No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


22. Good Things Vanish Quickly.

"You have to call me five times a day" Harry repeated hugging me once more as I carried my bag that contained my phone, headphones, charger, Tic Tac's, M&M, wallet, and some lipgloss and perfume.

"Okay, don't worry Harry, it's just for a couple weeks" I reassured hugging the others in a rush.

"And Skype with us every night okay?" Liam repeated for the hundredth time.

"Sure, I will" I replied chuckling at how silly they were being.

"Don't forget to tell Justin how much I love him!" Niall yelled as I turned my body for one last greeting.

I rolled my eyes kissing my boyfriend one more time before walking away with Ryan waving bye to the others. Justin sent me a flight with Ryan & Selena, which was so nice of him, I was actually so excited to live with Selena & Justin, also excited for the video shooting.

"Looks like they're going to miss you" Ryan commented laughing as he pulled me with him.

"I know, I'm going to miss them too" I sighed making him laugh harder.

"Selena is waiting for you inside" He informed me & I nodded smiling at the thought of seeing her again. We walked to the airport then to a large empty area that only had a private plane. So it was easy to know it was Justin's.

"See that purple plane right there? That's Justin's" I smiled knowing that I guessed right. But then laughed because Ryan either needs sunglasses since that plane wasn't purple at all, or it was one of his many lame jokes. We got in & Ryan gave my one only suitcase to a man in a suit, that seemed to be a bodyguard. As soon as Selena spotted me, she attacked me with a hug.

"I missed you like crazy!" She exclaimed with a pure babies voice, that just made you want to eat her.... not in a cannibal-ish way..

"Missed you too Selly. I have a lot to tell you" I sighed & she just laughed showing me the plane, which I thought was weird. The plane wasn't huge, I mean there is only three people in it anyway. but it had like ten seats, and the bathroom was pretty small, it seemed like you need to sit in the other side of the toilet seat just to fit in because of how close the walls are. After our little tour, I sat on a seat next to Ryan, while Selena sat across from us.

"How have you been? We didn't talk for like five days!" She counted the days with her fingers to check. "Yep, five days!" She added confirming it.

"I know, a lot of things happened these five days" I said leaning my head to the side of Ryan, as a code for 'can't say it in front of him', and she nodded getting it.

"Okay you ladies have a catch up here, I'm going to learn how to drive a plane" Ryan said standing up from his seat making us both laugh.

"Please don't kill us, or even try to drive this thing" I begged and he just shrugged it off walking away.

"So tell me!" Selena insisted overly too excited.

"Remember when you told me I was in love with Zayn & I repeated it after you?" She nodded, then her eyes widened and she put her hand on her mouth covering it. I nodded looking down.

"He heard it" She was even more shocked, like she was hoping that what I was about to tell her was not what she was thinking for. But she caught it flying in the air.

"I lied though, I told him that I was talking about Harry. & well... I told Melody about this & she said that the best thing to do is go away for some time" I continued. Giving Selena some time to recover from the shock.

"She's right; you did the right thing, Ashley. I know you really want to love Harry as much as you love Zayn so I hope it'll work" She put her hand on mine and I smiled at her.

"So tell me, anything new with J-bubble-snuggle?" I winked making her laugh at the nickname, then smile at the mention of his name, then blush at the fact that it was her lover's name.

"Not really.... He still talks to me as his best friend, like he just keep telling me about how much he digs clubbing with super models. And even though it hurts, I still smile and pretend its cool you know" She looked down playing with a stand of her hair. I hugged her tightly. He's completely oblivious!

"He'll realize what a wonderful girl you are, sooner or later" My words made her smile, and that made me glad.

"Woah guys, that man is so mean! I asked him to let me drive nicely & he was like 'no I still want to live'" Ryan whined mimicking the man's voice as he walked back in and I pulled away from the hug. "I mean.. am I really that bad at driving planes?" He sat on his seat resting his whole head on his hand.

