No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


31. Dance It Off, My Friend.


"So you told her?"


"How was her reaction?"

"She thought I didn’t want to help her anymore"

"Liam, you're a twat. Why can't you just stay with her?"

"No it's not that.... I just feel selfish for keeping her to myself"

"She needs you! You're not being selfish." I overheard Liam & Louis's conversation but I decided to step in to give my side of the story..

"You are going to be selfish if you leave me just so you can feel good about yourself. And Louis, thank you" I said taking my coat & heading out. I wasn't running from the house or anything, I just wanted to leave for now. To go to a place where I can think about all of this.

The best thing about not being as famous as One Direction is that I could walk for such a long time without anyone recognizing me, and even if they did, they didn’t feel the need to come and as k for a picture because I’m not someone to brag about meeting. I sure meet some fans after the concerts, I know that I have some on Twitter, but I don’t get mobbed and I’m thankful for that. I entered McDonalds shoving my hand into my pocket and looking for my wallet. I had enough money to buy something to eat, I was starving anyway.

“Welcome to McDonalds what can I get you?” The young girl behind the desk greeted me with their famous line.

“Um a double cheeseburger with a Pepsi and fries.” I ordered expressing my desire.

"Sure, your order will be served in a minute" I smiled thanking then took a seat at the closest table & grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket. It randomly played Chris Brown's Don’t Wake Me Up acoustic remix. I kept listening to it for four minutes then I felt someone stand beside me. I took my earphones off & stared at the attractive guy in front of me.

"Um can I help you?" I raised an eyebrow confused that a random guy just walked up to me.

"I was just wondering if... you wanted to join us" He offered  pointing at his friends who waved at me. Oh great! I probably look like a loner head who has nobody to eat with.

"Oh, no. But thank you." I replied smiling.

"Then can I sit with you?" He asked again taking me by surprise.

"Um yeah, sure" I replied unsure of why he wanted to sit with me.

"I'm Jason by the way" He introduced pulling his hand out so I could shake it.

"I'm Ashley" I shook his hand & he smiled.

"You look awfully familiar, Ashley" He pointed out trying to figure out where he saw me.

"Oh um... you probably saw me um... with Harry or with Justin" I blushed. I was hoping that nobody would recognize me but you can’t really expect that when you’re friends with the most famous celebrities of this time.

"Oh now I remember! You were on TV the other day, with Justin Bieber"

"Y-yeah" I stuttered feeling a bit uncomfortable. Getting acknowledged for being friends with someone sucks, they just completely forget you actually do things that deserve attention beside hanging out with a popstar… Or in my case, six.

"Don't worry I'm not going to treat you any different than I treat average people." He laughed probably noticing how my face looked. Little did he know I’m as average as everyone else is.

"So, you like Justin’s music?" I asked to show him that I wasn’t really uncomfortable enough to not hold a conversation with him.

"Uh… Not really, my sister does though. She's apparently... married to him" He whispered the last part & I laughed nodding my head. Aren’t all the teenage girls apparently married to him?

"How old is she?" I asked out of genuine interest.

"fifteen, but she acts like an adult sometimes. I'm more immature than her actually" He admitted laughing.

"And how old are you, Jason?" I raised my eyebrow.

"I'm 20." He smiled then the worker tried to get my attention by waving at me. I excused myself to get my orders then went back to Jason after paying for my food.

"You're a year older than me" I observed taking a bite off my cheeseburger. "Probably just a few months though. I'm turning twenty in five months." 

"Oh, anymore information you'd like to share with me?" He said taking my fries.

"Well first thing to know is" I took my fries back "don't ever take my food" I smirked while he laughed apologizing.

"Okay, I deeply apologize dear Ashley." He did a British accent.

"Wait, you're British?"

"No, but I'm trying though. Never seen a British boy before?" I laughed at how oblivious that is.

"Actually, I live with five" I took another bite of my burger.

"Five boys?" He repeated in disbelief.

"I was dating one of them but... it didn’t work out. The others are my best friends…. and lover, and admirer..." I mumbled the two last parts, suddenly realizing bow complicated it is.

