No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


15. Chapter 15 : Breaking The Taylor Swift Law.

Niall was fingerling the whole day, every time Justin says something we hear a loud girly scream coming from Niall, At least I know he's happy, Melody was excited too, Harry was so pissed the whole time. I guess it's because I didn't want to keep a relationship with him, but nobody can blame me, he cheated on me, what would you do if you were in my place?

I had so much fun with Ryan & Justin, he's so sweet, nice & humble, and we even exchanged numbers. We're at a hotel now, & I'm waiting for Liam to come in the room, I just want to know what's going to happen between him and Danielle next. I hope she didn't break his heart again.

"Hey" I turned around to see Liam entering our room, of course we're sharing it again, I'm his cuddle buddy.

"What happened?! Tell me every tiny detail" I rushed standing up and blocking his way.

"Well..... She dumped me. She didn't even come to talk" He sadly confessed. I hugged him so he could rest his head on my shoulder.

"I told you Liam, you deserve a lot better, not that Danielle isn't good, but if she doesn't support your career, then she's not worth it"

"Then who's worth it? Who's that better? I want to meet her!" He begged seeming so done and over with the whole relationships deal.

"You're going to meet her someday, I promise you, this isn't the time to find perfect true love, this is the time to make mistakes and learn from them, you know."

"Look at me Ashley, just look at me" He shook his head in surrender.

"I am looking at you. All I see is a handsome, caring, sweet & perfect guy. I'm not saying it because you're my friend, I'm saying it cause it's true. Believe it or not, any girl would be lucky to have you Li" I lifted up his head trying to comfort him.

"You don't know how it feels" He mumbled pushing my hand away from his face.

"Trust me I know how it feels, Harry cheated on me with a really gorgeous girl who called me fat, & now I feel so insecure , I feel like I'm not good enough for anybody, like what she said about me was true and that’s why he went to her, and now I feel the need to change my appearance, maybe then I’ll be good enough." He looked at me with sad eyes regretting what he said.

"I'm sorry Ash" I just hugged him saying 'it's okay'. I wish I could help him more but I had no idea what to do.

"So tell me, how was your meeting with Bieber?" He asked raising an eyebrow and trying to change the subject.

"Amazing, he's so nice, cute, sweet, caring, handsome, and humble & every other positive word I can't think of right now. Niall surprisingly didn't faint, oh & Justin asked about you" I told him making him furrow his eyebrows in confusion and surprise.

"How did he know me? I've never met him" I looked at him with 'are you fricking kidding me' look.

"You're Liam Payne from One Direction, there is no possible way he can't know you" He nodded & I continued on my story. "We exchanged numbers by the way" I informed smiling, he had a weird look on that I didn’t succeed to figure the meaning of.

"Are you telling me you want to go out with that beaver!" He suddenly shouted as I looked at him confusingly.

"He's not a beaver! And we just exchanged numbers" I defended.

"I know what you're doing Ash, please don't try to do something you'll regret"

"I'm not doing anything Li, just like you're moving with your life after Danielle, I'm moving with mine" I yelled defending my actions that somehow were twisted in Liam’s mind.

"But you never broke up with Harry, you never said 'it's over' which means you're still his"

"Well if a stupid sentence is going to end all of this crap, then I'll go tell him right away" I shrugged leaving him in the room and heading outside where Harry's room was clearly seen. Just as I knocked, he opened the door as if he was waiting for me, and the look on his face was surprised.

"I have some things I want to talk to you about" I informed trying to keep it calm; he opened the door wider so I could fit in. "So basically I was talking with Liam, pretty much arguing & it's all because I told him about having Justin's number, he just freaked out &.... " I glanced at Harry to check if he was following along but he seemed puzzled. "Anyway, he said I'm still yours because we technically didn't say 'we're over' or whatever, & now I'm here to say: we're over! And I also wanna talk abo-"I got cut off by his lips crashing on mine, it was just a quick kiss to shut me up, the same one he gave in about a month, he pulled away & I looked at him with huge wide eyes.

"We'll be over when I say we are" He determined.

"I have the right to end this relationship, you cheated on me Harry. I can't stay with a cheater"

"You didn't let me explain" He started yelling again.

"You don't have anything to explain, I saw it with my own eyes you were kissing her!" Tears began to form in my eyes but I'm not breaking down. Not in front of him.

"She threw herself at me; I would never cheat on you Ash. But whatever you won't believe"

"You're right, I won't believe. Everyone was warning me about you but I didn't listen to them"

"That's because I wanna change, I wanna stick with one girl for once. & I was doing great until that Emily showed up-“

"Then you lost control because she's much more beautiful than me & skinnier." I interrupted feeling the tears going down my cheeks; I couldn't hold it anymore so I went running back to my room, ignoring his calls. He followed me but I was faster.

