louis asked the same way those bitchy teachers in school ask you why you didn’t bring your homework.

“Because it’s cold, duh”

“But who told you to wear it? Take it off” He ordered and I looked at him dumbfounded for a moment.

“But I might get sick”

“We’ll take care of you” he just has an answer for everything doesn’t he? I took my coat off and sat on the couch waiting for them to finish staring. This is going to be a long day.



Hey peeps! That’s a short chapter because I have to sleep right now. I hope you like it!



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