Forced to forget me

Just when you thought the love between you and him was inseparable, but what happens when one of you end up having an accident leaving one of you clueless of the love you once had.
Experience the power of love as one try's to rebuild the lost love and the forever lost memory. Will the memories come back or will they both live life pretending they never met?


1. just me and him


Hey guys, this is my first story so bear with me. Sorry if its not good but I like the story line behind it so... If you guys have any question or comments  please comment. And tell me what you think on it, whether I should keep going. Oh, If you can try listening to Half a heart by the boys, it adds more emotion to the story.

Thnx and Enjoy 

love from ME :) <3



Pearl's P.O.V:

Harry and I have been dating for quite awhile, and I think I've fallen madly, truly, deeply in love with him. Wait, actually I know! To be honest, and as cheesy as it sounds, he's the love of my life, the reason my heart beats.


We sat quietly in his range rover listening to 'half a heart' ( yes, by one direction in midnight memories :) ) on the radio.Harry's hand rested softly on my right thigh, with his eyes concentrated on the road ahead as his angelic voice sings every word with perfection. His beautiful emerald green eyes sparkled as we passed one street light after the other."I Love You, Pearl" said Harry seriously. "I know" I said smiling. "i mean it, I really do" he said kissing my hand and continued singing. 

Tonight was one of the best times in my life, Harry had taken me out to dinner at the restaurant by the beach, and now where heading home.He's so perfect in every way and I feel so lucky to be with him.

Just as the moment seemed perfect, we crossed a green light when suddenly a hard force collided into the car on my side. Everything seemed really slow, as I watched in terror, the car flip with little pieces of glass shattering across my face. My hand quickly found Harry's hand as I held on to it as tight as I could. I looked at Harry when suddenly everything went cold and dark.


Harry's P.O.V:

I'd just told Pearl I loved her. I really do and I hope she loves me as much as I love her. The way she smiles, brightens every dark sky. She's everything I need, even so more. I just finished kissing her hand, as I continue to sing 'half a heart' to her. I continued to concentrate on the road crossing a green light when all of a sudden a car collided onto Pearl's side. A painful pain grew in my heart as I watched the love of my life grab my hand as glass shot across her beautiful face, piercing it. Forcing everything to go silent.

I wished this moment was only a nightmare and I'd wake up in my warm bed gazing at the one and only beautiful girl, Pearl. But then reality hit me as I gazed outside the now shattered window of my car. I instantly turned to see Pearl... but she wasn't there.

I started to go in and out of consciousness as the shook of not find Pearl, killed me mentally and emotionally. My heart broke even more as I remembered my plans for Pearl when we get home. I had the boys set up the house romantically so I could propose to Pearl.


Warm tears stained my skin as they poured rapidly out of my eyes like a waterfall. A sudden arm grabbed me out of the car. The last thing i remember was seeing a paramedics face and hearing the irritating sound of sirens.


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