No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


27. All Of The NY Lights.

Guilt, that feeling seemed to be my best friend during the whole time following the kiss I shared with Liam. I told him the truth, that it was wrong, and that I am no over Harry, all though I really wanted to love him. He deserves to be loved, he's always been there for me & it's just so ridiculous how I didn't realize it before, I wish I never dated Harry, I wish I realized that a long time ago so I could be with Liam, maybe that way, I would have developed stronger feelings for him.  

We went to his room after I called Shay telling her what happened, Harry still has no idea I'm here, so I'm staying with Louis & Liam.

"Wait... There are only two beds" I observed as soon as Louis came out of the bathroom; basically

"You'll share the bed with one of us" Liam casually said shrugging it.

"She'll share it with you Liam, I want my personal space" Louis protested. I rolled my eyes because I would choose sharing bed with Liam any day, considering the fact that I’m his cuddle buddy.

"Alright, Liam it is" I said sitting on the edge of the bed, it was 7:24 & I was so tired, I had to change to my pajamas & just sleep.

"Wait again.... I don't have any clothes to wear" I added realizing that I can only sleep when I have comfy clothes on.

"You can wear mine" Louis said pulling out a small babies carrot outfit. I shot him a look and he still pushed it my way.

"Or... you can wear Melody's clothes, I'll ask her for you" Liam said walking out of the room, I sat there next to Louis waiting for him to come back.

"You know.... Harry really loved you" Louis started making me look around to him.

"I don't want to talk about him"

"Just give him another chance"


"Will you ever forgive him?"

"I already did, but I'm not going back to him" I said getting upset at the topic.

"I never thought you’d be with Liam, I thought you loved Zayn for some reason" He quickly changed the subject, I blushed but felt like a total slut at how many guys I’ve been supposedly in love with.

"I don't know anything anymore.." I mumbled "But we've kissed each other earlier" I shot my head back up to face his surprised face.

"Hah he finally got the balls to d-" He got cut off by Liam walking in with two pair of clothes in his hand.

"Here, that's all she has" He handed me a Grey Ribbed Strap Tank Top with pink shorts, I took it smiling & went straight to the bathroom. I quickly changed to Melody's clothes, the shorts were so short it looked like a panty. At least I have something to wear though.

"Wow these shorts are...... short" Louis' statement was followed by a loud slap and a shriek as I walked out of the bathroom.

"I know, but they're comfy ." I shrugged getting in the bed and pulling the cover on top of me.

"If Liam doesn’t try anything tonight then he's a fucking retard" Louis whispered to me making my eyes widen, I threw Liam's pillow at him.

"Fucking excuse me!" I shouted making Liam turn around.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing" I said turning to face the wall, I felt Liam's arms getting wrapped around me, I smiled not turning to face him. It felt like old days, but knowing that he actually loves me makes this even more special. I finally turned to face him smiling, he looked into my eyes & I did a funny face. He laughed! That adorable laugh he has. I wrapped my arms around him too & closed my eyes as I felt a kiss place on my forehead, with that I fell asleep.


*Next Morning*

"Go away Harry!"

"I want to talk to her! What the bloody hell is she doing here?!"

"None of your damn business! now leave her alone!"

"I'm not leaving until I get to talk to her!"

I opened my eyes at the yelling I heard, it sounded like some serious fight, I stood up from my bed, rubbed my eyes and fixed my messy bun. There was no Liam or Louis, I walked to the door to find them both standing by it, with another figure.

"What the hell is going on here?" I asked getting their attention, Louis moved and I could finally see the figure.

"What the hell are you doing here ash?!" Harry shouted again probably waking everyone in this hotel, that's if they're not up already by his shouting from the very beginning.

"Last time I checked it was none of your damn business!" I said the last part louder.

"It is my business when my girlfriend is sleeping with my mate!"

"What the actual....? You know damn right I'm not your girlfriend anymore, you didn't believe me! You screwed Emily right after we splat up! How am I supposed to stay with you if that's all you do, manwhore" I shouted angrily not even regretting the last word I spat at him. But the look on his face wasn’t something I’d want to face any time.

"Harry, I think you should go" Louis shoved him outside.

"I want to talk with her. Please! Ashley please I just want to talk" I thought about it for a moment. Everyone deserves a second chance.... in his case a third...

"Okay" I sighed giving up. Liam and Louis stayed out as he got in.

