No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


38. From Amateur To Expert.


*Zayn’s P.O.V*

Quitting smoking might be the solution to all of my problems. She now sleeps in my room, she spends every second of the day with me. What else do I still need?

Last night was all I ever asked for, an innocent cuddle with Ashley in my arms. She’s too sweet that she couldn’t see me on the hard floor, and after she slept, I wrapped my arm around her just to know how it feels like to have her, and it felt amazing. I felt as if protecting her was my duty, and loving her was my way of finishing my duty. But of course, it was hard tp keep my arms around her since she basically takes a piece of cloth off every two seconds, at first I thought she was trying to seduce me, but then I realized that she strips in her sleep, what a weird fact about her.

“You two shared the bed, didn’t you?” Niall asked me once I walked into the kitchen, my brain was still not ready for questions, all I wanted was to sleep but I knew that I had no chance of that.

“Yeah” I yawned tiredly.

“What are you trying to do Zayn? Harry will go mental if he knows about it”

“It’s none of his business, and he won’t find out anyway” I shrugged grabbing the milk bottle off the refrigerator.

“He won’t find out? She’s sleeping in your bed as we speak!” He spoke louder causing a sharp pain to appear in my head.

“Then go wake her up. Damn it Niall you’re giving me hard time this morning” I sent him away and he just sighed loudly before going up the stairs. I picked my Lucky Charms bowl of cereal and a spoon, and then directed my way to the living room where Harry was sitting.

“Hey.” I greeted shoving a spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

“Hi” He loosely replied seeming as if he ran the marathon while in his sleep.

“What’s up mate? You seem loose.”

“No idea, is Ashley still asleep?” Of course he always has to bring her up. I nodded chewing on my cereal. When her loud angry voice made its way down the stairs. I put my bowl and spoon on the table and flew upstairs with Harry following me, Liam and Louis were already standing by the door and watching, Louis wide eyed, and Liam confused. I glanced inside my room to find Ashley on her underwear yelling at Niall who looked like he was about to pee himself.

“Um Ashley you’re only in your underwear” Liam pointed out awkwardly, she looked down and her eyes instantly went wider surprise evident on her face.

“What? But I was wearing pajamas before I slept” She stated matter of fact-ly. And at that moment I stepped in to the defend my case because knowing the boys, they’d accuse me of raping her.

“Oh by the way you strip in your sleep” I informed her eyeing her body, she did have some pretty big breast, and the thought of having them against my chest for the whole night was exciting. But I succeeded to take my eyes off her chest area, her bed hair was not that bad at all, she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all, and it didn’t make any difference because she still looked gorgeous.


*Ashley’s P.O.V*

“We should’ve dared her to go around naked “I heard Harry attempt to whisper to Niall and Louis. They’re a failure when it comes to whispering considering the fact that I heard every word that left their mouths.

“Did any of you see her naked before?” Niall curiously asked.

“Knock it off boys this is getting annoying.” Zayn hissed at them obviously irritated by their choice of topics. Zayn’s voice sent their attention to me so they could clearly see my death glares that made them gulp. I still can’t believe how disrespectful they became, I don’t even know how this whole awkward situation between me and Harry and Liam changed to this.

“I can hear you guys!” I said loud enough for them to hear, Niall cleared his throat and the rest sat back awkwardly.“By the way, Zayn I’m going to search your things.” I informed the irritated man who was sitting on a pillow.

“Is that revenge?” He asked aiming to when he agreed with them to basically expose me to the world.

“It’s actually not, I just need to make sure you don’t have any more packs of cigarettes” I explained not holding a grunge over what he did, I just go used to him being in my side.

“But I don’t, and you don’t have the right to search in my things.” He protested stubbornly.

“First week is going to be a piece of cake for you but then things will get a lot harder so I need make sure you don’t have any temptations.” He sighed getting up from his pillow, digging his hand in his pocket and pulling out two cigarettes, and then opened his suitcase and pulled out a whole pack before handing it to me. 

“Well that’s disappointing” I sighed taking it from him and looking at the life taker that smell awful.

