No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


4. Messed Up Feelings Already.

"Nandos!" Niall cheerfully screamed.

I took the menu not knowing what to pick, Zayn was in my right & Harry was in my left. Liam was in front of me & Niall next to him then Louis in his left. And the menu that I held in my hands seemed more foreign than the lunatic cat that lived down the road in my hometown.

"I suggest Peri Peri Chicken" Zayn said looking down at me.

"Alright, thanks" I nodded smiling, then the waitress came to our table.

"So did you decided what to order yet?" She asked smiling, & looking shocked/ happy. I knew she recognized them, she was about to fan girl. I could tell she's around 18 or 19 years old. Had a blonde hair and green eyes, her face had too much makeup on and fake tan could obviously be recognized, she would have looked way prettier without faking anything.

"I'll have a Whole Chicken and Prego Steak Roll  for the drinks, i'll just take a coke" Niall ordered making the boys all stare at him. I didn't know what prego steak roll is but I am sure as hell that a whole chicken is a lot.

"What? I'm hungry!" Niall shouted defending himself.

"We know. You remind us how hungry you are every two minutes" Louis stated rolling his eyes.

"I'll have Peri-Peri chicken with coke" I ordered smiling.

"& I'll have Peri-Peri Chicken as well but only water" Zayn told her.

"Water? You sure don't know how to have fun in life" I teased giggling.

"Alright I’ll take a coke too, and make it a large one." He said to the waitress & looked at me smirking and raising his brow. I blushed looking down again.

"Me & Louis are having Mushroom & Halloumi Burger with no drinks" Harry said with a wink making her blush.

"Okay I'll be right back". I don't know why, but it bothered me when he winked at her. Maybe it's just because I don't like it when boys flirt with everyone, or maybe I just believed I was actually cute since he would wink at me every time our eyes lock.

"So Ashley tell us more about yourself" Louis repeated the line that's been said each and every moment silence dominates the place. I looked up to see them all waiting for a response.

"Oh well, like you already know I'm Californian. I used to live with my mom & dad, had a dog , friends & best friends. Just a normal life, until my parents decided to get divorced, that decision just came from nowhere. I could tell they were happy with each other. But apparently they weren't." I said looking down as I continued " So my dad moved to London to be closer to his new job & after like two months mom said that I have to live with my dad in London & then my whole life changed." I said looking down, I could feel the boys looking at me with comfort in their eyes.

"Look at the bright side. You met us, One freaking Direction." Louis joked pointing at his mates then we all started laughing. The waitress came with our plates placing a plate in front of each one. Or in Niall's case three plates.

"Enjoy your meal" The girl smiled & we all murmured 'Thanks' Then started eating.

As I took my first bite, it tasted so good! "This is so good!" I shouted wide eyed.

"You mean you've never came here before?" Niall asked me with hope in his eyes as Harry shook his head .

"Err we don't have Nandos back in LA you know" I awkwardly said trying to calm him down, then all the boys looked at both of us with wide eyes, knowing what's going to happen next.

"I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT IN LA. YOU SHOULD'VE ATE NANDOS BEFORE. I'M SORRY BUT WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS UNLESS YOU LOVE NANDOS. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU NEVER TRIED IT BEFORE. THIS IS A SHAME, A CRIME!" He shouted looking like he was about to cry, I couldn't help but laugh at his reaction. The boys were surprised at my reaction but soon they all joined me laughing.

"I'm sorry Nialler, I'll try to eat it at least once a day? Oh and I love it already" I said continuing to laugh. He sighed in relief.





"Thanks guys, Nando's was amazing. I had a blast" I waved walking away with Zayn & leaving the boys in the car. He said we can go buy a new phone now, so I just followed him.

"Are you sure Perrie is not going to be mad at you because of this?"

"Why do you always have to bring up Perrie?" Zayn replied seeming really annoyed.

"Right, I'm sorry" I apologized looking down

"It's alright. & she can't do anything because we're not together anymore" As he said that, I felt happy that I could start jumping around, but that would be weird. So I just kept it together. Why am I feeling happy? Because... She doesn't deserve him... Yeah! And I care about him.... As a friend.

"Oh I'm sorry" Was the only words that left my mouth.

"You look so cute when you blush" He said, I'm blushing? Oh my god I hate being pale.

"Well I’m about to become so damn adorable" I said bursting into laughter with him.

"Hey, do you want to go somewhere else before getting you a phone?" He offered giving me a please-say-yes look. Inside I was jumping around. He asked me out! wait is that a date? Gosh he likes me! Wait no I did not just say that I meant..... I can finally see.... the beautiful London... Yep that's what I meant.. But outside I simply nodded.



It was 3:12 & we were still walking somewhere. I wonder why the fans don't notice us, I mean him. I thought they didn't have any privacy. My curiosity took the best of me, so I decided to ask.

"Why aren't there any fans running after you?" He laughed shoving his hands in his pockets.

"We're having a week off, everyone thinks we're in a vacation in Hawaii." I just nodded still not buying it. They're pretty remarkable, just the way they dress, their faces, their haircuts, you can easily spot them anywhere.

"We're here" he announced after a while.

"A zoo! How did you know I love animals?" I asked excitedly already listing the animals I'm going to see.

"Oh just a guess, now where to first?" He asked smiling. I bet I looked like a little kid in a candy shop, but animals are my favorite things ever!

