No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


36. Challenges Are Always Welcome


BritneyXoxo1D: Can you please take a picture of One Direction shirtless? PLEASE! Imagine how many people will love you for that <3


A sick smile crept on my face as I read that tweet, totally doing it. But I had to find a way to convince them of showing in from of me shirtless. Something they only do when they’re asleep.


“What are you thinking about?” Liam asked raising his brow in confusion.


“Nothing…” I smiled innocently.


“Don’t try anything” He warned me and I smiled at him nodding like a little angel.


“Can we go now? Everyone ate their foods why are we still here?” Louis whined after a very long period of mumbling curse words at us, he should be thankful I didn’t shave his hair for losing my dog.


“We’re waiting for the waitress to come” Liam replied as if it was the most obvious thing to ever exist.


“Are you serious? We’ve already paid when we ordered!” He seemed to finally come to his sense after blushing at how stupid that was.


“Then let’s go.” He mumbled quietly, Louis cheered running over to the van while I made sure Zayn was feeling alright before following him to the van.


Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn soon joined us, and Zayn sat right next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder causing him to yelp in pain


“Oh my god I’m so sorry I forgot” I apologized instantly taking my heavy head off his shoulder.


“No it’s okay, you can lay on my lap if you want” I smiled resting my head on his lap, it was just lunch time and I already felt tired, we still had to go to Hard Rock Café though. I sighed which got Zayn’s attention, he looked down at me worried that I might not have liked his lap, but I stuck my tongue out while closing my eyes which made him laugh.


“I’m glad you were mistaken to my sister.” He suddenly whispered once he finished laughing at my silly move.


“I’m glad too.” I smiled back at him.




*Back In The House*


“Ok lads we’re gonna change in the dressing room, the makeup and hair artists are in there” Liam announced to the boys.


“Wait, why do you need a makeup and hair artist when you’re just going out casually?” I asked confused to why all the dramatic moves. I thought we were going straight to the café, but I was surprised when we pulled off in the house’s driveway.


“Because we’re meeting fans, and we have to impress them duh” Harry replied and I rolled my eyes sitting on a chair to wait for them to finish getting dressed. Suddenly, they walked out of the little dressing rooms with only their boxers on, Liam and Harry were wearing pants though.


“What the…?” I quickly covered my eyes hearing the boys’ laughter “ I thought you were getting dressed not naked!” I screamed still covering my eyes to protect my mind from any dirty thoughts.


“We always take off our clothes and get our hair before wearing them.” I figured it was Niall since the owner of the voice had an Irish accent.


“We started that tradition since our clothes got wrinkled because of the hair blower once.” I could tell it was Liam talking because of how fast he was explaining it.


“Hey you can look, it’s not like you’ve never seen us in boxers” Zayn comforted.


“Actually, I’ve never seen you-“ Before I could finish my protest I felt someone’s hand grab mine, the person took both my hands off my eyes but I still closed my eyes shut.


“Come on just open it” Since I knew it was Zayn, I hit his chest still careful to not hurt him.


“In one condition, I take pictures of you” They all laughed like it was a joke “I’m serious” I confirmed.


“Okay, can you open your eyes now?” Liam said and so I did, they were only in their boxers oh my god, I looked around and I couldn’t find Louis.


“Where is Louis?” I asked my vision a little blurry.


“He went to hide so you don’t take pictures of him” Niall answered, I quickly grabbed my phone and took pictures, then logged on Twitter and replied to that BritneyXoxo1D’s tweet


AshleyMalik: @BritneyXoxo1D Sorry but Louis ran away before I could take a picture, but here are rest of the boys :)xx 


“Okay are you done from humiliating us?” Harry asked sighing deeply.


“It’s not humiliating; you guys have nice bodies so be proud”


“Wait… did you just say we have nice bodies?” Zayn gave me a smirk and I quickly covered my mouth wide eyed, once I realized what I said.


“No… I didn’t, I said you have nice…. Puppies, yeah” They gave me the famous are you serious look.


“That doesn’t even make any sense” Louis said walking back into the room.


“Oh there you are, I’m gonna take that picture no matter what you do” I warned changing the subject.


“Never!” He replied hitting his chest like a gorilla.


It took then an hour and a half to take their hair done and dress into their clothes., I swear they take triple the time I take to get ready and they take care of their hair more than I do, and now I feel embarrassed.


I got so many mentions from the fans since I posted that picture, most of them are like ‘omg my ovaries exploded’ or ‘ I’m so dead’ But it was really nice how nobody sent me hate.


We were sitting in the van in front the Hard Rock café; I was trying to count the amount of fans, but they were too much I lose count at twenty, I think Liam probably regrets telling them we were coming. But thank god there were security and body guards so nobody could try to pull my hair.


“I think telling them where we were going was a bad idea…” Liam confessed looking through the window as girls tried to flash, but it didn’t quite work since it was raining and they were wearing too many clothes.