“But I didn’t smoke ever since yesterday” He defended but still shameful.

“But you were planning on smoking”

“But I didn’t”

“I’m going out!” I suddenly found myself saying while getting up. That’s just so me; always running away from my problems.

“Where are you going all alone? Like that, you might get raped” Harry asked as the room fell in silence like it always does whenever I have an argument with one of them.

“And we’re going to the airport in an hour” Liam reminded me.

“I’m just going out for about twenty minutes, I’ll be here before you know it” I reassured opening the door to meet the refreshing breeze, it was honestly so nice to feel, I loved how it gave me goose bumps.

“Can I tag along?” Niall gave me a look and I knew he wanted to talk again so I nodded; he closed the door after him. “You can’t walk wearing that, I’ll get the car” He said heading towards the car that was parker by the street.

“No no it’s fine! Remember; if I get bullied Zayn, Louis and Harry will wear bikinis” I winked evilly, he smirked liking the way I think. After all, I’ll get my revenge.

“So where are we going?” He asked walking with me while just a few people stared at me longer than they should.

“I don’t know…. Let’s go sit on a bench or something” He nodded.

 Just as we entered the park, a black haired girl caught my eyes, she looked exactly like Melody, I couldn’t say anything to Niall since the girl was kissing someone, so I figured that she’s probably someone who shares the same looks as her… a lot... a twin… The girl turned her head while giggling and I could clearly see her face, but I started doubting my eyes, I’m just imagining, she can’t be Melody. Melody’s in California! For god’s sake what is she doing?

“Hey Niall, I need to pee” I lied just to find an excuse to go and see her, the look on his face was stoned, as if he was saying ‘too much information’ but all I wanted to do was to confirm if that girl was really Melody. I’d still doubt my sanity than her.

“Well… um what can I do?” He awkwardly asked.

“I’ll just go pee behind those bushes, stay right here” I smiled nervously, running to where I spotted Melody, and leaving him sitting by a bench. When I reached the tree they were sitting by, she had her eyes all over the guy, who by the way was way shorter that I’d give him a 5ft4.

“Just why?” I mumbled causing her to jump and look at me in complete horror. The guy was the last the react, once he saw me he ran as fast as he could away from me. Well, I don’t really think he’s a guy anymore.

“Ashley? What are you doing here?” She nervously asked scanning the place to see if the rest of the boys were with me.

“What am I doing here? Well my best friend’s boyfriend was worried about her so he needed me to talk to her, but looks like she’s having too much fun to talk” I snapped as she tried to calm me down by lowering her voice as if that would bring mine down.

“It’s not what it looks like, he’s just my…. cousin” She still lied which drove me furious.

“I didn’t know it’s accepted to make out with your cousin even if you have a boyfriend, wow thanks for the info.” I replied sarcastically, she grabbed my hand and begged me to stay quiet.

“Listen, please don’t tell Niall. It was only a kiss; I won’t ever see him again! I promise!”

“You said you were in California, you said you loved Niall. How could you cheat? I don’t know you anymore!” I ignored her words and just stated mine.

“I’m so sorry, Ashley don’t tell Niall please” She begged her hands shaking.

“And he was worried about you because you didn’t pick up his calls, Melody you have no idea who you’re messing with, he doesn’t deserve the pain so I won’t tell him”

“Thank you thank you thank you so much!”

“Don’t thank me, you screwed everything and I really can’t believe you’d do that to him, to Niall! He loves you for god’s sake” I screamed for the last time before slipping away from her and heading back to where Niall was sitting. He stood up once he saw me.

“Let’s get out of here” I said pulling his arm.

“Why? Did someone bother you?” He asked protectively.

“Yeah, let’s go now” He stopped moving refusing my orders.

“Who is he!” And of course, he had to go all protective over it.

“I don’t know, he left. Now let’s go back or we’re going to be late” I warned him.

“We have to find him” He insisted and I rolled my eyes.

“Why are you so stressed out? I said its fine really” I chuckled causing his expression to soften a bit.