"Why did you whisper?"

"Can I trust you?"

"I don't know. You don't need to tell me if you don't want to" He shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, my ex's name is Harry, my lover's name is Zayn & my admirer is Liam. My two other best friends are Niall & Louis" He nodded getting everything into his head. "Harry & I split up for good because he didn't trust me, but he still loves me apparently. Liam loves me too & he offered to be my rebound, and now he thinks that I'll be better with Zayn who I think I love...Then there is Louis who's like the sane one out of all of us & want me to be happy & there is Niall who only cares about food & his girlfriend." I explained in a rush then glanced at him to see how puzzled he looked.

"Uh wow! That is really.... Complicated" He finally managed to say.

"I know, try living through this"

"I think I’ll have to pass" He laughed "So... what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know..." I sincerely answered his question. The worst part is that I’m like… a virgin slut. Dating guys while my heart belongs to another one.

"What do you want?" He asked again.

"Peace!" I sighed pushing my hair up.

"You know you love someone when you can't find the reason why" I raised my eyebrow. Okay, so I love Liam for being sweet and nice, for always being there for me. And I love Zayn for.... just for being Zayn I guess? Oh my god!

"Oh god" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Well, my friends are calling me. It was lovely meeting you, Ashley" He said standing up from his seat.

"Oh yeah you too, I'm going to… sort things out with them"

"See you around?"

"I doubt that"

"Well then here is my number. Call me maybe?" He winked & I laughed at his joke taking the piece of paper.

"Alright, Maybe" He chuckled going back to his friends. I walked out of McDonalds heading straight back home. I've been out for two hours, I was surprised they didn't call so I picked my phone.

(10) Missed Calls From Husbo aka Liam

(5) Missed Calls From Smiley Loubear

(2) new text messages From Zayn Swaginson

'Where are u?"

'Ash come back home we're all worried'

Oh shit!

I ran as fast as I could back home. Once I opened the door, they were all gathered in the living room. I left my keys land on the table which caught their attention.

"I'm so sorry Liam, I really am" I apologized sincerely skipping over to his figure that looked like he was about to collapse anytime. "Liam I wasn't ignoring you I just didn't hear the phone when it was ringing" I exclaimed cupping his cheek.

"He called you ten times Ashley! How could you not hear it?" Louis snapped obviously angry with me.

"I was talking with someone & I'm so sorry." I hugged Liam who showed no emotion.

"You keep scaring me Ashley; first you got kidnapped & now you ran out of the house not answering our calls" Liam finally spoke sweetly, which made me incredibly grateful to have him, because he really cared about me being around him. I suddenly felt the urge to give him a kiss on the lips, but it turned to only a peck, because it didn't feel right. That peck was followed by a loud door slam. I sighed knowing that it was Zayn.

"I'll just go talk to him. Okay?" I wasn't asking Liam, I was just letting him know. Because I really had to end all of this. I knocked on Zayn's door.

"Who is it?" His sexy voice emerged from the room.

"Its.... Its Ashley" I answered.

"I don't feel like talking right now"

"Just open the door, please Zayn" He went silent for a moment before he opened the door for me to face him. "Thank you"

"What do you want?"

"Can I come in?" He hesitated for a moment then pushed the door widely for me to fit in. I walked in to face his half naked Megan Fox poster. I blushed a little bit for absolutely no reason.

"Why are you blushing?" He suddenly asked showing that he could noticed my every move.

"I-I don't know.."

"Uhm so what do you want?" He was avoiding my eyes or even coming near me. And I hated that, I miss when Zayn to talk to me and hug me, I even miss when he threw me into the pool

"I have to ask you something"


"Do... do you really... um.. love me?" I immediately looked at the ground avoiding his gaze. Love is such a stupid word, it’s so childish man! But if I asked him if he liked me it would be even more childish.

"Maybe. I don't know" His response made me want to rip my lungs out. Does he really have to be confusing? A yes or no would be so appreciated. But again, I don’t know my feelings towards him either, so ripping my lungs would just be hypocritical and would get me hospitalized.

