No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


39. Different Reactions, Different People.


Whenever I’d touch my lips, the sparks would come back, and a smile would appear on my face. It was so beautiful, that I’m still effected with his charm. But I couldn’t bring myself into knowing why he did that. I actually did, but I didn’t want to think about that reason because it would just bring my hopes up for nothing. I chose to be oblivious.

Kiss me in sweet slow motion, let’s let everything slide, you got me floating

Was my tweet, lyrics from This Kiss by Faith Hill. Not such a good move but I couldn’t keep myself into dealing with all these feelings. I only wanted to focus on helping Zayn with his smoking addiction, and Niall through what Melody did.

I opened one eye after I heard the silence for too long, it was so calm in the plane, nobody was moving. They either died or got drugged because they can’t just fall asleep. Apparently Zayn decided to be the one sitting next to me, but he fell asleep actually. Liam was in front of us fully awake, Louis was sleeping in another seat and Niall was listening to Music silently, Harry was nowhere to be seen. I admired Zayn’s beautiful angelic face as he was breathing oblivious to what’s going on, possibly dreaming about comic books, or his favorite singer. He had his headphones on and I could hear Frank Ocean's Novacane. I picked my iPhone and snapped a picture for my Twitter followers.

AshleyMalik: Chéri  is sleeping like an angel and I’m creepily staring at him. Don’t judge me I mean look! [A/N: The picture will be in the media sidebar.]

Just as I tweeted it I remembered that One Direction have French fans too and they might know what chéri means, this is Ashley reporting you from stupid –land, the population; Ashley Malik.

I checked my mentions and for some reason people were sending me pictures of Zayn kissing Perrie… But they were actually the same picture, so I figured they only had one picture of them kissing. I was bored so I thought I might as well defend myself.

AshleyMalik: Why do u guys keep sending me pictures of Zayn kissing Perrie? I don’t care about his past relationships and I don’t know why you all think I do.

I suddenly realized that it came a bit harsh.

AshleyMalik: Just for the record: I love all of you people who respect me and I always do what you guys ask me to <3 All I ask for is some respect xx

“What are you doing?” I jumped from my place because the voice coming next to me.

“Gosh Zayn you scared me!” I exclaimed putting my hand on my chest to feel my heart beats.

“I’m sorry” He laughed picking his phone, I quickly snatched it from his hand and he raised his brows at me in confusion.

"You can’t use your phone!” I forbidden in a complete rush.

“Why…?” He asked still confused.

“Because… because Twitter is overcapacity so don’t use your phone at all” I raised my own brows at how stupid the excuse I came up with was.

“I was going to change the song!” He laughed at me while my cheeks heated.

“Oh…..” I gave him his phone back but still made sure he didn’t log in Twitter by checking from the corner of my eyes.

“Whatever you tweeted, I’m going to read it sooner or later” He smirked with his eyes still focused on his phone.

“Not if I delete it” I quickly picked my phone and pressed the Twitter app, since we were on a plane and not supposed to use service or internet, I had to wait longer for my phone to get the data from Twitter, but he stole my phone away.

“You are not doing that” He protested running to the bathroom. I ran after him and we tripped a couple of times causing a loud bang that surprisingly didn’t wake Louis.

“Give me my phone back!” I shouted reaching for my phone but he put his hands up and I couldn’t reach it, I started jumping but it didn’t help at all, he was too tall.

“You’re so tall” I cried while he was laughing at me.

“I will read it” He said once more before running to the bathroom and locking himself in it, I sighed really loud hitting the bathroom door then yelping in pain, it hurt my hand ow.


*Zayn’s P.O.V*


The way she was so protective and defensive over Twitter raised my suspect. So I went to her Twitter app since I don’t have one installed on my phone, and read the tweets on her profile.

 AshleyMalik: Kiss me in sweet slow motion, let’s let everything slide, you got me floating

 AshleyMalik: Chéri  is sleeping like an angel and I’m creepily staring at him. Don’t judge me I mean look!!oM&6Yu

 AshleyMalik: Why do u guys keep sending me pictures of Zayn kissing Perrie? I don’t care about his past relationships and I don’t know why you all think I do.

 AshleyMalik: Just for the record: I love all of you people who respect me and I always do what you guys ask me to <3 All I ask for is some respect xx

I let out a small chuckled at her silliness, indirectly saying that she loved the kiss, and creeping on me while I’m sleeping, and jealous over Perrie. She’s so silly and I love it.

 I opened the bathroom door as she was going knock again, I pulled her inside then locked it back.

 “You read it didn’t you?” She asked looking down obviously embarrassed with what she said.

 “I did” I confirmed picked up her chin so I could look into her eyes and read the feelings she has inside.

 “Well… I should’ve kept my thoughts to myself” She giggled biting her lip.

 “Then I wouldn’t know, and I needed to know” A small smile showed on her face, the bathroom was pretty tight so our bodies almost touched.

 “Oh and sorry for creeping on you while you were sleeping” I let out a loud laugh and she looked down smiling, I picked her chin up again.

“Don’t ever look down when you’re with me, let me see your eyes” Something about her changed once I said that, I noticed how she tensed up and stared at me sweetly. I leaned in putting a kiss on the corner of her lips, because I didn’t want her to feel as if I was only spending time with her, I only wanted to properly kiss her again after she becomes my girlfriend.