“You think?” Zayn replied sarcastically pointing at the girls who were literally licking the glass. Then after a while we left the vehicle and the girls got even crazier, the boys were waving and smiling and taking some pictures with some fans but I just walked to the café hoping no one would notice me. As I walked inside, this little girl was with her sister I guess, the little girl was around five and the big sister looks like a 20 years old. I smiled at them and they walked over to me.


“Hi I’m a really big fan of you and One Direction, can I please take a picture?” The big sister said politely.


“Sure, what’s your name?”


“I’m Sasha” She introduced looking like she’s on top of the world.


“And what’s your name princess?” I asked her little sister.


“I’m Melissa” I kissed her cheek while giggling.


“She’s my daughter” Sasha informed me and I was surprised, she looked so young, none of your business Ashley just take the picture and wait for the boys.


“She’s beautiful, you’re both beautiful” I said after taking the pictures.


“It was so amazing meeting you Ashley, thanks for the pictures” Sasha said grabbing her daughter’s hand.


“You too” I smiled then the little girl said bye to me and I waved at her. There was a body guard with me too, it’s weird how he’s like always with me when I go out but I don’t even noticed him or know his name… I think that’s a part of his job and its nice feeling like I’m not watched 24/7.


“Wow our girls were crazy out there” A voice emerged and I turned to see the boys walking inside.


“Hey, took you long enough” I sighed.


“Don’t blame us, girls love to see this” Louis cheekily said pointing to his body.


“Right” I replied annoyed for some reason.








I was lying on my bed after I changed to some comfy clothes, when I heard a knocking on my door.


“It’s open” The person pushed the door and it was Niall, right, he wanted to talk earlier. “Hey” I greeted sitting up.


“Do you have a minute?” He asked and I nodded welcoming him inHe sat on the edge of my bed looking down at his hands.


“What’s up?” I asked curiously.


“Well you haven’t talked with Melody, right?”


“No, but I’m gonna call her later”


“She doesn’t pick up my calls and I’m worried about her” He said looking up at me, his blue eyes looking like a lost puppy’s.


“Maybe she just left her phone somewhere, don’t worry” I smiled reassuring at him but he was still looking upset about it.


“I kind of had a fight with her. She said I was calling her too much and not giving her space” He explained and I raised my brow, I thought she really liked him for that reason, what is she trying to do? “I don’t know what to do, what if she doesn’t like me anymore, Squashley?”  He asked me using the nickname they’ve someone came up with. I held his hand shaking my head.


“Well I knew she really cared for you but I haven’t talked with her in a long time so I don’t know anymore what’s on her mind. But just remember that she’s lucky to have you and that you’re way too good for her to be honest” I said as matter of fact gaining a smile from him.


“Yeah but I love her and I don’t care about anything else, I mean why can’t she just answer my phone calls?”


“I’m gonna call her parents and make sure she talks to you okay? Don’t worry about it Niall” He smiled gratefully.


“Thanks, and sorry for interrupting your chilling time” He hugged me tightly.


“Oh no worries, I’ll get my revenge after all” I smirked; he smiled once more before closing the door behind him. I lay back on my bed begging for some sleep but nothing came. I sighed really loud and it felt good then I tried to sigh several times and I almost choked, I decided to go out and sit on a bench or something and that’s what I did. Suddenly I felt someone behind me and I quickly turned hoping it’s not a serial killer and luckily it was only Zayn.


“Gosh you scared me” I said putting my hand on my chest and sighing in relief.


“Sorry” He laughed.


“You’re spying on me?” I joked.


“No I just came for a smoke” He picked the cigarettes box from his pocket


“I thought you quitted” I said surprised, he shrugged which made me furious. “Zayn you need to stop smoking, I’m serious” He didn’t say anything; he just held the cigarettes in between his lips and searched for a lighter in his pocket. I stood up from the bench and grabbed the cigarette then threw it into the pool aggressively.


“Well if you wanna kill yourself, I’m not gonna stay and watch” With that I turned my heels back to the inside of the house, I sat down on the couch  putting my hand on my forehead trying to calm down when he walked in.


“You don’t know how many times I tried to quit but I always failed, it’s hard!” He screamed loudly, I looked up at him.


“That’s just a ridiculous excuse Zayn, you’re killing yourself and you know that. You can always quit, I know it’s hard but it’s worth it” I shouted back defending my case.


“Then help me, I want to stop, for my family, the boys and my fans who care about me.“


“Only if you promise to take it seriously. And I care too” I conditioned, he honestly seemed desperate, like he had enough with destroying his organs.


“I promise, but I really need help Ashley” He insisted and I formed a smile on mmy face.


“Don’t worry, I’ll save you this time just like I saved you before” I smiling widely, he hugged me with one hand since the other one was broken and I hugged him back smelling his cologne.





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