“I’m sorry” He apologized opening his arms for a hug and that’s what I gave him.

“Can we just go now?” He pulled away smiling.



“You’re late” Liam informed once we arrived, the bus was there, the boys were all out so I guess we were late.

“Yeah sorry I had to pee” I lied again for the sake of Melody.

“And where did you pee?” Harry asked curiously.

“Behind some bushes” I shrugged while Harry and Liam’s mouths hang open, Zayn wasn’t really paying attention to us and Louis wasn’t anywhere.

 “Why didn’t you film it Irish man!” Harry screamed at Niall who furrowed his eyebrows.

“Well fucking excuse me!” Niall cussed at him. I rolled my eyes and went inside the bus, it wasn’t a tour bus it was just a normal bus, you know, the ones with two lines and each one of them got two seats. I sat down laying my head on the window until Zayn rested next to me.

“Do you know some Spanish?” He randomly asked.

“Not at all.” I admitted shamefully. Spanish had always been terrible.

“Then I’m going to call you ladrón from now on.” He proudly said. I raised my eyebrows turning to face him.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“If I tell you then I’m gonna have to kill you” I rolled my eyes not really putting muc thoughts into it.

“Do you know some French?” I asked to my turn.

“Not at all, why?”

“From now on I’m gonna call you chéri” I informed him using my French accent, I managed a French accent since I needed to take a foreign language to pass the year, so since Spanish wasn’t for me, I chose French.

“What does that even mean?” He asked while laughing at me.

“If I tell you then I’m gonna have to kill you” I smirked using his own line.

“So who’s sitting next to Ashley in the plane?” Liam brought the seats subject again. I rolled my eyes not looking forward for their arguments again.

“Me” They chorused minus Zayn, I sighed resting my head on Zayn’s shoulder.

“Really now? Why do you guys always want to be with me like I’m not even fun to be around!”

“Are you kidding me? You’re wearing a bikini you can’t be no fun” Harry winked wiggling his eyebrows.

 “Why did you become so disrespectful? Just because I shut up and not defend myself doesn’t mean I’m okay with you sexually harassing me verbally!” I yelled causing his smirk to fade away.

“I’m sorry… I was just kidding…”

I sighed “No I’m sorry I just… I have a lot in mind right now, don’t mind me” I still couldn’t believe that was Melody I talked with, how could she? I knew her pretty much my entire life and then I find out she cheated, it shocked me so badly, and I wish Niall wouldn’t get hurt when she tells him. He doesn’t deserve to get lied to.

“So?” Louis interrupted me from my thoughts while Zayn handed me some biscuits. I like Zayn, he’s just so chill and never really makes a big fuss out of everything, he’s always the one to be quiet.

“So what?” I questioned my mood becoming better as I chewed on the biscuits.

“Which one of us are you sitting with?” He reposed the question again.

“I’m sitting alone” Before he could protest, I wrapped my arms around Zayn’s neck with my head still on his shoulder. “Help me.” I begged causing him to chuckle.

“She’s asleep.” He told them followed by a few whines. I giggled quietly thanking him. “I know you’ll choose me after all.” He cheekily added.







“Ashley!” Zayn called drifting me off sleep. I opened my eyes and unwrapped my arms off his neck. “We’re here, wear this coat so you won’t catch a cold” He added handing me a long coat, I wore it then left the bus, there weren’t that many fans, I figured they couldn’t make it in time.

Just as I was going to turn around and wait for the boys’ protection. Someone grabbed my hand, I tensed a little before looking up at Zayn who was smiling down at me, I smiled back and decided to go with him since I got the protection I needed. We got into the plane and I sat by myself even if each one of them begged me to sit with them, I was honestly getting bored of their treatment.

“You know you can’t sit by yourself the whole flight” Zayn whispered to me from the seat that was behind me.

“Yes I can” I defended.

“It’s seven hours long” I sighed realizing how long that is.

“Well…. Maybe I can’t” I confessed gaining a chuckle back from him.

“Boys, Ashley wants to play with us” He announced then a few cheers followed, so I decided to play whatever the game was, I went to the middle where they were all sitting on the ground in a circle.

