No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


33. Fighting My Fears, Losing Him Is The Biggest.


"Anybody knows where Zayn is?" I asked worriedly, its lunch time already & we still haven't seen him or heard of him.

"No, he's probably still sleeping with the bird of last night" Harry winked at Louis who laughed agreeing.

"Bird?" I asked raising an eyebrow, already sensing that it’s a British slang for something that I don’t like.

"Oh it's a British slang for girl or chick, you should have known these things since you live with us" He acknowledged making me roll my eyes.

"Guys seriously though, I'm really worried about Zayn" I whined feeling like the only person who cared.

"Then call him " Liam shrugged. I picked my phone & typed Zaynie Swagison to find his number with a mirror emoji next to it. It kept ringing for a long time before he picked up.

"Who's... this?" He asked sounding real tired.

"It's Ashley, Zayn where are you?" I asked worriedly.

"Help..... me" He stuttered again & his voice scared the crap out of me.

"Z-Zayn? What do you mean? Where are you?" I shouted at the phone getting everyone's attention. Panic already rushing into me.

"I-I don't know.... Please help me, I'm dying" That's when I completely lost it.

"Zayn please just give me a hint or something! Babe don’t give up!" I stood up from my seat my mind threatening to leave my body, I couldn’t handle the thought of losing Zayn, not him.

"The-re... uh... there is a... Nando's in.. front of me" Nando's? There are only two Nando's restaurants in America one in Johnson City & the other one in Binghamton , how did he get there?

"A....Ashley please... hurry up, I c-cant last... longer" I left the phone hit the ground and tried to stop myself from shaking. He sounded like he was about to die, you can't imagine how that killed me in a thousand different way. I was unable to stop the paranoid thoughts from moving around my brain, until Melody and Shannon embraced me in a hug soothing me. Meanwhile, Liam was talking through my phone.

"Zayn? Are you okay mate?" He went silent for a moment. "Oh my god! We'll be there Zayn, hang on" Liam held my phone in his hand and ran a hand through his hair nobody could tell what was going on, except for the girls who immediately knew he was in a bad situation.

"Is Zayn okay?" Harry asked worriedly.

"We need to go to Nando's, We'll separate. The girls are sta-"

"Don't tell me to fucking stay I'm going with you!" I yelled at him then immediately regretted it, this is not how you treat someone you care about, but Zayn needs me, I can’t let him go.

"Okay babe, please stop crying" He kissed my forehead to reassure me, but nothing could reassure me more than seeing Zayn healthy and alive. "Niall you can stay & take care of the girls, Ashley & I are going to the one in Binghamton, Harry & Louis, you lads can go to Johnson City" They all nodded, everyone was super confused and worried, I could see it on their faces. I didn't care about my clothes so I just ran to Liam's car whilst wearing my shoes, of course I was about to trip again but I didn't. My skill was developed. Liam started driving so fast almost causing us to crash on a trash can.

"Liam.... I thought you were the responsible one" I said seriously holding in for dear life.

"Oh sorry babe, I'm just really troubled right now. What if we don't get in there at t-"

"Don't say it Liam! We are getting there in time & we are finding him." I wasn't only trying to convince him, I was more like trying to convince myself, because if I lose my confidence, I will break.down again and drown us in tears.

We drove for more than an hour. I felt so desperate, like there was someone in my heart squeezing it like really hard until there is no more blood in it.

"Liam" I sighed my lungs being numb.


"I don't think we can make it in time" I stated my own words breaking my heart.

"No don't worry babe we will make it in time, it's Zayn Malik we're talking about here, he can't just give up" I smiled. Zayn Malik...The man who changed my high school years without even acknowledging my existence. The man who hurt me, but I somehow still can't let him go. That's Zayn Malik, the man who needs me right now.

"How long does it take to get to Nando's?" I asked picking my phone to check the time.

"Ten more minutes" I saw that Harry sent me a text. Hoping that they didn't find him, because as selfish and weird as it sounds, I wanted to find him!

'We can't find him anywhere. What to do now?'

I turned to face Liam, "Harry just texted me saying they can't find Zayn, what should they do?"

"Tell him to look more, we have to make sure he's not there" I immediately texted him back telling him to look longer.


