No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


19. Pranking Tomlinson.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

I sat there with Perrie, she was just talking & I wasn't listening to her at all. All I could think about is Ashley's depression, I guess that 'Little-Mix-opening-for-our-shows' plan was a little bit too far. She doesn't have a work anymore & she lives with her worst enemy, even though she only left her room once in two days. Everyone is really concerned & trying to make her happy again but she just kicks them out of the room apparently.

"Zayn? Babe are you listening to me?"

"Uh... yeah I just zoned out for a while" She rolled her eyes. Her eyes were blue but not as blue as Ashley's, they were green the last time I noticed, according to Harry, that only means she's sad. Suddenly, everyone gathered in the living room where I was sitting with Perrie.

"Listen Zayn, you're really hurting Ashley so much" Liam started right into their subject.

"And bringing Perrie was bad enough, but now you decided to take her work away too" Louis' jaw flinched showing how furious he was.

"She's turning to an emo girl, & it's all because of you. I can't stand seeing her like that" Harry commented looking down.

"And she's either crying or listening to the saddest songs in this industry." Liam informed because he's the only one she wants to see.

"And she didn't eat for two days-" Niall started but Melody cut him off.

"Not only two days, she didn't eat for more than a week. She's starving herself" She admitted lowering her voice in complete sadness. All heads turned in her direction shockingly, why would she starve herself? Doesn't she already know she's fit?

"She knows that you'd try to stop her, so she didn't say anything to you. But since I'm her best friend, I knew what was going on" Everyone shook their head feeling terrible for her, while Perrie was just sitting next to me awkwardly.

"Anyway, I'm not stan-"

"I can't take it anymore" A girly voice muttered & we all turned our heads to see Ashley standing by the door, in her short pajamas, looking so pale and skinny. Gosh what have I done!

"I'm going back to California" She announced in a serious tone, making everyone gasp, except me and Perrie, I was just staring while Perrie was smirking.

"You can't go back to California, you can't leave me" Harry begged her & I was so mad at myself. I can't believe I took this so far.

"I can't live like this anymore, it's like a prison. Plus I have no reason to stay, I'm not opening for your shows anymore" She s 

mumbled looking down, I wish I could just hug & kiss her then tell her how much I love - Wait! I do not love her. No that's not right.

"Great, goodbye" Perrie waved smiling at her & I turned at her glaring, can't believe what a bitch she's being.

"She's not going anywhere" Louis protested sending draggers to Perrie "Everyone wants her here" He continued.

"Well not me, & I'm sure Zayn agrees with me, right babe?" No! No I don't want her to leave & I don't agree with you. Of course I didn't say that, I just didn't answer her at all.

"If anyone here needs to get out, then that person is Perrie" Melody agreed smiling softly at Ashley.

"Yeah, raise your hand if you want Perrie out" Louis said, being childish. I caught Ashley laughing silently. Everyone raised their hands except for me & Perrie, I just didn't want to make her look bad. Then she stood up & furiously walked away.

"You guys are amazing, I'm not going anywhere, I just wanted her to leave" Ashley admitted while laughing & everyone started laughing too, she's an amazing actress I must say.

"You're so evil, but I love you" Harry whispered kissing her. We're back with being all lovely & dovy again.

"Okay guys I think we should celebrate three things, Liam & Dani's relationship, Ashley being all cheerful again & Perrie going back to where she belongs" Niall suggested & everyone nodded walking to their rooms. I guess I should apologize from Ashley. Trying to make her jealous completely backfired. I walked after her as she entered her room looking for something. She left the door open but I closed it causing her to turn around looking at me surprised.

"Zayn?" She exclaimed while I walked her way, I could see panic in her eyes. Does she really believe I'd hurt her?

"I just.... I just wanted to apologize" I admitted looking at her so she can see guilt in my eyes. She wasn't moving. "Please forgive me Ashley, I never wanted to hurt you" I said begging for an answer.

"Then why did you do it?" Well that's not the answer I wanted to hear but it's okay, at least she talks.