"What did he do Ashley! Why are you crying?" Liam asked pulling me in a hug while I sobbed on his chest. "Please stop crying love, you know I hate seeing you like this" He pleaded kissing my forehead.

"I'm sorry, I just can't help but cry at how pathetic my life is" Still sniffing and crying, a knocking sounded out of the door followed by Harry’s raspy voice.

"Liam open the door! Open the door Liam I need to talk to her"

"Go away! I hate you now go away" I yelled back throwing whatever was next to me at the door.

"Ashley, please forgive what I'm going to do now" Liam apologized taking his warmth away from me... Oh no no no NO! He opened the door for Harry, Harry walked in & Liam went out. Harry tried to embrace me in his arms, but I sent him away.

"Don't you dare touch me." He stood there in his place afraid of moving.

"Ashley, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met, & I don't get why you're so insecure"

"Maybe because my stupid boyfriend cheated on me, with the bitch who called me fat." I yelled still mad, depressed having mixed emotions that weren’t good to feel.

"For god's sake Ashley I didn't cheat on you!" He yelled "She threw herself at me & started kissing me, I swear to god I pulled away so quickly, but apparently her friends took the picture before I did. Ashley I would never ever cheat on you" I don't know why, but I believed him this time, he seemed so honest & convincing. I faced him sniffing.

"She's better than me Harry, you deserve better" I mumbled but he hugged me instead of running away to her, this time I didn't tell him off, I just hugged him back.

"She's not better than you, nobody is better than you." I smiled at him, no idea why I'm doing this. Maybe it's just because I still want him... I honestly don't know.

"So..... We're still together?” I asked whipping my tears.

"Only if you forgive me"

"Guess I'll give you one more chance" His lips immediately met mine making me gasp for a moment at how unexpected that was, before I could even kiss him back, he pulled away.

"And I promise I won't mess up this time." He promised locking his pinky with me as I giggled.

"I have to go talk with Lou, & you're coming with me" I said taking his hand.

"Alright" We walked to Louis's room, we knocked twice then he opened the door. He saw me & smiled

"Hey princess" then Harry showed up & Lou's expression changed

"Can we talk for a moment Lou?" He nodded & I walked in with Harry "Harry has something to tell you" I said elbowing Harry so he can talk.

"Ehm..... So basically... uh.... You know, I'm really sorry Lou. I never cheated on Ashley, the girl threw herself at me and I pulled away but not fast enough.... I'm sorry I caused all this and I miss you LouBear" He apologized awkwardly, and I flashed Louis a smile, who flashed Harry a smile, who was nervous as hell.

"Its fine Harry, just don't hurt her again, or I'll go all ninja turtle on you" Louis joked & we all burst into laughter. They hugged each other and I decided to leave them alone.



Everyone knows we're back together. Zayn didn't take it that well, he just took his keys and walked out of the hotel. If only he knew that crush is getting bigger every day, but I have a boyfriend and I love every moment with him.

"So Ash, you still wanna go to that Pet Store?" Louis proposed making me so excited and hyper.

"Yes! Let’s go now" I yelled excitedly. I was still in my outfit so Louis took the keys & we walked out of the hotel after I kissed my boyfriend and asked for his permission. Surprisingly there were no paparazzi or fans, I bet they were out of new stories since the past three months had been all about Ashley Malik doing this with that and that with this. As soon as Louis start driving the car, we pulled over. I rolled my eyes at how far the place was and how long the drive was.

"We're here" Louis announced as I rolled my eyes at his dramatic ways.

"Why did we take the car since its right next to the hotel?"

"So we can make it more proper, gosh Ashley you really need to learn from me" I smiled at the weirdo next to me. We entered the pet store and cuteness was overdosed; puppies, kittens, birds, hamsters, mice, rabbits, fish, and other animals looking as adorable as ever.

"Okay you can see any pet you want but we're not getting anyone" Louis warned ignoring my gaze.

"What! But that's like saying 'Hey here's $400,000 But you can only look, don't touch it" I whined pouting at him.

"You can touch them if you want but we can't buy anything." He insisted making me cross my arms in defeat.

"But why!" I whined begging him.

"Because I said so"

"I thought you loved me" I pleaded forcing him to meet my eyes.