I just sat on my seat praying that we'll find Zayn and that he'll be okay, remembering the first time we've kissed, how I regretted not kissing back. Remembering when we went shopping and he would tell me how beautiful I looked even in the worst dresses, remembering when he was soothing me and always gets mad when someone makes me cry, it was my entire fault, if I didn't take him to the club last night he would be home now

"We're here" Liam announced. Before he could even park I was halfway running to Nando's, I just stared from the entrance at any sign of person. The place here was crap; it looked like a gangster neighborhood or some shit like that.

"Ashley! Over here!" Liam shouted from across the other side of the street. I ran over to him. There he was, Zayn laying down on the ground looking like he just got beaten up, he had cuts all over his face & blood was covering him. He was lying on the dirty ground lifelessly. I covered my mouth trying not to scream as Liam leaned to hear his heart beats.

"He's still alive!" He exclaimed & that reassured me. I called Harry immediately.

"You found him?" He asked breathing heavily.

"Yes we did"

"How is he?" He asked worriedly.

"Don't ask me" I covered my mouth as I started sobbing again, I gave the phone to Liam & went to sit next to Zayn. You're probably wondering why we didn't call an ambulance; well this place is like a ghost town from some scary movie. I put my head on his chest crying even more while listening to his fragile heart beats, I would give him my heart if I could, because emotionally, he already owns it..... I grabbed his arms still praying that he'll get through this.

"Liam do something!" I hissed at him.

"Do you think you can pick him up with me?" I nodded & we slowly picked him up, he wasn't that heavy, I guess it's because Liam was taking care of the heavy part. We put him in the backseat of the car his head landing on my lap. Liam quickly turned the car on & started driving.

I looked at his beautiful face full of cuts and bruises, my eyes landed on his chest that was covered with blood, I always had this blood phobia, I don't even know how I go through my period. But this time I actually touched Zayn's blood, I basically put my head on it. How can someone hurt such a beautiful person? & how did all this happen? The questions floated in my mind as Liam parked.

"This is the nearest hospital, I'll call for help” Liam said in a rush getting out of the car & entering the hospital door, I kissed Zayn's forehead & I didn't want to pull away. Something told me this was not it but I still was scared that he'll..... Leave.

Two men & a woman dressed in all white came rushing to the car with Liam leading the way, they opened the door & picked Zayn up from my lap, I cried even more at the horrible scene in front of me. They rushed Zayn into a room, Liam and I couldn't go there with him so I just rested my head on my arms crying my eyes out.

"Ashley..." Liam started & I turned to face him.

"Do you..... Do you love Zayn?" He asked seriously. Do I? No, of course not! He's just a friend... isn't he?

"I honestly don't know" I watched as his gaze dropped down the floor. A second later: Harry, Louis, Niall, Shay & Melody walked in while breathing really heavy, symbolizing that they were running.

"Is he okay?" Niall asked holding on to Liam with his head down trying not to chock at his own words.

"We don't know still. They just took him to the emergency room" As soon as I finished my statement, my body suddenly felt warmer, I realized that I was sobbing on Shay and Melody's shoulders.

"He's gonna be alright! Don't worry about it" Melody soothed wiping my tears away. Well I'm sure if Niall was the one there- God forbidden- She would be doing the same.... but wait, did I really just compare Niall and Melody's relationship to mine with Zayn? What is that supposed to mean?

"Don't worry babe, you're not going through this alone" Shay comforted patting my back. I turned to look at Louis, Niall & Harry, they looked so down & everyone was praying that he'll be fine.

"Did anyone call Paul?" Liam suddenly asked.

"I did, he said he's on his way" Harry answered not looking up. I sat there feeling a killer headache when a doctor came out of the room, everyone rushed to him.

"Is he okay?"

"He's alive, but he lost a lot of blood and we don't have his blood type." The doctor said taking off his plastic gloves.

"What's his blood type?" Louis asked.

"O+ if anybody here who has an O+?" Everyone shook their head.

"I do" I volunteered then Liam turned to face me in complete shock.

"You can't do this" He protested.

"Why not?"

"You barely eat, you're gonna kill yourself" I shook my head no, stubbornly holding in to my decision.

"I'm sure, I want to give him my blood, it's the least thing I can do to thank him" The doctor nodded at my confident words.

"But we're gonna have to do some tests first."