"It was meant to make you jealous, not hurt. It's not how I planned it." I confessed walking out of her room, hoping she won't ask more questions. I really hate it how I have strong feeling for her, yet I keep hurting her. Not like Harry, he always makes her smile & always knows what can make her happy. I just mess everything up. Maybe I don't deserve her after all, but I want her, more than anything else.


*Next Morning*

"Get up Ashley!" Someone was shaking my shoulder; I opened my eyes slowly to see Liam.

"Mhmm" I groaned closing my eyes again, I felt pounding in my head, like a ball jumped up and down and left and right.

"Here take these, it'll make your head less hurtful" He said handing me a pill & a cup of water, I guess I really drank so much yesterday while we were celebrating. I thanked him as I put the pill in my mouth & drank the water.

"There are some waffles downstairs, you have to get up now we're heading to the tour bus"

"What? Why?" I groaned, He pulled the covers off me.

"We're going to New Jersey, for our next concert"

"But why am I going? Perrie's the one openin-"

"Not anymore" It's either a beautiful dream or a beautiful morning.


"Zayn ended it with her, & this time for good, he told her to leave you alone" He informed & I jumped on top of him not caring about my headache anymore

"Oh my god this so amazing! I love Zayn!" I screamed causing Harry to wake up, he was sleeping next to me?

"What happened? Why are you so excited?" He asked in a sexy deep sleepy voice.

"I'm opening for you shows again Harry!" I shouted like a lunatic causing him to burst into laughter.

"That's amazing babe, can't wait to see you on stage" He winked kissing me. Then Liam cleared his throat.

"Go make out with Dani & leave us alone" Harry hissed making me giggle.

"Hey Liam, I wanna meet Danielle so bad! When is she coming?" He smiled at the mention of her name.

"When we get to New Jersey" with that, he walked out of the room, I was still excited.


Since we're going back to the tour bus, I had to pack my things again. Harry took care of that part while I changed to some of Louis' favorite clothes, I wore those Superman clothes he bought me. It looked funny yet great, I was too lazy to straighten my hair plus I didn't have much time so I just left it wavy.

"You already packed for me?" I asked Harry surprised, he smiled nodding.

"Yes, & you look very hot in that outfit" I blushed biting my lip. He helped me with the suitcases, we lined them next to the others' then Louis came out of his room and his eyes went wide.

"Oh my god you wore them!" He exclaimed running to me with a bones crushing hugs.

"Yeah, I wanted to impress my child's father" I winked at him giggling.

"You look se-"Louis got cut off by Harry clearing his throat and probably sending him a glare from behind.

"I mean super cute" I blushed smiling at him. Then he started talking with Harry, I took this time to thank Zayn , I don't even know why I wanted to, but I felt grateful. I knocked & no one answered so I just entered the room. I looked around not finding him anywhere. Just as I was going to walk out he showed up from the bathroom shirtless. Ashley Malik don't you dare stare at his bare chest.

"Ashley? What are you doing here?" He asked, not even bothering to cover those abs.... and tattoos....

"Uh.... Well.... Um... Can you wear a shirt first?" I choked trying to take my eyes away, oh my god this is embarrassing. He smirked picking a shirt up his bed and putting it on. "Well, Liam kind of told me about your breakup with the witch.... I mean Perrie, & that I can open for your concerts again" I looked at him to find him smiling, then continued "And I felt like I needed to thank you for that, it was really nice" He shook his head.

"Just please forgive me for what I've done. I always mess things up" He apologized stepping closer.

"It's okay, I just have one question" He nodded waiting for it "What did I do to make you hate me so much?" His face fell & he looked worried, somehow nervous or guilty...

"Nothing.... At all, & I never hated you" He admitted looking at the ground.

"Oh okay then, I'll just get back downstairs" His arms wrapped me in a hug, & all though I was surprised I hugged back, thank god he wore that shirt or I would have gotten a heart attack just by touching his skin. Smiling at him I walked out of the room.

"By the way Ashley" He called & I glanced at him from the door.

"You look so great, Superwoman" He winked, oh my god I'm melting! I hate his effect on me, I have a boyfriend for god's sake! I just smiled & walked back to Harry and Louis.

"Where did you go?" Harry asked once he spotted me.