"Listen, before you start apologizing, I already forgive you. But there is no way in hell we can be together" I started, watching his face drop to the ground. But he slowly nodded.

"No, I just want to explain" He stopped looking at me "When I saw that picture, everything became messed up, it's like my whole world was falling apart in front of my eyes, I was so jealous, so mad & I didn't know what to do. Ashley I really loved you, seriously. & I never ever loved a girl before, how do you think you'd react if you were in my place huh?"

"I'd let you explain, just like I did when you actually kissed that girl in the club" I replied as matter of fact, he looked around awkwardly before continuing.

"You're right, it's my entire fault & I'm sorry. But I never did anything with Emily, I only went to the bar & she was there, I cried on her shoulder & she seemed nice but nothing happened, I swear"

"That doesn't matter anyway" I shrugged.

"Is there any chance I can get you back?" He begged & I shook my head immediately.

"I think it's my time to explain everything. I did love you Harry, but not with all my heart. I felt some strong feelings for Zayn & I only went back to New York so I can get over him; I was only doing it to give you my whole entire heart. But yesterday, I realized that Liam is the one who deserves my heart the most. He was always there for me, unlike you. He always supported me, unlike you & I just can’t love him right now, I don’t want to love anyone, I’m confused, and it’s all because of you"

"Well, then why don’t you give Liam a chance?" He asked more curious than interested.

"Everyone will call me a slut & whore, all though they already do, I still feel like everyone will hate me. & also, because I'm still not completely over you, but with Liam's love, I am sure I'll forget about you eventually"

"It hurts even more knowing that I lost you forever, because of a photoshoped picture"

"No Harry, you lost me because you didn't trust me, you lost me because you didn't give me a chance to explain. & in fact, we can still be friends, maybe best friends?" I knew that he didn't want that, he wanted more than friends. But at least a smile appeared on his face.

"I'll always love you"

"I hope you'll find the right girl, it's clearly not me" I gave him a warm hug, and he seemed to tighten his grip before giving me a soft kiss on my cheek and smiling once more then heading out. Shortly after, Louis and Liam came back.

"What did you talk about?" Liam asked sitting by the sofa nervously.

"Are you two back together?" Louis asked with a hint of hope.

"Of course they're not" Liam defended shooting him a look.

"Why not?"

"Guys! We are not & we're never ever getting back together" Louis looked down & Liam smiled.

"So what did he say anyway?" Liam asked sitting next to me, getting comfortable after my statement.

"A lot of... stuff, like he'll always love me & he never did anything with Emily & wanting to get me back"

"And what did you say?"

"That I'm still not completely over him but I will with Liam's help & that we can still be friends"

"I'm sure he'd be so hurt right now. I'm going to see him" Louis sighed walking out of the room, leaving me & Liam alone.

"I should go back to New York City, I have filming with Justin. Oh & Zayn is coming back here" I announced.

"Awh you don't want me anymore" He faked hurt. Seriously what's with these boys and faking hurt.

"Yeah, you found out. Oh my god you can read my mind" I mocked  sarcastically rolling my eyes.

"Yep I'm reading your mind right now, & I know what you're thinking" He claimed while looking at me suspiciously. “You’re nasty.”

"Er no! I don't think about 'nasty’ things" I defending air quoting the word.

"Er yes! I know what you're thinking" He insisted mimicking my voice.

"Then what am I thinking?"

"You're thinking about......" He starting thinking probably about a nasty thing to say.

"Awh you can't even think of nasty things. This is so cute" He blushed as I cooed at his adorable figure.

"I can think of nasty things, for example; rubbish, toilet, poop-"

"Oh my god you are even cuter when you say poop, sounding like baby angel" He blushed again chuckling.

"But it's called poop"

"No, we call it shit" He gave me a look again.

"You're so nasty, how could you say such a word?" I laughed at his adorableness.

"Oh my dear Liam. You are the cutest creature ever!" I quickly stole a kiss from his cheek while giggling madly.

"Thank you, my dear Ashley" He did the same making me giggle harder.

"I better go back to New York city now. It's 7:10 & the filming starts at nine." He nodded but with a pout.

"What do you do in that filming anyway?"

"Well... a lot of things, like... running and.... running oh and making funny faces, and dropping my baby doll" I tried to find something else but he chuckled because of how much of a failure I was.