"Ryan, you never drove a plane before" I acknowledged with an 'are you fucking kidding me' look on my face.

"Well I will never drive one if I don't try for the first time" He prptested eating from his hamburger.

"Yeah, just make sure nobody is in the plane before you crash it" Selena mumbled and I bursted out laughing, gaining a glare from Ryan.

"Hey, Call Me Maybe is playing!" Selena shouted cheerfully as Call Me Maybe started playing on the radio, I sang & danced like a fool while she grabbed her phone. She started filming us. Ryan was making the funniest dance moves ever, & I couldn't think of any funny faces or moves because I was too busy holding my tummy that hurt because of how much I laughed. Selena was laughing so hard she couldn't hold the phone properly.

"Oh my god guys that was epic!" she finally managed to let out as we all calmed down... well tried to at least.

"Ryan you have the best dance moves!" I pointed out and he just made a cocky face pointing at himself with his two thumbs.

"I'd post it on Twitter but Justin would get mad for not being the first to see it" Selena stated resting the phone on the table next to her.

"How long is this flight?" I asked not able to contain my excitement for meeting Bieber again.

"About two hours. Or less" I nodded taking a sandwich from Ryan's plate and taking a bite, he pouted giving me a puppy dog eyes.

"How could you eat my sandwich?"

"Oh come on don't be a Niall" I rolled my eyes.

"Define 'a Niall'?" He raised a brow.

"Niall is married to food, if you ever take his food, he'll hate you forever" I explained getting a laugh from both of them.

"How are the others?" Selena asked sounding pretty interested. Well I can explain them all day and it would still not sound normal. I guess you can just say they're abnormaly weird, yet normal, but still are very strange at being silly... Gah still doesn't make any sense!

"Liam is really goofy yet incredibly caring and sweet, I don't know why people think he's serious though. He calls himself my husband, and cuddle buddy" I started. "Harry is just so cute and lovely. And he's pretty romantic, like he sets the best dates ever. Louis is the most immature, he's got a weird obsession with carrots, & he's gay, but straight but really really gay but still straight Okay he might be straight but I always tease him about being gay, but don't blame me though, he's got amazing sense of fashion! That's why we're shopping buddies" I laughed at myself. Then I carried on. "Zayn is pretty goofy too, in fact they're all goofy. But he's kind of vain, or maybe the boys like teasing him about it because he's got a perfect fa- Eh, He's like shy yet confident. I don't know, I still didn't completely figure him out. and you can never figure out what's going in his mind"

"They all seem so fun" Selena announced smiling.

"They are" I agreed.

"I saw your concerts by the way" Ryan said, and my eyes immediately widened as I remembered what he did.

"Oh my gosh Ryan why did you post that embarrassing video on Twitter?" I yelled hitting his arm so hard as he yelped in pain rubbing it slightly.

"I'm sorry it was just funny. & you're not a really bad dancer" He quickly said trying not to get hit again.

"I was drunk! I didn't even know what I was doing" I yelled again. While Selena was laughing this whole time, I glared at her & she tried to calm down by putting a hand over her mouth, but she was still giggling like crazy.

"I'm sorry, it's just so funny how you two didn't realize we landed" She explained before going back to laughing.

"Already?" She nodded still laughing. I hit Ryan's arm one more time before taking Selena's hand & walking out of the airplane.

"Don't worry about your stuff, Ryan is taking-" Our attention turned back to the shouting we heard, Justin was being chased by some fans, he was running in our direction, oh no. He grabbed mine & Selena's hands & we were forced to run away with him. I couldn't help but laugh, soon enough Selena & Justin joined me too. We turned to check if the fans were still behind but we lost them. We stopped our feet just to catch our breath.

"That was fun" I sarcastically muttered begging for air.

"I'm sorry, I kind of tweeted where I was going" Justin apologized & I shook my head at how stupid that is.

"That's idiotic, but it's fine though. I need to work out anyway so this is a great start" We laughed holding on to each other trying to stay standing. Then we saw Ryan running towards us with all his force.

