The girl who spent 6 months in a psychiatric hospital. Me.

This is my own, true story about my 6 months in a psychiatric ward being treated for my suicide attempts, self harm, bulimia, anxiety, and PTSD


17. Leave.

I didnt get any leave for about 6 weeks, because i just kept trying to kill myself, and i was cutting.

You had to earn your leave, by behaving well, eating good, not cutting, being open with everyone. Which i wasnt.. with any of them things.

When you first get leave, you only get 15 minutes ground leave..

The first breath of freedom.. NOT.

My mum used to bring my dog up, he would get so excited to see me.. but whimpered when i left.

After your 15 minutes ground leave, if it went well.. you get 30 minutes ground leave, then an hour off grounds, then 2 hours, then 4 hours, and 6, then you get all day leave, then you get an overnight, then you get 2 overnights, then you get a week at home, but thats only if your about to get discharged.

I wasnt too good on leave.

The first thing i did was cut. I hid blades so i could take them back into the ward.

My favourite place to hide my blades was my socks, but then they found out. Then i hid them in my bra, and when they metal detected me, i'd blame it on the wiring in my bra.

I was so sneeky.

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