The girl who spent 6 months in a psychiatric hospital. Me.

This is my own, true story about my 6 months in a psychiatric ward being treated for my suicide attempts, self harm, bulimia, anxiety, and PTSD


15. Me and Emma.

Emma was another patient. The first time we spoke, i was scared.

We became close and talked alot about all our problems.

We laughed and joked with eachother, we were as happy as we could be in a psychiatic ward.

We maybe got alittle too close.

As we sat in the little lounge, we started talking about how we could kill ourselves. We thought it was practically impossible i that place.

May 30th.

Ligature... Thats just the medical term for strangling yourself.

Me and emma both attempted on the same night.

Charlie found emma first. Charlie asked Evelin to check everyone else was ok. She obviousley didnt.

I sat there with the chord from my jumper tied around my neck. It was so tight. The muscles in my face got tighter.

Louise went to check on everyone again.. and then she found me.

She pulled the rapid chord. Someone came running down the corridoor.

They got a knife. To cut the chord. I tried jolting my neck so it would stab me, but Louise held my neck tight.

I walked into the living room, as i waited for the doctor. I saw emma as i was walking down the corridoor. We stared at eachother and just burst out crying.

Emma saw the doctor first. As i waited, Charlie was speaking to me. We had a long chat.

It was now 12:10 am on 31st of May. My mums birthday. How could i have done this to her.

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