"To thank Zayn" I answered locking my arm with his.


"Without him, I wouldn't be touring with you"

"Without him, you wouldn't be depressed"

"Yeah, but still" I argued back.

"The tour bus is outside; boys, go pick the girls’ suitcases, I already took care of ours" Liam announced as the others nodded, I took Melody's hand walking outside.

"You still have feelings for Zayn don't you?" She whispered shocking me.

"How did you.... know?"

"I'm your best friend" She rolled her eyes.

"But we barely talk lately" She sighed.

"I know, I miss talking with you though"

"Horan seems to never get enough of you" I smirked & she rolled her eyes walking to the bus, I turned to see the boys behind us, Louis couldn't pick up the suitcase.

"Hey Lou, why don't you let me pick that suitcase, & you can always hold your Gucci bag" I teased causing everyone to laugh.

"Just because you're wearing a Superman outfit doesn't mean you're one" He teased back.

"Right, I'm a female so I guess I'm a Superwoman maybe?" I smirked

"There is no such a thing, & I do not have a Gucci bag and I can pick this suitcase, but thank you for the concern" I rolled my eyes laughing.


I was lying with Harry on the bed the whole day, he was flirting the whole time & I just giggle & blush.

"Put your phone right here" He demanded pointing at a spot on the bed.

I was laying on the opposite of him, so he leaned in and kissed me, I smiled knowing he wanted to take the picture. As we pulled away I checked my phone.

"Aww this looks so cute Harry" I showed him the picture & he kissed my cheek "Can I tweet it?" I asked him for permission & he nodded approving.

AshleyMalik: Having a lazy day with my babe. Love you @Harry_Styles xxx [A/N: Picture on the media bar ]

I got so many mentions, mostly from his fans & Justin's fans too. But of course four of them caught my eyes.

Harry_Styles: @AshleyMalik I love you too babe :* & I'm loving every moment of this lazy day xxx

Louis_Tomlinson: @AshleyMalik No PDA on the tour bus, remember what Paul said ;) xxx

Real_Liam_Payne: @AshleyMalik Aww my wife is cheating on me, that's ok I still have Dani :D xxx

JustinBieber: @AshleyMalik That's cute guys, but now I'm jealous >:(

I laughed at how silly my friends are, I wish Shay was here too, then my life would be complete. I glanced at Harry to see him glaring at the phone, well he glares at everything that's in touch with me really, even my clothes I guess.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, knowing that it's probably because of Justin's tweet, which is a complete joke.

"Didn't you see that tweet from Justin?" He replied looking away.

"Aww he's just kidding babe" I cooed hugging him & he just shrugged kissing me.



Today was so lazy & boring, all I did was playing around with Harry, Every time we do something we tweet about it, I have like 7,000 followers now, in two days. It was only 3:12 so I was so bored & since the tour bus is moving, I couldn't get out or anything. So I'm stuck here with no fun at all.

"I'm so bored" I complained.

"Mhmm" Harry mumbled closing his eyes.

"Seriously, I might die of being bored" He opened his eyes facing me.

"What's on your mind?" I had that evil smile on my face, he knows me too well.

"Let's prank someone" I suggested & his lips formed an evil smile like mine.

"I say.... Louis" He picked up the victim, I swear we looked like some psychotic murders planning to kill someone.

"Alright, here's the plan for the first-"

"You're planning on more pranks?" He asked innocently.

"Of course! Now first, let's go check if he's asleep" Harry nodded as we walked slowly out of our room, we opened Louis's door & he was sleeping, he's like always sleeping...

"Okay, Harry go get Zayn's Megan Fox poster" I whispered & he nodded walking out. I went to get a bucket of water then walked back to the room, Harry was standing there staring at Megan Fox's half naked poster, I glared at him.

"Put the poster right in front of his face Harry" I whispered again & put Louis' hand carefully into the water, A giggle escaped my mouth and I bit my lip holding in more. I turned to see Harry watching me weirdly; I could tell he didn't get the prank.

"Let's go" I whispered taking his hand.

"I don't get this prank" Harry admitted as we walked out.

