Christina Payne

Christina Payne is Liam's twin sister, minus the 2 years between them. Though she is as mature as a 30 year old, she's more sneaky than Louis Tomlinson. Liam takes her on tour with her, in attempt to spend more time with his youngest sister. In a strange way, the two are exactly the same, but completely different at the same time. Christina goes on tour causing a whole load of trouble... Including pranks, relationships, home wrecking, fights, arguments, and a small amount of illegal business. Who knew a Payne could be such a Pain?


2. Chapter 2: #InstagramFun

We arrived to Syco Records and despite the boys long trip, they still had a lot of energy. Probably because I forced them to get us some V's and they ended up drinking more than me. I was the first to leap out of the car, stumbling to the floor, luckily I landed on my feet, just falling on the floor softly. Clumsy me sucks. I heard laughing behind me, and flicked the person off. It was Liam, of course.


"Sure, I'm fine. Don't help me up. It's not like you're my brother."


I said sarcastically. Liam rolled his eyes, and helped me up. I thanked him, and waited for the rest of the boys to get out of the car.


"Still clumsy, I see Chris."


Teased Louis, and I playfully glared.


"Hey! Don't tease me. I was just over excited to get out of that awful car."


Once everyone was out, Zayn locked the car, and rubbed the bonnet, pouting his lip.


"Don't say that about her. She can hear you, y'know. She has feelings too."


Defended Zayn. I rolled my eyes, boys and their cars.


"Don't worry Chris, I'm just as clumsy. I'm telling you, soon enough I'll get an injury or something."


Reassured Niall. I chuckled, embracing him in a tight hug. I missed him… I know I said we were just friends. But I really missed him. I mean, we skyped and talked on the phone, and he texted me, on occasions he would even send me something from wherever he ended up. But it wasn't the same. Gosh, I sound like his girlfriend. Rest assure girls, we really are just friends. We just have that strange connection. I'm so glad I get to spend the next year with him. Niall smiled, letting me wrap my arms around his waist while we walked inside, his right arm slung over my shoulders.


"How's your leg, Niall?"


He shrugged, shaking it out.


"Fine… How about you?"


Niall asked, and I knew what he was talking about. About 4 years ago, I had a seizure. I was with the whole family in the backyard, it was such a beautiful day. I was singing with Liam, and just out of the blue, it happened. I was rushed to the hospital, and they did a few test. Liam was a mess, he blamed himself, and almost broke apart because of it. But I talked to him, and he eventually calmed down. When we got the test back, we found out I had Leukemia. Everyone freaked out and started crying. I was the only one who wasn't, which was strange, I cried a lot then. Anyway, when X Factor came, Liam hesitated. He didn't want to go, he wanted to look after him. But I told him to do it, but for himself. Not for me. I knew how much he wanted to do it, and I didn't want to be the reason he didn't. Then I met the boys, and you know that story. We all get along real well. In 2011, I was with Niall. It was just us two, and we were having a jam in the park. And it happened again. I remember the look on Niall's face, the fear, the panic, the love. He managed to get me to hospital in time… He told me he'd never forget that day. I wouldn't blame him either, it was an awful moment for the both of us.


"I'm good Niall. I'm here, with you and Liam. There's nowhere else I'd rather be."


I hugged him tighter, and released him. Niall and I were walking to the stairs. Though, the rest of the boys took the elevator, Niall and I liked walking up stairs.


"Good, because you aren't leaving me. Not yet."


He kissed my forehead, and stared at the stairs that seemed to go on forever. I can't believe we chose stairs over the elevator.


"Loser has to eat raw onions when we get to Liam's."


Niall confirmed, and I grinned. I am so going to win this.


"You're on."


"Ready, Sweaty, Don't trip up- Go!"