The doctor took me to a white room that had the horrible hospital smell, bringing back an awful memory, from when I was in middle school, the only person who supported and loved and cared about me passed away. I still remember when I knew about her having cancer, I prayed for the first time ever, and made a wish to a shooting star hoping she'll stay with me. But she didn't, I don't know how Wendy from Peter Pan did it, but my wish didn't work. The last words she said were 'Don't let them win! You are beautiful and strong, don't let them hurt you' and since then, I made a promise to myself, to lose all the weight by the end of the summer, and I kept my promise. Losing weight was the hardest thing ever, but it was worth it because of how many friends I made in high school and how many guys asked me to be their girlfriend, even though I turned it all down, because I wanted to save my first kiss to someone special, and that someone stole it from me, That someone needs me. Thank god my blood was fine so I could give Zayn as much as he needs.

"Alright, are you ready Mrs. Malik?" The doctor asked and I smiled.

"It's miss Malik" He apologized "and yes I'm ready" He attached the scary needle to my veins. I've always been afraid of needles but now I have to get over it, just like my fear of blood. It didn't really hurt that much but I was still scared, I could see four packs of my blood next to me, he took the needle out of my veins and I sighed in relief.

"Thank you Ms Malik, we have enough blood for Mr Malik" It kind of felt weird how he says Ms Malik then Mr. Malik, we sounded like a couple

"Please, call me Ashley" I offered.

"Okay, Ashley you can go take something that contain sugar in the cafeteria if you feel dizzy" I nodded standing up & walking out of the room, when someone attacked me with a hug.

"Did it hurt? Are you okay? You have to eat something!" Liam threw questions at me with a concerned face & I just looked at him smiling.

"It did hurt a little bit but don't worry I'm fine. I just feel dizzy and starving" I said and he kissed my forehead, then picked me up and put me on his lap. He told Niall to go bring me some food and knowing Niall he's probably bringing everything he'll come across. Harry & Louis walked to me.

"How are you feeling, love?" Louis asked putting a hand on my cheek, I held it smiling.

"I'm okay" Then Harry hugged me whispering in my ear ''as soon as we get through all of this, we're both getting tattoos okay?" I nodded regardless of how random that was while Liam cleared his throat.

"Hey, where are the girls?" I asked looking around.

"Paul picked them up so they can take a rest, you should go too" I shook my head almost too fast it almost broke my neck.

"I'm not going anywhere till he wakes up" Liam sighed at my stubbornness.

"I'll stay with her lads, you can go home" Louis and Harry nodded giving me one last hug before leaving, now it's just me, Liam sitting outside of Zayn's room, I was staring at the ground when I got that feeling of someone’s eyes on me, I turned to face Liam and he was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You really do love Zayn"

"What makes you so sure?"

"Then why do you want to stay?"

"I just feel like my entire fault, if I haven't suggested to go to the club he'd be fine, I feel like I owe him, he nearly lost his life Liam" I was seriously getting annoyed, he's always asking the same question, forgetting that I’m not actually his and that he was the one who wanted this relationship or however you’d call it happen, as awful as it sounds, it’s true. I went back to admiring the clean white floor and I could feel someone's eyes on me again, I looked up and the doctor was the one looking at me.

“Is everything okay?” I asked lifting my head up.

“Yes, I just wanted to tell you that you could stay inside if you want, but I couldn’t remember your first name, and I was afraid you wouldn’t like me calling you Ms. Malik.” The doctor explained making me smile softly.

"Really?!" I asked excitedly ignoring his rant about my name. He nodded confirming that there was no joke in the matter. I rushed inside the white room, Zayn looked better than he did earlier, he didn't have that many cuts and he looked more.... Alive. I sat beside him while Liam was in the other side, in front of me. I held Zayn's hand and it was so cold, the heart monitor started beeping faster, I quickly took my hand off and it went back to beeping normally again. I raised my eyebrows confusingly.

"Did you see that?" I asked in disbelieve.

"Yeah..." He awkwardly answered.

"What was it?" He hesitated for a moment.

"His heart was beating faster because you touched him" He said looking down, I stood up and hugged him, I love it how every time I hug him he rests his head on my shoulder and wraps his arms around my waist.

"That doesn't mean anything Liam" I said pulling away, he nodded smiling.

We've sitting in front of each other for hours, Zayn didn't move at all and I was getting bored. I picked my phone and went on Twitter, haven't checked it for a long time.

JustinBieber: I'm so sorry for what happened to @ZaynMalik, praying he'll get better soon, I know how hard it is for all of them.