"Now if you put someone's hand in the water, they will pee themselves" He laughed. "& The Megan Fox poster is to make him seem like he wet himself while looking at her-"

"So that'll prove that he's a girl" Harry continued laughing again "You're so genius" I smiled at his compliment

"I know"

"AHHHHH!" We heard a loud scream coming out of Louis' room, I looked at Harry & we both burst into laughter.

"He's awake!" We both said at the same time. Everyone rushed to Louis' room shortly after.

"What's my Megan Fox poster doing in your room?" Zayn asked Louis whose face was priceless. I couldn't hold it anymore I just burst into laughter & soon enough Harry joined me.

"It's... a prank... everyone!" I managed to say between laughs.

"Oh gosh... Lou you should see your face" Harry pointed out breathlessly

Everyone was looking at us, Zayn definitely got the prank because he started laughing as well, then Melody joined. Niall & Liam were looking puzzled & Louis was sending us glares. As I calmed down I explained the prank to Liam & Niall.

"I put Lou's hand in a bucket of water so he can pee himself, then Megan Fox's poster in front of him-"

"My poster" Zayn interrupted proudly.

"So when he wakes up, he'll seem like he wet himself for Megan Fox, & that'll make him look like a girl" Zayn, Harry, Melody & I started laughing again, Liam & Niall were still puzzled.

"Girls wet themselves" I explained with a duh look on my face.

"Oohh" They both started laughing, finally.

"That was so not funny, why did you do that Ash?" Louis frowned, he seemed like he was about to cry. I walked to him & gave him a hug, not sitting on the edge of the bed because it was wet.

"Aww I'm so sorry LouBear, I just got so bored & Harry right there" I pointed at harry who sent me glares "Said that we can prank you"

"It's okay love, I can't get mad at you" He said kissing my cheek.

"Lou, don't believe her, she's the one who wanted to prank" Harry begged & I rolled my eyes.

"You're supposed to be her boyfriend, boyfriends don't blame their girlfriends for what they did" Louis said smirking I just laughed patting his back

"I'm going to sleep" I announced getting off of Lou's bed.

"But it's just 8:30" Harry said.

"I'm so tired, & I have nothing else to do" I said & he just nodded sitting next to Louis.

I walked to my room picking my phone; it's time to call Selena.


"Hey Selly"

"Oh hey Ash, heard you're going to New Jersey"

"Oh yeah, they're having a concert there & I have to open it for them"

"Wait.... You said Little Mix were going to open"

"Oh no, Zayn broke up with her after I made a scene" I laughed at the memory.

"Well that means you two are meant for each other"

"And he told her to stay away from me" I said the most thing that really got into me.

"Aww that's cute!"

"By the way, he came to my room apologizing, & he said something that really confused me"

"What is it?" She asked eagerly.

"He said it was supposed to make me jealous not hurt-"

"Oh my god he's into you!"

"What? No! no way"

"Si way. Ashley he wants to make you jealous don’t you realize what that means?"

"I think I love Zayn, I don't know.... But my feelings are like so strong towards him. It can't be love, right? I don't even know him that good"

"You never know Ash, tell me how you feel around him!"

"Nervous yet confident, he makes me feel beautiful all though I know I'm n--"

"You are. Continue" I chuckled.

"I get jealous so easily, when I fight with him I feel like it's all my fault & I just wanna make it up with him-"

"Stop! You're in love" She shouted & I groaned.

"Uhm.... Thanks Dr. Phil"

"You're welcome"

"So I'll talk to you later, I have a lot of thinking to do" I sighed.

"Alright, remember you're in love with Zayn Malik"

"Okay I'm in love with Zayn Malik bye bye" I hung up turning around to find the Bradford bad boy standing in front of my door surprised. I looked at him shocked.

"You're in love with who?" He asked & I couldn't answer, oh god I am so dead right now. What's going to happen to Harry? I'm so stupid I wish I never called Selena. The thing I was afraid of the most just happened.




*Evil laugh* so you all are wondering what's going to happen hahaha. Sorry I just had to make It exciting. So what's going to happen next? I have no idea! Thanks for all the comments! I love you.




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