"Well um-"

"It's okay, I know that I need to lay off" He smiled sadly. I was actually about to tell him that I feel the same way. But I guess he preferred to just let it all go.

"R-really?" I asked in disbelieve.

"Yeah, I'll get over it. I can try seeing other girls or going on dates" He seemed like he was trying to be positive, I forced a smile on my face. Yeah, seeing other girls. That should work.

"Maybe we can all go clubbing tonight? Then you'll find some chicks" I winked attempting to sound normal, he laughed agreeing but a part of me thought he laughed because he figured that I’m only saying it to sound okay. I left over to the living room and again everyone looked at me I just stared not saying a word.

"So...." Harry started.

"So..." I said.

"So...." Niall repeated.

"So...." Melody said after a while.

"Uhm" I said.

"Uhm" Harry repeated.

"U-" Liam interrupted Niall before he could finish.

"Stop it! You are not starting this again" He hissed and I bit my lip trying not to laugh.

"Well, we're going to the club tonight" I announced excitedly, Harry was clearly excited too since he whispered to Louis "I'm getting some cats tonight" But we all caught his message & stared at him with blank expressions.

"What? You can't blame me okay? I'm a teenage boy & you can't control my hormo-"

"Okay we get it Harry.” Niall rolled his eyes.

"It's 7:40 already, we need to change" Melody observed grabbing my hand & pulling me upstairs to her room. She opened her big closet & brought out a couple of dresses. She picked two of them & showed them to me.

"Okay you're going to wear this one" She showed me a crazy short dress and my eyes instantly grew wider.

"I am so not wearing that!" I protested.

"You are so wearing that. Now get your ass up & go change" She gave me the dress & rushed me to the bathroom.

"But it's so short, I'll look like a prostitute" I whined.

"No you won’t. Just try it on first" I sighed at my stubborn best friend & put the neckline dress on, it went down to my thighs, this isn’t acceptable. I walked out pouting for her to get me another one.

"See, it looks great on you" She insisted handing me while heels scandals to wear with it.

"No I look like those sluts who barely wear anything" I still defended my opinion while sitting down on a chair to wear the sandals.

"No you don't. Now come here I'm doing your hair & make up" She picked her curler & some nails polish & makeup then went on getting me ready. Putting on foundation, concealed, eyeliner, and mascara and a bit of lip-gloss. My hair had cute waves that somehow shined like gold. She then added earrings and shoved a bracelet into my wrist and a ring into my finger.


"I'm done!" She jumped excitedly. She was smiling widely. I thanked her & turned to see Shay looking so hot in her tight black dress. She had her hair straight for the first time.

"Oh my god Ash you look fantastic!" Shay complimented as I held bag filling it with my wallet, my phone and a bag of gum.

"Speak for yourself Shay, you're amazing" We both hugged each other then Melody cleared her throat. We turned to see her with a beautiful black & red dress that matches her black hair. I smiled as I realized I was the only one wearing light colors.

"You look so good Melody, I give you a ten!” Shay complimented her while I just smiled at my best friends. Just almost a year ago, we were begging our parents to let us have sleepovers, and look at us now never drifting apart, just a year ago we were begging our parents for money to buy clothes, and look at us now wearing the most expensive clothes and not even knowing where they came from. We started from the bottom, and now we’re here. [A/N:Drake *wink*]

"I love you girls so much, you’re my sisters, you know that?" I randomly said causing them to coo and embrace me in a hug.

“We’ll forever stay together, until death drifts us apart.” Melody promised and Shay and I agreed.

“Let this friendship win against the obstacles in our lives, we have each other and that’s all it matters.” Shay spoke wisely and I smiled wider knowing that she meant every word she said.

"Okay I think we need to get out now" Melody reminded us. She leaded the way out of the room & Shay & I were following from behind.

"Wow you girls look so hot" Louis & Harry exclaimed at the same time owning a glare from Niall & Liam.

"Shay, Melody you two look very beautiful." Liam grinned widely.