SelenaGomez: Zayn is an amazing guy and I really hope he'll get better soon

I replied to her saying

AshleyMalik: @SelenaGomez I'm okay, I gave him some of my blood and now he's fine, but he still didn't wake up... Tell Justin I said hi

I had so many tweets from the fans thanking me for giving Zayn my blood, Thank You Ashley and Get Well Soon Zayn were both trending. How did they know Zayn is in the hospital in the first place? I checked Liam's Twitter and he just posted a photo two minutes ago.

Real_Liam_Payne: She's really sad you guys, what can I do to cheer her up? xx [A/N: Picture in the media sidebar ]

"Liam there is nothing to be happy about. Look at him, he’s got machines attached to his body, if that’s not saddening then I don’t know what is.” I told him and he stared at Zayn for a long time before nodding.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” He apologized, I just sighed.


*Liam's P.O.V. *

I slowly opened my eyes to meet a blonde hair, I quickly stood up which woke Ashley, she turned to face me with her beautiful blue eyes, but she was sleeping in her sleeper chair yesterday what happened? How did she get on mine?

"What's wrong?" She asked furrowing her eyebrows.

"Nothing.... Just wondering how and why you got on this chair"

"Oh I'm sorry I just noticed you didn't have a blanket so I decided to sleep with you. Didn't think you don't want me-"

"No no no no of course I want to love, you did the best thing because I was dying to get you in my bed" She let out a small cute chuckle giving me a peck on my cheek, as usual.

"Well good morning then" She said getting off the chair.

"Morning love, if you want to change or take a shower or whatever you females do, there is this motel next to the hospital I can pay for it" I smiled at her.

"Really? Yeah that'd be great! Thank you" She seemed a lot better today.

"Okay then, let's wait for the doctor first then we can go" She sighed all the nice mood disappearing once she landed her eyes on Zayn’s body. She walked over to the edge and hesitated on holding his hand, she sighed and ended up just resting her hand on her lap.

“Zayn? You’re going to be okay, right? You’re going to wake up, and get better, and we’ll have epic rap battles together. And I promise to never upset you, just wake up for me.” She whispered as I tried to block her words away by pull the chair back up.


*Ashley's P.O.V*

The door’s opening interrupted my little talk with Zayn, a talk that was only from one side. W

"Good morning Mr Payne, Ashley" The doctor greeted walking in with a nurse, at least he remembered my name.

"Hello.” I replied as Liam mumbled a quiet ‘morning.’

"You can go rest now, we have to check on the patient." He the added and I nodded.

"We'll be right back babe, I promise" I whispered to Zayn before kissing his forehead and the stupid heart monitor starting beeping faster, I ignored it and took another glance at Zayn before the nurse opened the door for us to get out. Finally I was going to take a shower, eat and change my clothes...I quickly turned to Liam realizing that I don’t have any clothes to change.

"I don't have any clothes, Liam" I reminded him, but he seemed out of space.

"You do now” Her girly voice emerged in front of me, I turned back to see Melody, Shay and the boys. Mel gave me a bag full of clothes I figured, I didn't have time to see what it was since Liam dragged me to the elevator, we walked out of the hospital to get attacked by a bunch of flashing lights, and screams. I grabbed Liam's hand tighter and he wrapped his arm around me, I couldn't see anything at all.

"Can we tell them we're together?" He whispered in my ear and I shook my head.

"Liam what happened to Zayn?"

"Ashley did you really give your blood?"

"Is Zayn going to be okay?"

All of these we're some of the questions I could hear.

"Please give us some space" Liam told them as we made our way to the car. Even though the motel was next to the hospital we had to get in the car because there was in no way we would have reached the reporters’ attacks. Liam turned the car on and started driving away.

"Are you okay?" He asked finally talking after a long period of silent treatment. I can’t blame him, he’s best friend is in a very fragile state.

"Yeah, I just can't see for the moment" I responded blinking away the light.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it" He replied monotonely.

"So where are we going? I thought the motel was next to the hospital?"

"Yeah but since the paparazzi are here, they won't leave us alone. So change of plans"

It was silent for a moment; I just stared through the window looking at all the people living their normal lives we’ve passed, kids playing around and their parents telling them to be careful. Old people crossing the streets and young men helping them. Couples being all lovely in front of everyone not afraid of a picture to get taken of them. I miss that life, but I have another one, a better one now; of course there are so many obstacles, but being with the ones you love is the best thing ever, and sacrificing my normal life for them was totally worth it.