"Come on, change to your clothes so we can leave" He ordered, & I walked to the bathroom quickly changing to my clothes from yesterday, I felt disgusting, I never go out without taking a shower so this was gross for me.

"I'm ready" I announced walking out of the bathroom.

"Then leggo"

"When did you start to say leggo?" I laughed.

"You & Niall are a heavy influence" I rolled my eyes still laughing. We walked out of the room.

"Liam, wait here I want to see Louis & Harry" He gave me a worried look but I shrugged it off, I knocked on Harry's room door & he opened it, with clothes. Thank god, Louis was behind him.

"Hey, I just came to say bye. I'm going back to the city" I put on my best smile.

"Why? You just came yesterday!" Louis begged pushing Harry out of his way.

"I have to continue filming the music video. Zayn is coming back today by the way" He frowned before giving me a hug.

"Okay then, we'll Skype tonight alright?"

"Yeah sure" I hugged Harry & I could tell he was surprised, but I told him we can be friends. Friends do hug each other right? "I'll talk to you later" I walked out of the room to see Liam waiting for me. "Okay let's go now" He took my hand as we went outside.


*Two Hours Later*

"I'm going to miss you" Liam wrapped his arms around me. In all honesty, I was going to miss Liam too, just like I usually miss all of the boys after being away from them, but I didn’t want to tell him that because he would take it personally and think that I am in love with him, and I don’t want to give him false hopes.

"Oh come on! it's just another week. & we're not even together…"

"Yeah but I still love you, & a whole week is seven days" I laughed before he cut my laughter by forcing his lips onto mine, I quickly pulled away but feeling bad for it.

"Well you better go back to New Jersey young boy." I joked pushing the awkward moment away. The reason why I pulled away quickly was because of people around us, what if they see us then everyone will start assuming things?.... Okay that's not the actual reason, it just didn't feel right. I felt like I was cheating on someone, not Harry, but someone else.

"I will, take care." He waved as I got into the set.

"Here she is" Ryan announced dramatically making whistles and clapping voice. I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up! Oh & Justin, sorry if I caused any waiting"

"Oh no it's fine, you don't need to apologize. There is Melissa waiting for you to do your makeup" He winked, & I quickly sat on the chair so that Melissa could do her thing. She finished & I looked at the mirror.

"Oh, it looks great" I complimented smiling at her.

"Thank you"

"Where is Shay?" I asked

"She's outside with Jay." I walked outside to find her making random dance moves.

"Aye Shanon" She turned to see me.

"Oh my god you're here" She exclaimed hugging me.

"No, this is just my ghost, my heart accidently fell off when I was pooping & got flushed down the toilet" I sarcastically replied not making much sense to myself let alone Shay.

"Oh… Well, Jay and I were just dancing to radio songs, Zayn was here too but he left to New Jersey”

"Oh Liam just dropped me here & went back to NJ as well" She smiled then All Of The Lights started playing, I picked my phone once I realized that All Of The Lights was playing, and it was about to end.

We lip singed to the song and did hand gestures and face expressions that none of us thought about before doing.

“Jay get in here” I called getting his attention off the pizza he was eating.

“You missed your part!” Shay whined once he got in the picture, and he started waving with his hand not knowing what else to do.

“This is what we do after lunch, hanging out with our boy Jay!” I announced as Jay screamed ‘Deuces’.

“Deuces!” I screamed as well as Shay.

“Oh no you didn’t!” She exclaimed out of nowhere holding up a pack of York. The video ended once it was on one minute limit, Keek and it’s stupid limits!

"That was fun" Shay commented taking a bite out of Jay’s pizza.

"Come on girls they're starting the video filming" Selena announced walking in.

"Uh you're lying. They can't start it without Jay, & he's with us so" I teased.

"Yeah, & I don't want to wear that stupid ice cream costume" Shay protested too.

"Oh jeez just walk already" Selena rolled her eyes while pulling our hands, so we just followed her laughing.



                   ---------------------------------------------IMPORTANT! READ!---------------------------------------------------------

This chapter is SO boring, I'm so tired of writing every day, it takes me 6 hours to write a chapter & do you know how bad it is to stay in front of the computer for 6 hours? I'm just going to start writing a chapter every two days. Sorry! Thanks anyway for all the support. I feel like I'm going so fast with this story, what do you think? Please tell me by leaving a comment bellow :)


THANK YOU <3<3<3<3






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