Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy: Enemies Forever

This is a story about Harry Poter after the books. I hope there are no mistakes in it ( English isn't my native language ).


3. Dumbledore's Nightmare

"Bloody hell! Tha's a threatening! I'll get that little devil." snapped Rond. "Darling, you have to be careful. You know his powers. And he has a huge influence of the Ministre of Magic. Maybe it's better to..." "Withdraw the team. I know." completed Harry. "No father please, you can't you are the best seeker of the world. Are you really going to withdraw the team for a letter?" complained James. " I know you are stupid, but I didn't know you are SO stupid. If father doesn't take this serious, than it's possible something bad happens to us! cried Dumbledore. That's how they started fighting. Lucky stopped Ginny themand sent all the children upstairs. Half an hour later, the family Weasly went home,and the family Potter went to bed. It was another restless night for Dumbledore...

"My father is finally going to revenge Harry Potter." said Justin Malfoy to his friends. " If The Golden Lion won't withdraw him from the final of the Quidditch World Cup, than, Lilly Potter and Lola Weasley will be kidnapped to The Temple of Devil! Than, I well never see those stupid girls again! MWOA HA HA HA HA! laughed Justin evil. "So the legend is true, isn't it?" asked Taylo. "Legend? Which legend?" repeted Louis. "Don't you know the legend of The Temple of Devil? Well, a long time ago, there was a small farmer's village. Everybody lived happy. Until, the devil appeared. "I am the Devil and you will do what I say. You will built a temple for me and sacrifice every year the most beautiful girl of the village. I you don't, the hell will break free..."

Dumbledore woke up immediately. He went to James' room and woke him up. He started telling his nightmare. "What are we going to do now? Are we going to tell father?" asked Dumbledore. "No. He will never believe us. I am going to write a letter for Geoffrey and ask father for a pyjama pary the next night."

"Harry and I have to go out, but I believe you're old enough to stay alone for one night." told Ginny to the children. "Make sure the house will be as clean as it is now and do not open the door, even for people you know." warned Harry. "Yes father. Have fun." said James. They all said goodbye and the parent's left.

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