"We’re here" Liam announced parking the car in the parking lot, I picked the bag where I had my clothes and opened the door, it was a small motel but I didn’t, care I just want to clean myself and go back next to Zayn. Liam leaded the way to the reception. Where there was a man in his thirties.

"Hello, we'd like to have a room just so we can shower and change" Liam asked seeming awfully tired.

"Just for about two or three hours most?" The man asked.

"Yes" Liam confirmed. The man gave Liam the key that had 14 written on it. The room was right in front of us.

"Oh and, you can't do anything inappropriate" The man added again causing me to raise my eyebrows showing him that I was actually offended. I wouldn’t do anything inappropriate with Liam, let alone in a motel.


The room was pretty big actually, I showered first then wore the clothes Mel brought me. It was a top with an American flag printed on the middle, some red skinny jeans and a white converse; glasses and red nail polish? Like I'd have the time to do my nails… Liam was still in the shower so I decided to call Jason because he had helped me a lot, and I should at least check on him.

"Hello" His voice came from the other line.

"Hey Jason it's Ashley" I reminded him.

"Ashley who?" He asked seeming confused but still afraid of hurting my feelings.

"Ashley Malik…"

"Oh hey! You never gave me your number so…" He finally remembered me.

"Yeah yeah I know, I just called because I was bored" I explained but instantly regretted my words as he replied back to me.

"Oh so I'm like the second choice huh?"

"No no I didn't mean it like that, I’m just really busy lately, some problems…" I revealed sighing just remembering Zayn’s body on the hospital bed, he looked so fragile, I just really wanted him to wake up so I could tell him how much I loved and appreciated him, because the thought of losing him made me realize a few things.

"Yeah I heard what happened to that guy; Zayn, right?"


"Well did you find who beat him anyway?"

"No- Wait! How did you know he was abused? Nobody gave any information about this" I asked curiously, Paul made sure not to confirm anything more than Zayn had been rushed to the hospital, some people are suspecting drug overdose even.

"Oh uh.... I just guessed?"

"Jason, do you know anything? Did you see who did that to him?" I asked suspecting that he might have witnessed the incident, or else he wouldn’t know too much information about it.

"Um no, listen I have to go. Call you later okay? Bye" He quickly hung up nervousness clear in his voice. How did he...? Can he be...? Nah he can’t! He's a nice guy why would he do that? And he doesn’t even know Zayn so yeah.

"Hey who were you talking to?" Liam asked leaving the bathroom with only his towel wrapped around his waist.

"Just a friend. You don't know him yet but he helped me to get you guys back home when you were drunk" I explained and he nodded. "Um... Are you planning on keeping that towel or changing to some actual clothes?" I teased and he rolled his eyes.

"I don't have any actual clothes, remember?" He mocked laying down on a bed.

"Oh yeah... So you're going out with a towel?" I raised an eyebrow confused like the blonde I am, causing him to chuckle.

"No we're not going back now, everyone is with Zayn, I told Harry to bring me some clothes, so we just have to wait" He explained motioning for me to lay next to him, I shook my head refusing.

“No way!” I protested.

"Come on, lay down it's not like I'm gonna eat you" He pleaded, right then, a knock sounded from the door.

"You stay here, I'll open the door. Maybe it's that guy from earlier, if he sees you like that god knows what he'll assume" I grinned opening the door to find Harry.

"Hey" I hugged him unwarily. I kind of missed him; we didn't talk that much lately.

"Here are Liam's clothes" He handed me a bag and I opened the door wider.

"Come on in" I welcomed him putting the bag next to Liam.

"Why is Liam only wearing a towel?" He asked looking annoyed? Mad? I don't know something between that.

"He has no clothes, duh" I said sitting down, Liam went to the bathroom to change and I sat on different beds with Harry.

"How's Zayn? Did he move?" I asked selfishly hoping that he didn’t, because I wanted to be next to him when he moves.

"No he's still the same"

"Any news about who did that to him?" I asked again.

"Nobody knows what happened" I hesitated on whether I should share my theory on Jason. I think I should, I mean not telling them would be like accepting what they did to Zayn.