"Let's see the Tigers, my favorites!"



This place was so beautiful. We saw Monkeys, Giraffes, Cheetah's, Flamingos, Pandas, Tigers, Turtles, Zebras, some weird animals I've never seen in my entire life. But I didn't want to see Lions, I just have this big fear of lions, Of course Zayn would make fun of that.

"I bet when two Cheetah's are having a race, and the other one wins, the loser goes like 'Oh you're such a Cheetah!' then they laugh and eat a zebra or whatever." I laughed at my own joke before Zayn joined in.

"You are so weird." He said between laughter.

"So are we buying this new phone or not?" I teased Zayn who immediately stopped.

"Alright, let's go"


*1 hour later*

Begging Zayn Malik to let you pay for your new iPhone 4S is not going to work, this is your lesson of the day. The Cheetah joke I told him had its own bit of success once he told the boys when we got back. Niall is still laughing at it. If making silly jokes was a talent I'd be level Beyoncé.

"We're having a sleepover!" Louis shouted in my ear again.

"Louis I swear if you shout in my ear once again, you won't be able to have children!" I warned him glancing at his crotch. He yelped in pain as if my eyes had the power to burn that area. "Aren't sleepovers for girls?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, so?"

"Never mind, I knew you were more feminine than me" I teased waving with my hand dismissively.

"Whatever, you're just mad cause you're the only girl here, while we're five guys" Louis said pointing at me. And something about that made me question this whole thing, how the hell did I accept to stay in the same place as five strange guys? Not afraid of them raping me, selling my organs, eating me alive. Why does it seem as if I know them more than I've ever known any other person.

"I'm not mad, remember I'm with five hot teenage boys?" I regretted it instantly putting my hand on my mouth as I realized what I just said.

"So you think we're hot?" They all chorused & I felt my cheeks turning red.

"Uh.... no....I didn't say that!" I defended quickly.

"Yes you did, love" Louis insisted smirking.

"Let's just start with this sleepover okay?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Sure..... But we're going to tease you sooner or later" Harry said winking. Well I choose later.

I sat on the couch next to Liam, pulled my phone out of my bra. when I realized all the boys were looking at me "What?"

"You put your phone in your bra..." Niall exclaimed in disbelief.

"Lucky phone...." Zayn, Louis and Harry chorused & I just looked at them.

"You'll get used to that, I just don't have pockets" I explained completely ignoring what Zayn Louis and Harry said.

"Right...." Louis said dropping the topic.

I typed away a text to my best friend Melody:

'Hey Mel, you won't believe what happened to me, it's a pretty long story but I’ll tell you though. When I got out of the airport I found a man holding a sign saying "Ms Malik" so I headed towards him & he drove me to a house, that apparently is Zayn Malik's house, so now I’m living with Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles! Btw I kissed Zayn, I mean he kissed me lol but I enjoyed it, my feelings are pretty messed up rn. I miss you so much bby :( Love you!'

I smiled thinking of what she would do if she reads the text, then I decided to call my mom, but like always, she doesn't answer. Then I remembered that I told my dad to call Niall's phone if he gets my voice mail.

"Niall, did anyone call you with an unknown number yesterday?"

"No, why?"


"Guys, we're watching a film" Zayn announced.

"I don't feel like it, I'm just going to sleep. You guys have fun" I said getting up and heading to my room.

I quickly changed to my pajamas & tried to sleep, even though I couldn't. I don't know why but I feel like something happened, my parents always answer their phones. I hope they're okay. And how long i'm I staying here? How i'm I supposed to live here for more than a week when I already have messed up feelings towards 2/5. I started crying again. A knock interrupted my thoughts.

"Come in" The door opened revealing a curly haired boy, we call him Harry Styles...

"What's up?" I asked smiling to hide the tears.

"You were crying ?" He asked stepping closer to me.

"No I wasn't.... " He gave me a look that made me realize that he was offended because it was pretty much like calling him blind or stupid. "Fine, yes I was." And then the tears streamed down my face again. He held me in his arms calming me down.

"Shh, tell me what's wrong love?" he asked wiping my tears away.

"I'm just..... I'm just worried. My parents are not answering their phones, it's not normal. And My feelings are so messed up right now, living with five boys is hard, but living with five attractive, nice, friendly, sweet, caring, lovely boys is even harder. I miss my best friends so much & I need them to be with me." I ranted in a rush looking at him in the eyes.

"Stop thinking that something bad happened to your parents, maybe their phone is not working, maybe they changed their number. You never know, for your feeling are pretty messed up thing, for one thank you for calling me attractive, nice, friendly, sweet, caring & lovely" He said and I giggled a bit. "For two...." He leaned in and slowly kissed me, I can deny it all I want but Harry Styles has always being my favorite, even before this whole thing, and feeling his lips on mine kind of made me fall for him. As he pulled away with a cheesy smile showing his dimples, he carried on talking "And if you miss your best friends you can bring them here" He finished then stood up ready to leave, I pulled him by his hand & kissed him again. This time he was shocked not me.

"Thank you so much Haz" I smiled hugging him then kissing his cheek. He was smiling this whole time.

I tried to sleep again but I couldn't after I realized what I just did. I just kissed Zayn Malik & Harry Styles..... I feel like such a slut, but is it normal to be attracted to two people at the same time? Why can't we choose who we like? Why is it so hard being a 17 years old female? With this last thought I fell asleep.




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