"Ashley" He stepped closer to me taking my hand " You look so perfect, like you always do" He kissed my hand & I blushed at his choice of hand. I’m not stupid, I know I don’t look perfect, but come on who am I to doubt his words?

"Ehm I'd hate to ruin your moment but we need to roll" Typical Louis. Ruining moments is his full time job, I looked at everyone one more time when I noticed Zayn was missing.

"Hey where is Zayn?" I asked a million paranoid reason rushing into my mind.

"Right here" I turned around to find Zayn wearing a black Obey beanie & a Boyce Avenue black t-shirt with a pair of jeans. I smiled at how attractive he looked, and at the fact that he’s the only one I paid attention to.

“You look good, Zayn.” I observed causing an awkward silence to land behind me.

“You too, Ashley.” He smiled back.



*In The Club* [A/N: 50 Cent *wink*]

Drunk boys are not something you wanna see. Grinding to whatever human being they come in contact to. Even Liam who don't usually drink, Louis & Harry got him drunk of course. Mel and I decided not to drink so we can bring the boys back, I feel like Liam right now but since he's drunk I'm doing his job. Shay was so drunk I don't even know how many drinks she had, I stopped counting at seven. I glanced at her through the busy club to see her dancing with a cute guy like there is no tomorrow.... Wait a minute that's Louis, oh well… Niall couldn't stop laughing at random things so Melody took him to dance it off. Harry was flirting with some girl but I guess he messed up because she slapped him in the face. Zayn was making out with a brunette & Liam was sitting next to me.

"Liam" I called.


"Do you think you can dance?" I asked over the loud music.

"Yes love, I sure can" He tried to stand up but kept falling. I shook my head helping him to sit back?

"No you can't dance" He went silent for a moment.

"W-who are you?" He asked & I sighed again.

"I'm Ashley...." He still looked confused.

"Ashley who?" The same scenario we had three times already repeated itself.

"I shouldn't have left you drink" I sighed helping him up so we can go. I waved at Melody who understood then took Liam to the car, he could barely walk & he would randomly sing Gotta Be You. I closed the car door & went back to help Melody with the boys. Then I bumped into someone, I looked up to see Jason?

"Ashley?" He wondered in surprise.

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" I asked smirking because it was the second time I just bump into him.

"Clubbing with my friends"

"Great, uhm I'd love to stay & chat but I have some wasted fools to bring back home" I laughed walking away.

"Hey want some help?" he screamed & I thought about it for a moment. Four boys & a girl, all of them drunk, I don't think I can do it with Melody alone so I accepted.

"Yeah sure" He walked with me as I spot Melody still dancing with Niall.

"Mel, this is Jason" I introduced her to him.

"Oh hey" She smiled shaking his hand.

"He's going to help us get these drunken retards into the car"

"Okay, I'll take my boyfriend, you and Jason can go take Shay & Harry. Zayn is nowhere to be seen so he's probably back with some girl" She laughed, I pulled Jason's arm & took him to where Shay was/

"Heyyyyyyyy whoo's that hoooot guy with ya?" She screamed while I grabbed her arms with Jason helping me to pick her up. I left her go with Jason since I guided him to where the car was. Now I went to look for Harry & of course he was making out with a blonde girl with makeup. Well at least things worked out with this one. I pulled his arms roughly & he turned to face me.

"You jealous?" He smirked his eyes too heavy to open up.

"No, but I have to get you back home so let's fucking go!" I shouted pulling his arms harder & he moaned waving bye to the girl. I got him into the car where everyone was passed out. Melody was outside talking to Jason. I pushed Harry inside the car & closed the door.

"Okay who's driving?" I asked Mel who was standing with Jason.

"I can't drive, I had a couple of drinks tonight" I sighed.

"Well I can't drive either because I had a drink by accident"

"I can drive" Jason offered causing me to raise my eyebrows.

"What about your friends?"

"They all brought their girlfriends so they'll be fine" I smiled nodding gratefully.

"Alright then get in" I pushed him into the car laughing. I opened the car door sitting next to Liam who was resting his head on my shoulder & Mel sat next to Niall who was all over her.

"Thank you Jason" I said before he started the car & we went on the road.



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