No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


40. Niallerin' in Nando's

 “Wake up!” I groaned at the person who was shaking me.

“Leave her alone Haz”

“But we need to go”

“But she’s too cute”

“Liam we need help!” I put my hand on the person’s face searching for their nose, when I found it I pressed it hard that it might have broke.

“Is that your turn off button?” I asked still not opening my eyes, their laughter followed my sarcastic statement.

“She’s funny when she’s sleepy”

“And cute”

“You said that before”

“But she’s still cute”

“Do a sister a favor and shut your big mouths for god’s sake” I snapped opening my eyes this time to find Niall, Zayn and Harry standing in front of me, Harry was rubbing his nose actually.

“You’re all gangster and shit huh?” Harry raised his brow stepping back afraid of his life.

“Well you woke me up in the middle of the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had, so you’re lucky I didn’t murder you” Zayn and Niall were laughing the whole time at our conversation.

“Relax sweet cheeks, you can continue your dream when we get to the house” Harry replied pinching my cheek.

“Touch this face one more time and next thing you never is getting shipped to Uganda with only one testicle and a shaved head.” I warned getting off of Zayn’s lap.

“Did I tell you that we landed? If not then hey Ashley, we landed.” Harry said with the most annoying tone ever.

“I swear sometimes I think you’re an unnatural force or conspiracy sent by Satan to make my life a living hell” I swerved him as Zayn helped me leave my seat, I wonder how long I slept, I felt like I was gullied onto the seat. I stood on the edge of the plane door that was opened, when I realized how cold London is and I was wearing a bikini. I also realized that the dare was over.

“Hey hold on.” A voice emerged and I turned my head to the sight of Liam holding up the coat I wore earlier. “It’s freezing cold out there, here, cover yourself.” He helped me wear the coat and it honestly didn’t warm me right away, and I wish it did.

“Thanks, you might wanna check on Harry because I seriously think I made him cry” I joked getting off the plane and heading directly to get my luggage while putting my phone on the normal mode.

“What’s up?” Zayn asked showing up next to me from no where. I smiled.

“Nothing” I replied picking my suitcase, he picked my second one and one that’s his before I followed him ignoring the lights of the cameras.

“So what was your dream about?” He randomly asked. Does he really remember every detail about me and everything I say?

“Basically something you don’t have to know” I teased continuing to walk.

“That was rude” He replied playfully pouting.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get over it sooner or later” I added cheekily while he just shook his head at my sudden attitude while laughing. I told them to never wake me up, ever.

“Hey wait for us you two!” Harry shouted trying to catch up.

“Where is Niall?” I asked.

“Right here” Niall answered next to me. I smiled locking my arm with his.

“Come here leprechaun, this is going to be A.N.D” I announced while he laughed adorably.

“What’s A.N.D?” He asked as my suitcase flipped. I sighed fixing it again and continuing my way.

“Ashley, Niall day” I answered him nicely, I felt like he needed everyone’s support so the last thing I was going to do to him is say something rude.

We walked out of the airport to find a bunch of fans; they probably noticed how our arms were looked. Rumors hello and welcome, take a seat next to the bazillion others and wait for your turn. Gosh I came to a point where I talk with rumors, what the hell is wrong with me?

“So what are we going to do in this A.N.D anyway?” Niall asked signing some autographs

“Just chill in my apartment and eat all day” I answered picking my phone that buzzed again

“Since when do you have your own apartment?” He asked raising an eyebrow. Well I am finally becoming an independent woman.

“Since Shay bought one for me as a surprise, I still don’t know how it looks like though” I replied to him while Harry tripped my suitcase with his foot causing to flip again.

“Watch it curly!” I screamed at him furiously. I hated it when suitcases would flip and just give you a hard time with rolling them.

Harry smirked evilly before winking at me. “Ship me to Uganda with one testicle and a shaved head; I’d like to see you try.”

“Fucker.” I muttered watching as he ran over to the car.




“She would totally shave your head mate, I say Shay will take your testicle off, and fans in Uganda will order you on eBay.”

“We have fans in Uganda?” I smiled at the stupid conversation Harry and Niall were having, they’re so amusing if you just listen to them talking randomly.

“You didn’t talk the whole ride, are you okay?” Louis suddenly asked taking my attention off the two fools.

“Yeah I just… you know with the whole Melody thing” I smiled reassuring him that I’ll be okay.

“I know how it is like to find out your friend is not the way you thought they were, but I’m here for you, we all are.” He comforted me as I smiled widely.

“Thank you” He smiled once more before heading upstairs with his bags when Liam showed up from the stairs.

“Guys! We only have one day left with Ashley.” He announced and I looked up confused, last time I checked we agreed that I’ll go with Zayn to Bradford?

“Why?” Harry asked in my place, as confusion filled the place.

“We’re going to our families’ homes and we can’t take her with any of us because so many rumors started to go around about you two and management said she can’t hold hands or have physical interactions with you” My eyes went wide as my mouth hang open, and I went on defense mode.

“Show me this management team so I can slap them in the face with a chair made of bricks.” I muttered not meaning for any of the boys to hear me.

“What the hell! But we already said she was going with Zayn and she’s our friend” Louis defended from the other side of the stairs.

“It’s alright guys, we’ll see each other next week” I decided to be the responsible one and just let go.

“But we only have exactly thirteen hours with you!” Harry whined.

