Christina Payne

Christina Payne is Liam's twin sister, minus the 2 years between them. Though she is as mature as a 30 year old, she's more sneaky than Louis Tomlinson. Liam takes her on tour with her, in attempt to spend more time with his youngest sister. In a strange way, the two are exactly the same, but completely different at the same time. Christina goes on tour causing a whole load of trouble... Including pranks, relationships, home wrecking, fights, arguments, and a small amount of illegal business. Who knew a Payne could be such a Pain?


5. Chapter 5: Surprise!

It had been a couple week's since Harry and I had that talk. Though I will admit he is a good kisser, I don't like him and I refuse to let him think what happened in my room means we have something going on. I told him, I'm here for my brother. I can't form a relationship and make things worse! Besides, my focus is Niall and Liam. I mean, they're the ones who really understand me and I plan on making the most of the time I have left with them. I know I'm leading him on. Every now and then, when he tries to flirt, I'll flirt back, but then Niall comes and I am gone. Niall comes first. Several times Harry has asked me out, but Niall has filled up my schedule. Well, him and Liam. Right now we were in Dublin making our way to the hotel, but Niall and I decided we were going to ditch and get some Pizza.


"I wanna come!"


Harry whined. A silly attempt to tag along. Niall never thought much of Harry and I, only the fact that I was being a dick and Harry was a flirt. So of course he feel's sorry for him. I mean it's only normal. He is his best friend.


"Oh, sorry mate. Thought Chris and I would go on a date."


Said Niall. I blushed. Niall only ever told me that we called these little fun best mates nights, "dates". So it was strange to hear him tell someone else. Harry's mouth twitched slightly, telling me he wanted to frown. Then he smiled.


"What kind of date?"


He asked. Oh dear, I thought, this isn't good.


"Oh, y'know... A..."


I stammered on my words. I wasn't sure what these dates were. Just that we had them quite often when we were together. Niall grabbed my hand and grinned.


"Like a date, Harry. Is there any other kind?"


Niall said. I rolled my eyes. He knew what Harry meant, but he wanted to be an asshole and say something else. Harry flinched a little, something only I noticed now a days.


"Well then, what does that make you guys? Are you two dating now?"


Harry interrogated. Niall and I looked at each other, ocean blue ones gazing into my brown ones and I knew there was something in that gaze that explained everything we had ever been through.


"Yeah. We are..."


He said with the biggest smile I had ever seen. I blushed, biting my lip and letting it slip out slowly.


"Does Liam know? He hasn't said anything..."


Harry said, green eyes stuck on me. My blush was as red as fire. There were butterflies in my stomach and my heart was fluttering. I don't know what this feeling was, but I loved it.


"Yeah, no. He doesn't. I better let him know before we leave. I'll be back babe."


Rambled Niall before pecking me on the lips. I smiled and nodded my head, watching as he disappeared into the living room, leaving Harry and I alone. This shouldn't be good.


"Why didn't you tell me?!"


Harry shouted in a whisper. My stomach dropped. For a second I forgot about Harry's and I's little game we played. I guess it wasn't a game to him, more for me. I did feel bad, but I didn't know about it either.


"I literally just found out right now! We literally decided that now. We hadn't even discussed it yet! But the... We could just feel it."


I trailed off a little bit. I could still remember that feeling we had. It was such a beautiful experience. I'll never forget it.


"How can you just feel when you want to date someone? I kissed you! It was pretty heated too! So what happened between us?! Why can't I have you?!"


He was still on his shout and whisper tone, so I wasn't feeling as bad as I usually would. I frowned, taking a step forward to grab his hand. He flinched but leaned into it slightly.


"I'm sorry, Harry. I really am. It just happened and I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not happy about it. Because I am. Niall is such an important person in my life. It only feel's right. What happened with us, was a game for me. Probably not for you. But for me it was a game I loved playing and now that I'm with Niall, I'm not going to play that game any more. I do love you though Harry. But I told you. Niall and Liam come before you. It's always going to be that way."


I had explained to him as nicely as possible. I know it was bad, but it was better than saying "It's not you, it's me". Which, I have never said before. He smiled and we embraced each other in a hug. A friendly hug.


"I know, Chris. I did think it meant more to you, what we had, but I was wrong. I love you too and I am really happy you're happy. That's all that matters. Especially with time. Time is the most important thing. All I want is for you to be happy."