“So what were you guys playing?” I asked curiously, seeing the bottle of water in the centre, I guess truth or dare.

“Seven Minutes in heaven” Louis replied cheekily.

“Didn’t you like… need a girl?” I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Why would we need a girl when we have Louis?” Harry joked and I laughed louder than I’ve ever had.

“Well then okay I’m in...” I sat down in the circle then Liam spun the bottle, it kept on spinning for a few second until it stopped on Niall.

“Niall and Ashley to the bathroom” Louis ordered pointing to the bathroom that was down to the back.

“This is so wrong” I mumbled before getting up, Niall surprisingly didn’t have a problem; we walked to the bathroom and locked it after us before we stood on spared directions.

“Now what?” I asked crossing my arms.

 “We don’t have to do anything you know…” He awkwardly said and I let out a chuckle at his innocence.

“We need to kill some time though”

“Yeah….. So did you talk with Melody yet?” He asked suddenly making my heart beat faster.

“Actually I did, she’s fine and she said she was meaning to call you later” I covered up with a fake smile on my face. Niall grinned widely.

“Thank you so much” He then embraced me in a hug, in that exact moment, Louis opened the door telling us that the time was out.

“Seven Minutes is- oh they just started” Louis said with a grin on his face.

 “Let’s go back to the game” Liam called from the circle as Niall, Louis and I walked over to our spots, Liam spun the bottle again, and it stopped on Harry this time, well worst case scenario isn’t it.

“Owh Ashley and Harry” I sighed really loudly knowing how bad the situation is.

“Don’t try anything!” I warned him standing away once we locked the bathroom door.

“Just a kiss? Please?” He begged pouting like that had any innocence in ti.

“No” I reused, but he moved closer to me our faces inches apart.

“I know I still have my effect on you” He whispered in my ear and I pushed him away shivering at the thought.

“Actually, you don’t” I stated just as Louis opened the door again.

“Seven minutes is up guys”

“I thought you two would be in the middle of having sex” Niall obliviously said gaining a glare from Zayn who came to check on us too.

“No we didn’t” I shrugged in disgust walking back to where Liam was sitting, then the others followed me and Harry took charge of spinning the bottle this time.

 “You don’t have to do it if you feel uncomfortable with it.” Liam offered but then I looked up to see the top of the bottle was pointing at Zayn.

“Oh no no no it’s okay, that would be cheating” I happily grabbed Zayn’s hand while he looked at me dumbfounded, I pushed him into the bathroom before locking it.

“What was that?” He asked raising his eyebrow. My eyes widened and I shook my head uncomfortably.

“What was what?” I replied pretending to be stupid.

“This” He said be tickling me. I let out a loud shriek before deciding to just laugh silently because everyone else would think we were having sex.

“Stop it” I screamed giggling like crazy.

“Why, does It make you uncomfortable?” He asked still running his fingers up and down my stomach and sides. I fell to the ground still laughing even if I hit my head with the toilet seat.

“Yes! yes it does” My words seemed to be the right code because he stopped tickling me. And actually helped me back up on my feet before leaning in.

“Does this make you uncomfortable too?” He asked before those soft puffy lips of his connected with mine, signaling my second kiss with him. I immediately kissed back making sure to not regret anything later, as I rested my arms on both his shoulder and felt him wrap his around my waist. It started from the little kiss we had earlier, to a full make out session. When Louis’s voice interrupted us, Zayn looked me in the eyes with a smile on his face, I smiled back but my cheeks flushed pink. Louis opened the door.

“Wow Zayn actually did something with her” We heard a really fast footstep then Harry, Liam and Niall were all standing in front of the door, nobody was talking so I gently pushed Zayn, flashed him a smile and went back to my seat leaving them to interview him.



Alright team Zayly or Zashley of whatever you guys choose, is this chapter cute enough for you? You guys love me don’t you? ;)

 I got her and Niall pretty close because before I didn’t really pay much attention to her friendship with Niall, but the little Irish cupcake is now a very close friend to her :)





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