"You know.... I have this friend, I met in McDonalds like a week ago, his name Is Jason and he helped me to get you guys home when you were drunk." I looked up at him to see a puzzled look.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because.... Because I think Jason knows who did that to Zayn" His eyes grew wide but he still had a puzzled look.

"Go on" He motioned for me to continue.

"I called him earlier when I was bored, and he asked if we know who did it, while nobody ever said anything about Zayn getting beaten up on TV right?" he nodded "I asked him if he knew something about it and he just became nervous then hung up" I finished my explanation.

"That has to mean something, why would he get nervous if he didn't do anything?"

"I know, that's what I'm thinking!"

"Can you give me that Jason guy's number?" I gave it to him and he added him to his contacts.

"What are you going to do?"

"Tell Paul. It might be him, or he might have seen it" I sighed then Liam came out wearing his new clothes.

"Okay we can go back to the hospital now" We stood up picking the bags, Liam leading the way, Harry and I next to each other at the bag.

"You're still up to that tattoo thingy we agreed about yesterday?" He whispered in my ear, and I laughed at his randomness.

"Yeah, all though it's really random" He smiled sheepishly.




When we arrived to the hospital, the entrance was even more crowded with people. I figured they were a few fans, once we reached the hall where Zayn’s room in, I noticed that everyone was seeming a bit strange.

"What happened?" I asked worriedly.

"He woke up" Louis smiled widely at me.

"Oh my god can I see him? Is he okay?"I excitedly asked.

"He only wants to see you" Niall informed from the back, I quickly opened the door not even considering that there might be a nurse and there. And there was my sunshine sleeping. I thought he was awake.... Maybe he was only resting. I sat next to him and held his hand, he quickly opened his eyes, then grinned widely when he saw me. A cut on the corner of his lip seeming to bother him a little as he let out a small moan.

"Hey Ashley"

"Hey Mr I-scared-the-shit-out-of-Ashley" He let out a little chuckle then a yelp. "Oh god are you okay?" I asked resting my hand on his cheek, he reopened his eyes smiling wider.

"Yeah don't worry, I'm fine" It's crazy how he's still smiling all though he's so sick and in major pain.

"So... they told me you wanted to see me" I wiggled my eyebrows causing him to laugh.

"Yes, the doctor said that you gave me your blood, and I wanted to thank you for that" I smiled warmly shaking my head.

"Don't! I know you would do the same if I was the one needing blood"

"Look at us, talking about blood like we're vampires" He joked laughing, and I burst into laughter. I took my hand off of his face and we stayed quiet for a moment.



"Please tell me what happened, and who did this to you" I begged wanting to not judge Jason on just what I figured.

"You will get mad at me" He admitted.

"No no no I can’t get mad at you" I insisted and he sighed giving up.

"Okay fine, I think I got really wasted that I met this girl, she was seducing me and I went home with her, I don't remember what happened but I just remember that we were.... making out. Then her brother or boyfriend walked in and did all of this. I would have punched him back but I was too drunk to realize what was going on" He told me avoiding me eyes.

"Does her boyfriend slash brother look like this guy?" I showed him a picture of Jason and I from the club night, his eyes went wide.

"How did you...? Why are you with him?" He asked in complete disbelieve.

 "Just answer me"

"Yes it's him, that's totally him. He was wearing the same shirt" A tear escaped my eye, I can’t believe I actually talked with the guy who caused Zayn all of this pain. Zayn noticed and wiped my tear away

"Why are you crying love?" I sniffed at his worried eyes.

"I know this guy, his name is Jason, and you were making out with his fifteen years old sister" I told him the horrible thing that happened, between him and a fifteen year old.

"B-but she didn't look fifteen"

"Well she is, and just thinking about that makes me disgusted"

"Wait Ashley!" He shouted after me as I quickly skipped to the bathroom, slamming the door shut after me.

"I'll be right back" With that I closed the bathroom door and cried, don't know why, but I just tried so hard.


*Zayn's P.O.V*


My body felt numb, my eyes were heavy, I tried opening them but I was incapable. Only the white light forced me to put more effort into opening them, and Ashley’s words. Yes, I could hear everything that was going on, I just couldn’t react, and it killed me to know that I couldn’t hold her in my arms.

"Mr Malik can you hear me?" After a moment of trying to get used to the light, who seemed to be my doctor asked waving his hand in front of me.