He said as we shared our intimate moment. I pecked his neck as a sign of understanding.


"I am, Harry. I promise."


"Christina and Niall! I've been waiting for this a long time! I'm so happy you've made it official."


Zayn came in with the biggest grin on his face. I rolled my eyes, parting from Harry to turn to Zayn.


"Woah" he said "What was going on here?"


Zayn teased.


"I was just congratulating her. I'm happy for both of them."


Said Harry. I smiled.


"Me too! I wonder what the fans are going to say when they find out... I can't wait to hear what the ship is! I'm going with... Nistina. But that sounds funny. Whatever! We'll have to wait and see. Congratulations Chris."


Louis popped in. I laughed and thanked him.


"Chris, I already talked to Niall. I swear, I predicted this as soon as you two met. But it took a while and I was starting to second guess. But I was right."


Liam came in, followed by Niall. I smiled and hugged my older brother.


"Yeah, whatever. Niall, can we get some pizza now? I'm hungry."


I pouted to my new boyfriend. He grinned and nodded his head.


"Great! Celebratory pizza!"


Louis piped. I frowned.


"No. It's "I want to go on a date with my boyfriend and nobody else is invited besides him" pizza."


I counteracted. He laughed and rolled his eyes.


"Whatever, go have fun! But not too much fun!!"


Liam called.


"Shut your pie hole, Liam!"


I shouted before leaving the house.




We got to the pizza pallor quickly, immediately ordering and finding us a booth. We sat, Niall cheekily placing wet kisses to my face, teasingly tickling my sides at the same time. We were sat at the back in a corner, where no one would see us. We were facing the wall, so unless Niall took his hoodie and beanie off, no one would recognise us. I laughed when we got the pizza and he shoved it in his mouth. I took a bite of my own and talked away with him. It was like nothing changed, we were perfect. Maybe we acted like a couple all this time...




Niall called, placing his pizza down. I smiled up at him, probably with tomato sauce smeared all over my face. He chuckled and wiped it off for me with his thumb. He stopped at the edge of my mouth, keeping his hand there and staring at me. I stared back, cheeks flaring a little. Then he leaned in and let our lips touch in a passionate way. Something we had never done before. The kiss was totally intimate and I wanted it to last forever. Sadly, he parted.


"Will you be my girlfriend?"


He asked. I grinned.


"I wanted to ask you properly. I mean, we didn't actually say it."


He informed me and I nodded.


"Of course I will. I'm not mental."


I teased. He laughed and smashed our lips together. The rest of the night was spent joking around and eating pizza. We did head to other places, went on a little road trip, had a few take away drinks. We didn't get home till a bit late. But when we did get home, I slept with him. Just sleeping, nothing else. But we didn't get much sleep, because not long after, we had to get up.


"Wake up love birds! It's time to head to the stadium!"


Louis barged in, clearly ignoring the fact that neither of us were morning people. Both of us groaned, moving a little closer to each other. I was shocked when a bright light shone throughout the room. When I opened my eyes I saw that Louis had opened the curtains, letting the sunlight shine through the room. I dug my face into Niall's chest and he dug his into my neck. Then I felt the blanket disappear, but I was warm enough.


"Thank goodness neither of you are naked!"


Louis exclaimed. I grunted.


"Come on! I know you guys are in a new relationship, it's probably all foreign to both of you. But Chris, when you're in a relationship, you encourage your boyfriend to go to work."


Louis teased. I groaned.


"Babe, get up. Simon will kill you if you don't go."


I whispered, kicking his leg a little.


"No!" He grumbled. "I'm sick."

I giggled.


"I don't think being sick of work counts as being sick. Come on babe, just get dressed so Louis will get off our bed and out of our room so I can sleep!"


I told him. Louis laughed.


"It's already 'our', yeah? You guys are serious about this."


Louis said. We both mumbled a 'yeah, get lost Louis' before he actually left. Niall sighed and tightened his grip on me. I smiled and nudged him a little.


"Come on, babe. It's time to get up."


I encouraged. He grunted and fluttered his eyes open.


"Kiss first?"


I rolled my eyes and kissed him. It got a little steamy and he ended up on top of me, straddling my body. I moaned when he sucked on my neck and thrusted into me. Niall and I had removed our shirts, then the door flew open, showing the widest eyes I had ever seen and the scariest frown. Fuck, it's Liam.

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