Forced to forget me

Just when you thought the love between you and him was inseparable, but what happens when one of you end up having an accident leaving one of you clueless of the love you once had.
Experience the power of love as one try's to rebuild the lost love and the forever lost memory. Will the memories come back or will they both live life pretending they never met?


2. Memories


Hey guys, here's the second chapter, hope you all enjoy it, and feel free to leave a comment, and if you have any ideas please leave a comment.

Thanks and Enjoy,



Pearl's P.O.V:

A bright light glared into my eyes making it ever so difficult to see. Where am I?? All I remember is the constant repeat of harry's voice in my head. 

"Only half a blue sky
Kinda there - but not quite
I'm walking around with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
I'm half a man - at best
With half an arrow in my chest
'Cause I miss everything we do
I'm half a heart without you"

Wait where's Harry? Tears treated to flood my eyes, as the thought of not seeing Harry was inevitable. Then all of a sudden everything blacked out once again, erasing my memories of life. 

A sudden noise filled my ears, it was the sudden noise of crying and sobbing.As I open my eyes, I suddenly notice that I'm in a hospital, but the strange thing is... who are the people inside my room, why is this strange, but yet adorably curly guy holding my hand. Whats going on?


Harry's P.O.V:

I'd finally woke up from consciousness and the first thing I thought about was Pearl. I started to cry, when suddenly the boys walked in. They noticed I was awake and all greeted me with hugs and cries, but I wasn't paying to much attention.The only thing I could think about was Pearl.

"where's  Pearl?" i asked with sorrow in my voice. The boys didn't reply, they only glanced at each other, then all of a sudden Louis start to cry hysterically and runs out the door. Niall looks at the other boys and nod before too exiting the room, probably to check on Loui. I still awaited for my answer but I had a feeling no one was going to answer any time soon. So i asked Paul. 

"Paul, where's Pearl?". Paul too took a while too answer, when finally." Harry, mate". He sat next to me on the hospital bed. "Pearl...she's...she's" he looked down then looked up with watered eyes. "she's in a coma, and she hasn't woken up yet", 

"What do you mean?" I whispered with tears streaming down my face. 

"Harry,...Pearl she's...when the ambulance found her, she ha..had no p...pulse" Paul said stuttering over his tears. "Paramedics, said it took them at least 5 mins, before her pulse started again"


This possibly couldn't be happening right now. I grabbed my jacket from the chair and grabbed an object out of the right pocket.' It was the diamond ring I was hoping to give to Pearl the night of the accident. Tears soon rushed don't my face as Liam and Zayn walked over and hugged me. I felt their cold tears soak my back. I imaged the future I'd have with Pearl, we'd take evening strolls on the beach on our honey moon, watching the sun set in the horizon, reminding me of how lucky I am to share my life with someone as beautiful as Pearl. I'd get to see her beautiful smile everyday and get to hug her every chance i get. And kiss her all the time to show her that I truly am madly in love with her. 


My thoughts were then interrupted by a manly voice. It was my doctor.

"Hey Harry, How you feeling mate, any pain at all". He said checking the folder at the end of my bed.

"Only the pain of a broken heart" I said with sorrow

He just looked at me, and smiled weakly.

"well then your good to leave when you like, just make sure you collect pain relief medication from the front desk mate" he said before exiting the room

"wait doctor,ah... can I see Pearl"

"Of course, shes down the hall, third room to the left"


I rushed out of bed, quick changing into the clothes that Paul had got me.

I ran down the hall before coming to a sudden halt in front of Pearl's room.

My hands were shaking rapidly as I tried to open the door.

Liam rested his hand on my helping me open  the door, with a weak smile on his face.


I opened the door to reveal a sight I wished I never saw, crashing my heart into a million more tiny pieces.



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