“Actually, I’m gonna spend the thirteen hours with Nialler, because today is A.N.D” I smiled at Niall who started laughing pointlessly. Nobody could say anything because they knew that Niall needed someone to stay with him, and they all know I’m the best when it comes to comforting. They just grabbed their suitcases and went upstairs leaving me and Niall.

“You don’t have to spend the day with m-“ I didn’t let him finish his selfless statement.

“I’m seriously craving for Nando’s” A sudden smile crept on his face at the mention of his one true love that would never cheat on him with a short guy instead of going to visit her family- God damn Ashley you can stop anytime now.

“Then wear some clothes because the dare is over” He excitedly said and I ran to my suitcase opening and spreading it on the floor.

“What should I wear?” I asked him my hands shifting through my clothes.

“I like it when you wear chilly clothes, just remember it’s cold outside” He said, I searched for something chilly yet warm. Aha the perfect outfit. I picked it up quickly then walked by Niall.

“I promise you to look good” I smiled going directly to the bathroom where I changed to my Hello Kitty Free Hugs top, white pants and grey shoes to finish with. I walked out of the bathroom to see Niall sitting on his suitcase.

“Is this chilly enough for you?” I joked swaying my hips back and forth while he laughed at me.

“Super chilly” He approved showing me his thumb while laughing.

“You mean, chilly with a cap on its back,” I joked back causing him to laugh harder. “Boys! We’re leaving!” I shouted from downstairs to hear a chorus of ‘have fun’s and ‘bye’s. I locked my arm with Niall as we made our way to the car. Niall in the driver’s seat and me next to him, I fixed my seat belt and looked at him which made him laugh for some reason. If you’re around Niall, you’ll feel like Eddie Murphy all day every day, he just laughs at everything.

“So, anything you wanna talk about in this five minutes drive?” I asked awkwardly as he took the first turn. I was a bit nervous about Niall driving since he only got his license a month ago, and never really drove. But I had faith in him.

“Let’s just jam to some music” He turned the radio on and it played Pop by ‘N Sync. My eyes went wide in excitement, Zayn once told me he loved this song when he was looking in my iPod.

“It doesn't matter! About the car I drive or what I wear around my neck! All that matters is that you recognize that it's just about respect! It doesn't matter, about the clothes I wear and where I go and why! All that matters is that you get hyped and we'll do it to you every time!” I screamed the lyrics along with JC as he sung beautifully. Niall was chuckling at me before he decided to join in the chorus.

Do you ever wonder why, this music gets you high? It takes you on a ride! Feel it when your body starts to rock! Baby you can’t stop and the music's all you got. This must be, pop!” We finished as he pulled over. I looked up to see a huge sign saying Nando’s.

He opened the door for me “My lady” He mocked gentlemen, not that he’s not one, because he really is a gentleman, but the way he said it with the Irish accent made it a whole lot funnier.

“Thank you kind sir” I bit my lip trying not to laugh as I took his hand and stepped out of the car. He closed the door and ran to Nando’s opening the entrance for me.

“After you” I was still trying not to laugh at every move he did, I thanked him walking in, then he followed me.

“What’s up with being such a gentleman today?” I cleared my throat after silently laughing for the duration of his funny treatment.

“Well like you said, it’s A.N.D” He shrugged before ordering for both of us.

“Oh my god I just noticed that A.N.D backwards is DNA.” I exclaimed as if I found out that Bob Marley’s still alive… I wish, I would give my kidney to meet him.

“Oh my god I just found out Nando’s backwards is s’odnan.” He mocked mimicking me.

“That doesn’t even make sense, plus it’s hard to pronounce” He let out one of his adorable chuckles while I shook my head at his failed attempt.

“Shouldn’t you get your apartment’s address now?” Niall asked fixing his backpack.

“Oh now that you reminded me” I picked my phone typing away Shat phone number then pressing call.

“Are you calling from a spaceship because I’m pretty sure you got abducted by aliens!”  She answered from the other line.

“No! I thought you disappeared into the depths of a black hole!”I replied causing Niall to laugh loudly.

“Well I didn’t either, I was too busy over here”Niall went to get our orders as I continued my conversation with her.

“Please don’t tell me you’re in New York right now cheating on Louis with a short dude in the park” I whispered my back facing Niall so he wouldn’t hear me.

“Um no I meant I’m too busy babysitting my cousins plus Louis and I are not dating and why would you even think of that?”

“Oh sucks to be you, those annoying little brats are demons, but you will date eventually. I’ll tell you later” I said as Niall came back with our chicken.“So I called to ask where that apartment you bought for me is.”

“Oh it’s exactly in six Roland Gardens London, Greater London SW7 3PH, I’ll text the address for you later.” She replied seeming to read it off something.

“Alright thanks, we’ll talk later okay?”

“Of course, love you bye!” She hung up on me. Bit too quick there Shannon don’t you think?

 “Hmm smells so good, and looks so good too” I commented looking at the food that I don’t even consider a thing; it is the most beautiful part of living.

“So where is the apartment?" He asked.

"It’s a long address, Roland Gardens something, she’ll text it for me later” I answered taking a bite of my chicken slice.

“Well I thought maybe we can go buy some food since it’s an empty apartment.”

“It’s not empty it’s just…. Not full of food” He laughed at my attempt to avoid shopping food with him, he’s dangerous, Liam warned me from taking him to a supermarket many times I lost count.

“Whatever you say” He shrugged chewing on his food. At least he doesn’t seem to think about Melody much, I suppose I’m doing a good job with keeping him distracted.

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