"Why did you guys run? I just started running to. I thought some alien spaceship tried to haunt you!" We all laughed at how weird his mind is. Does he even have one?

"Some fans were chasing Justin & we were with him" Selena answered & Ryan just looked at us cluelessly before giving us the shameful look.




Selena & Justin's house was amazingly huge, I have my own bedroom, apparently, Selena spent too much time decorating it because it was perfect. Selena was making cupcakes downstairs while I was unpacking. I heard a knock on my door then it swung open.

"Mind if we talk?" Justin popped his head from the door & I nodded smiling. He walked to the bed. "Did you check Twitter today?" He asked, I shook my head no. I decided not to check it that much, because all it brings me is pain.

"Uh... Well there is this photoshoped picture some fan or hater, I don't know who made" He started avoiding my gaze, looking afraid.


"It's of us... kissing" As soon as the word came out, my eyes widened and I gasped.

"Did.... Did Harry see it?" I asked hesitantly, afraid of his answer. He looked away nodding.

"It's better if you check Twitter, then call him." He said before walking out. I quickly picked my phone logging into the Twitter app. I checked my mentions that were full of hate as always, except this time, the hate really made me feel awful. Such as 'you broke our baby's heart, we'll break your face' I opened Harry's Twitter & he unfollowed me.... Such an immature thing to do. But he had a new tweet.

Harry_Styles: You love someone for the first time, then they go cheating on you. Lesson learned.

My heart just broke to millions of tiny pieces, how could he believe it? I typed on the search bar 'Ashley & Justin' it was trending already. There it is a picture of Justin & I kissing, it looked so real actually. I quickly tweeted.

'The picture of me & Justin is photoshoped, we don't have any kind of feelings for each other. & I am so hurt to know some supposingly trust worthy people believed that crap' I hit tweet then logged off avoiding any hate again. I pressed Harry's number, it started ringing & I was getting nervous, what if he insults the crap out of me then hand up? What if he answers me with a crying voice? Oh god I'd rather him cussing me out instead. But insuprisingly he didn't answer, I called again but he still didn't answer. I decided to call Louis, who probably will be with Harry right now. He picked up in the second ring.


"Ashley..." He replied awkwardly, as if he wants to say something but he's too afraid.

"Yes, can you please hand the phone to Harry?" I begged him hearing many voices in the background.

"I'm sorry Ash, he doesn't want to talk" Louis' voice came so cruel and cold..

"But Louis, the picture is photoshoped, I would never do-"

"I'm sorry, I have to go" He hung up. Even Louis hates me? How could they believe such a thing? I sighed calling Liam too, who answered like he's been waiting for me to call.

"Ashley, before you say anything I just want to tell you that you really disappointed me, I thought you were better, but apparently you're not" He hung up. It'd be better if I just kill myself right now. Even Liam. The one I go to whenever I have a problem hates me. You don't know what pain is untill you lose everything thanks to a photoshopped picture.

"H-ello" I inawarly answered the phone that's been ringing. Expecting a bunch of disappointed voices.

"Baby, It's Zayn" His soft voice came as a wake up call. It just made me realize how much I missed him.

"Yeah?" I didn't know what to say, he called me 'baby'... That melted the last survivor piece of my heart.

"Harry is destroying his room right now, I totally believe you & I know you wouldn't hurt him like that" I could hear the sound of crashing. But I smiled at his statement, somehow, knowing that he believes me made it a lot better.

"But Harry, Liam & Louis don't. & I honestly don't know what to do right now" I sighed biting my lip.

"Don't worry, I'll take the first flight to New York tomorrow, you need someone next to you" I stopped biting my lip since my mouth hang open a little at how surprised I was. He'd really fly all the way from Encino to New York for me? I never expected that.

"You don't need to really. Everyone hates me now & everyone thinks I'm some slut or whore" I protested letting a sob escape my mouth as a tear escaped my eye as well.