"Yes I do love you little Ashley." I rolled my eyes and started looking at all the cute dogs and cats, scary snakes and disgusting frogs. Oh my god what a cute rabbit. I kept walking across them all, Louis saying "aww" in a girly voice every time he sees a pet.

"Oh my gosh Lou look at this cutie!" I exclaimed pointing at a cute Maltese Puppy.

"Aww he's looking at us" Louis cooed as the puppy licked the glass.

"Lou, I'm in love with this dog, we have to buy it" I seriously insisted.

"Babe I'd love to, but Liam won't be happy"

"Oh come on! I can convince Liam, just get me this cutie and I'll love you forever" I pleaded making him laugh.

"Alright, anything for you princess" I kissed his cheeks and started jumping excitedly, people giving me looks.

I observed other animals as Louis went to the young woman to ask about the dog, pet stores and zoo are the most beautiful places ever.

“Two pictures and an autograph" The woman said once I joined them, I laughed with Louis.

"Alright love" he approved taking pictures with her and signing her things "There you go" She said handing us the dog. "Thank you for coming" we nodded smiling and I took the dog in my arms playing with it.

"Aww Louis this is so cute, I can't handle it"

"Shut up, you get everything you want so just enjoy the puppy's company and stop complaining" He hissed playfully.

"Says the famous lad who gets everything free" I rolled my eyes

"Hey you just said lad, I thought you Americans don't say that! & that was not free, I took pictures with her and signed her panties and bra" I laughed at the last one.

"You had fun so stop complaining too. And no, I guess staying with you Brits for a long time started to affect me" We walked to the car again. The dog was curling in my shirt, so cute.

"Okay, we have to make a plan so that nobody will see the puppy" Louis stated the obvious seeming like a secret agent. "You put it under your shirt, & they won't notice" He shouted and I looked at how stupid he is.

"Louis, the dog is big enough to make me seem pregnant"

"Exactly." We walked through the hotel entrance as the doorman greeted us. We took the elevator to our flat and everyone was watching a movie I guess.

"We're back guys" Louis announced standing in front of the TV, I put the puppy under my shirt and stood beside him.

"Ashley, what's that under your shirt?" Liam asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh that's nothing Liam I told you she's my baby's mama.... Yeah that's our baby" Louis explained in a rush.

"Why does it move?" Niall observed.

"It does? I didn't notice, okay bye guys we're gonna go.... Have sex!" Louis said pulling me with him, we ran to the room and everyone followed us. Right then, the puppy decided to start barking.

"What's that?" I heard Melody ask.

"It sounds like barking...." Liam commented in disbelief.

"Run for your life!" Louis yelled running away and leaving me stuck with the puppy, I put it on the floor expecting it to run away, but it didn't move. "Run!"I shouted at the puppy and the others were just looking at me. "I said... Run!" But the puppy just licked my face. Everyone laughed at my failed attempt of saving the cutest creature to ever exist.

"Oh babe you're so sweet even puppies like to lick your face" Harry mocked helping me up & I took the dog in my arms

"You're a horrible dog Makaveli" I named it Makaveli, since Makaveli was to live after Tupac’s death because he knew he would die; genius.

"What is this dog doing here?" Liam asked waiting for a response, I squeezed my brain for an excuse, but nothing seemed to make sense.

"Louis!" I shouted at him so he came back running. "Tell them what the dog is doing here" He looked at me then at the dog then at Liam.

"Uh... well you see-"

"A fan gave it to us.... As a present" I finally found a good excuse so I used it.

"Yeah, she said she's going to be so sad if she doesn't see it with us in the interview tomorrow"

"Yea-wait, you guys have an interview?" I asked not only trying to change the subject, but also curious to know.

"Yeah, and you have it too." Liam answered still not convinced with what Louis and I claimed.


"Butts are for sitting Ashley-

“And twerking!” I corrected still trying to change the subject, a few of them laughed loudly, while Liam just smiled failing to pull the serious face.

“I'm not keeping this dog in here" Liam protested gaining back his evil decision.

"But how could you reject such an adorable face?" I pleaded giving him my best puppy dog eyes, with the dog helping me.

"Ugh! Alright fine, you're keeping it. But I'm not responsible for it"

"Yay! Don't worry Liam, Makaveli is a good dog"

"Makaveli? What kind of dogs name is that?" Louis mocked laughing at my genius chaise.

"You obviously don't know Tupac, Bye!" I shouted taking Harry's hand and holding the puppy.

"That might sound cliché, but you're cuter than the puppy" Harry complimented and I blushed kissing him.



Now they're back together, I decided to make their relationships longer. But she's not ending up with him though. Justin is still in the story.

Thanks for the reads!






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