“I still can’t believe you accepted Louis’ dare” I chuckled eyeing her body , she rolled her eyes nodding.

“Don’t even remind me, it’s so cold and I can’t even wear a coat. It’s not fair you know” She complained crossing her arms, I embraced her onto my chest to keep her warm.

“Better?” I asked.

“So much” She said. We heard several knocks on the bathroom door.

“Hello hi excuse me can you get out of this bathroom? Some of us use it to pee not give birth” I opened the door in frustration at the kid who just decided to wake up now.

“What do you want?” I snapped with Ashley standing behind me.

“To pee, now I don’t mind you staying here and watching but I don’t think you’d like to” He said signaling us that it’s time for us to leave, I sighed getting out with Ashley. Why did he have to wake up now and just use the bathroom?

“So some fans were tweeting me pictures of you kissing Perrie and being like ‘he was with a beautiful girl, what makes you think he’d like you’ and that’s like bullying” Ashley started, and I stopped in my tracks to apologize. “Which means you guys are going to have to wear girls bikini for a whole day tomorrow” She continued with a smirk on her face and I sighed in relief that she wasn’t mad.

“What can I---“ My bribing her solution got interrupted by an Irish screaming.

“You did what!”


*Ashley’s P.O.V*


“You did what!” That was definitely Niall’s voice, and I knew what is going on. “How could you?!” He yelled again. “Don’t apologize, I don’t even want to see you again!” He threw the phone away so I ran over to him giving him a big hug, he was literally sobbing and I’ve never seen him like that before. The boys had no idea what was going on, I told them to just stay there, because I could handle it and I could see worry on their faces. I tried calming him down but he wouldn’t stop crying. Why did she call him now! She knows that he’s not supposed to use the phone in the first place!

“It’s gonna be all right babe, don’t cry” I comforted tightening the hug.

“She-sh-“ That was all he said before crying even harder. His sobs couldn’t let him finish his sentence, but I knew what was going on.

“I know, she’s not worth your tears” I soothed looking at him in the eyes apologetically, he suddenly looked shocked and stared deep into my eyes.

“I swear your eyes just turned green!” He exclaimed still trying to figure how it happened.

“Yeah, they do it sometimes” I let out a small chuckle.

“But how? They were blue and then BAM they instantly turned green! ” He picked my face and stared deep into my eyes again.

“Uhm….. What’s going on here?” Zayn asked with the rest of the boys clearing their throats.

“Her eyes were blue and then…. They just turned green and this is weird” Niall said pointing at my eyes, I let out a small chuckle again.

“She’s sad” Harry stated causing all heads to snap at him. “Back when were together, she told me that her eyes turn green when she’s sad don’t look at me like I’m psychic!” Harry explained.

“But it’s amazing how the color changed” Niall observed again letting go of my face.

“At least we know you can get distracted easily” Louis said under his breath but everyone heard it, I slapped his balls and he yelped in major pain.

“Nialler, go wash your face so we can have a talk” I said sending him to the bathroom so I could explain everything to the boys. He did as I told him and went to the bathroom, where Zayn and I had our second kids… Why do I keep linking him to everything?

“Melody was cheating on him, she never went to California, she stayed here in New York with some other guy and I saw her kissing him when I went to the park with Niall this morning, and she knew I did and-“ I said in one breath then stopped to let some air enter my lungs.“ and apparently she told him and now their relationship is over” The boys raised their brows at me in confusion.

“Wait…. So Melody never went to California and she cheated on Niall?” Liam asked carefully.

“Yes” My confirmation sent shock through their bodies that it showed on their face.

“I can’t believe it” Liam managed to say.

“I wouldn’t have believed it to if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.” Niall opened the bathroom door with his puffy eyes then the boys crashed him in a group hug, I just stood there looking at how close they are to each other…. The only two people I know who care and love me like that were Shay and Melody, but I guess I can’t count on Melody anymore. So now it’s all me and my diva Shay.

“Don’t worry man you’ll find way better than her”

“She doesn’t deserve you”

“Don’t cry about her”

“It wasn’t your fault” These were some of the comforting words the boys said to Niall, which made my eyes water a little bit. Niall turned his head to me.

“You knew it, didn’t you?” He asked sniffing.

“This morning, when we were in the park I saw her with him” I admitted chewing on my lip, I had a feeling he was going to hate me for not telling him.

“Is that why you wanted us to leave?” He asked calmly and I nodded. Then he opened his arms asking for a hug and of course I hugged him.

“I’m sorry for not telling you” I apologized still snuggled to him.

“It’s alright, I’m glad nobody disrespected you”  He said ruffling my hair, I giggled.

“Oh and by the way I didn’t pee behind the bushes” I announced pulling away and looking at the rest of the boys, we all laughed for a moment. Then sat on our seats, Niall and Liam were talking in front of me Zayn just sitting next to me and Louis complaining to Harry about my slap.

“Are you still feeling cold?” Zayn asked getting my attention off the clouds again.

“Yeah, a little bit” He opened his arm inviting me in.

“Come here” He said smiling widely so I laid down on his lap as he put his jacket on me, I was so tired so I immediately fell asleep.


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