"Y-yeah" My voice sounded like a cracked noise so I cleared my throat. "Yes I can hear you"

"Thank god. He's awake" He announced to someone beside him. "Do you remember what happened to you?" He asked and I nodded

"How did I survive? I thought I'd die" I seriously talked.

"Ms. Ma- I mean Ashley and Mr Payne found you then they brought you here, they both stayed the night after Ashley gave you her blood-"

"Wait what? But blood and needles scare her" I stated a fact I’ve learned about her a long time ago.

"Well she definitely got over it considering the fact that we took four pints of blo-"

"Four pints of blood?! Are you people crazy! You were trying to kill her!" I exclaimed at him my anger boiling inside of me, not only did I worry her, I also took four pints of blood off her body! She needs that blood more than I do.

"Don’t worry, she was healthy enough and you needed that much blood."

"Where is she now?" I asked dismissing the doctor who was getting on my nerves, how could he put her in such danger?

"I don't know, but she's not with your relatives outside"

"I want to see her first" I informed him.

"I'll make sure to tell her as soon as she shows up."

Four pints of blood? That is insane; a healthy human being can only give one pint every 56 days, four in one day? That's suicide. Why would she even give me her blood? Why would she stay the night? I don't want to get my hopes up because she definitely doesn’t love me back, she just doesn’t. I closed my eyes resting them a little bit. When I felt a hand touching mine, I know who these soft hands belong to, I quickly reopened my eyes and there she was holding my hand.

"Hey Ashley" I greeted smiling widely, the corner of my lips hurt.

"Hey Mr I-scared-the-shit-out-of-Ashley" I chuckled which gave me a slight pain in my chest so I yelped. "Oh god are you okay?" She quickly asked resting her hand on my check. She really did care about me, I smiled even wider.

"Yeah don't worry, I'm fine"

"So... they told me you wanted to see me" She wiggled her eyebrows which made me laugh even harder, this time it didn't really hurt in my chest.

"Yes, the doctor said that you gave me your blood, and I wanted thank you for that"

"Don't! I know you would do the same if I was the one needing blood" Yeah that's because I love you more than a friend or a dear one; I love you like Romeo loved Juliet. Wait a second! Does that mean she loves me back? Is that what she was referring to? Don’t get your hopes up, Zayn, don’t get your hopes up.

"Look at us, talking about blood like we're vampires" I joked laughing as she laughed loudly, I felt quite proud for being the one who caused her laughter.



"Please tell me what happened, and who did this to you" Her eyes killed me and I wanted to tell her, but she'd get mad at me.

"You will get mad at me"

"No no no I can't get mad at you" I sighed giving up on her insistence.

"Okay fine.... I think I got really wasted that I met this girl, she was seducing me and I went home with her, I don't remember what happened but I just remember that we were... making out. Then her brother or boyfriend walked in and did all of this. I would have punched him back but I was too drunk to realize what's going on" I looked down avoiding her gaze.

"Does her boyfriend slash brother look like this guy" She asked showing me a picture on her phone, with the same guy, how does she know him? Did he try something on her?

"How did you...? Why are you with him?" I asked my inner protective self showing up.

"Just answer me"

"Yes it's him, that's totally him. He was wearing the same shirt" Her eyes watered and a tear fell down her cheek, I wiped it off resting my hand on her soft cheek as a sudden sadness hit me like a wall of bricks.

"Why are you crying?"

"I know this guy, his name is Jason, and you were making out with his fifteen years old sister" I couldn’t believe her words, there must be some mistake! A fifteen year old can’t have such big breasts! I felt like such a pedophile, but I was so ashamed of myself.

"B-but she didn't look fifteen" I shared my thoughts still shocked that even my drunk side couldn’t tell the difference between a woman and a kid.

"Well she is, and just thinking about it makes me disgusted"

"Wait Ashley!" I called after her as she rushed over to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

"I'll be right back" She shouted sounding like she was sobbing.. I just rested my head back on the pillow, wondering what went wrong. Is she crying because of me? Or that Jason guy? I really hope I didn't make her cry because that would hurt me more than the punches I received..





That's the longest and most eventful chapter I've ever written and you guys should appreciate it by voting and commenting! Or you can just read it, it’s all good. I was gonna write more but I think this is… More than enough.


Oh and just to make it clear I have NOTHING against Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle. This is just a fictional story, none of the events or the actions the characters do are real, please don’t get all butthurt about it.


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