"No no don't cry okay? Ashley don't cry please! I'll be there tomorrow, you need me with you. & not everyone hates you love, you still have me" I smiled blushing through the tears that were shortly following each other like it was a tear-drops race

"Alright, thank you so much Zayn, I have to hangup now" I said realizing that he made me fall for him harder even through the phone.

"Bye Ashley, I love you" he informed the second before I hung up. Did Zayn Malik just say he loves me? Did I hear it right or did he say 'Dove'... Wait I Dove you doesn't make any sense... Because Dove is a soap and... Yeah, you get it

I lied down on the bed wiping my tears away when someone knocked on the door opening it to reveal Selena & Justin's worried face.

"I'm so sorry honey, you don't deserve this" Selly spoke hugging me. I just hugged back smiling.

"You called him?" Justin asked sitting on the edge of my bed, the same spot where he was sitting before.

"Yeah, he didn't answer. Then I called Louis & he hung up on me. Then I called Liam & he told me how disappointed he is & how much I'm not different from other girls" I explained ironically, sobbing in Selena's arms.

"Shh love, now they all gave up on you?" She asked, making it sound even worse, or maybe it is worse.

"Not Zayn, he called me saying that he's flying over this morning, he wants to be with me" She patted my back calming me down.

"Everything will be alright love. Don't worry, he'll come back eventually" Justin reassured patting my back as well. I smiled knowing that they probably touched each other's hands while patting my back, and that I still have people to depend on.

"We'll just let you rest now" Selena whispered kissing my cheek while getting up. I nodded appreciating it.

"Oh & the shooting will start whenever you feel like it" Justin added.

"Thank you" I whispered turning to face the wall. Because I wasn't thanking them, I was thanking god for not leaving me alone. They walked out & I started crying again, nothing good lasts for me. First my parent's divorce, now Harry & I's breakup. I just wanna know who made that shitty picture. I wish I could just take a knife and cut off their nipples, but too bad there is law in this world, sometimes I wish we lived in the jungles, that way we would have taken our revenge by ourselves, because not everything is fair.  

My phone started ringing again & I was afraid of what's coming next, I was afraid it might be Harry finally getting back his power from destroying his room, and calling me to waste it on cussing. But I picked it up anyway.


"Ashley, it's Melody" I smiled hearing her voice, and already knowing that she and Niall will believe me.

"Hey Mel" I casually said.

"Honey I am so, so, so sorry about what happened to you, Niall & I completely believe you" I smiled knowing that my thought was right.

"Thanks Mel, I just can't believe Harry would believe such a thing!"

"You know... There was a fight here" She started, and I could hear whispers.

"What? Who? why?" I questioned through the phone, already knowing that it probably has something to do with me. Because I'm a trouble maker even when I'm away.

"Zayn.... He was telling Harry how lucky he is to have you & how he should appreciate it by trusting you. Then it all turned to some punches and Zayn said he's going to New York" She explained taking me completely off guards.

"B-but.... He told me he's coming tomorrow, he didn't mention any fight"

"I don't know.... Listen, Niall wants to talk to you"

"Give him the phone" I heard some whispers again then he grabbed the phone from her hand.

"Told you she wants to talk to me as well" I giggled at how adorable he is. "Hello" He started.

"Hey Nialler" I greeted.

"I miss you, I really do. Nobody cooks for me here" He complained, well Niall never complains so he must be starving.

"I'm sorry, I miss you too. Niall thanks for believing me"

"Don't mention it! You know I've always got your back girl!"

"What hurts the most is that Liam believed that too, like, Liam... The one who always understands and gives me advices.." I sighed again, as if that'll help me not to cry.

"I'll talk with Liam, don't worry, everything will be fine soon" He whispered and I smiled.

"Thanks again, I have to go to sleep now, talk to you later" I said as I hung up. Even if Louis, Liam & Harry realize what they did was wrong, I am so not forgiving them. & I thought they were real friends.




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