I chuckled, but bolted up the stairs, Niall right by my side. Niall was skipping at least 3 steps, while I could only skip two. We weren't even half way up and we were both huffing. But we kept running. I laughed at Niall, who was using the poll to pull him up, and I had an idea. I started to get massively tired, and slowed down, gripping the poll as I started coughing, trying hard to catch my breath. Niall kept running though, he was a floor above me, but I had stopped. He looked down, eyebrows furrowed, and the smile had disappeared. His eyes widened, and he yelled my name, quickly running back down to help me.


"Chris, are you okay? What's wrong?"


I covered my chuckle with a cough, and quickly zapped his ticklish spot, sprinting away and up the stairs.


"Tricked ya', loser!!! See you at the top!"


I yelled, whilst running. Niall watched with a dumbstruck expression. Then he smirked.


"Get back here, you little snake!"


He yelled, running after me. I tried my best to run faster, but knowing me. I'm really lazy, so I was still slow. Eventually Niall caught up, grabbing my arm and pulling me into him


"Got ya'…" He breathed, panting heavily.


"You sure did."


I replied cheekily. By now we were almost there, the run turned out to be faster than expected. He smirked, gripping my thighs and halting me onto his waist. In a swift movement, he spun me around on his back, and started running to the top. I squealed, gripping onto his neck. Three more floors, and we were there. In a few short minutes, we had made it. Niall panting heavier than he was before. I had collected a little bit of my breath, but I was still tired. My legs were spent, and I felt like throwing up.


"I think I'm gonna be sick."


I whined, digging my head into his shoulder. Niall started walking towards the office, aka, Simon Cowell's office.


"Don't worry Chris, I won't put you down until I put you on a seat."


He said and I smiled. He was the sweetest.


"By the way, I won."


I teased.


"Actually, I won."


Niall stated a-matter-of-factly. I chuckled, he used a hand to open the door to the office, of course knocking before he did, and we walked in.


"Hey, my foot was in first. My foots apart of my body, so won."


I argued.


"I'm the one carrying you! I won!"


He whined.


"So! You're the one who wanted to carry me, I could have ran the rest of the way by myself!"


I defended.


"Fine. It's a tie. But don't expect me to be so easy next time."


Niall said, placing me carefully on a seat. I thanked him, nodding my head.


"Okay…" I replied. "But I still won." I muttered at the end. Niall opened his mouth to talk, but someone interrupted him.


"Don't bother Niall. Whether she won or not, she's still the one who has to live with you guys."


Mr. Cowell.


"That's right. Hi Mr. Cowell. How are you this fine afternoon?"


I asked innocently. I saw the boys roll their eyes, while they watched me act like an innocent little girl.


"I'm good, thanks you Christina. How about you?"


He asked, and I grinned.


"I get to travel the world with my brother for a whole year." I confirmed. "I'm great!" I exclaimed.


"Don't get so cocky now, Chris."


Joked Louis.


"Me? Cocky? I don't think so Lou. I think you have it the wrong way around. My two year older twin brother is the cocky one."


I teased, and Liam just ignored us.


"Anyway, let's get to business. Chris, I don't suppose you're very interested in what's going to be said. So you can either wait outside, or busy yourself while we talk." Said Simon. "No interruptions either." He warned, and I smirked, saluting him.


"I'll just play on my phone. Thank's Mr. Cowell for letting me come."


He smiled, turning his attention to the boys. I plugged my headphones in, blasting The Killers this time, while they talked, I instagrammed a photo of the boys and Simon. My instagram and twitter's the only social networks I have that aren't on private. I know fans like to interact with the boys and their families, but I'd rather not. There are some crazies out there, and I like to keep my stuff private. I quickly posted the picture, smirking whilst I done it. It was a good picture, everyone looked serious and proper. It was the way they were sitting, arms crossed over their chests, hands folded, rested on their laps, or arms resting on the chair. But they all looked a bit messy, due to the fun road trip. Mind you, they didn't have to do much to go from messy to 'tidy enough to have a meeting'. 


'No interruptions, said Mr. Cowell.



I chuckled quietly, posting it and scrolling down all the other posts. I checked my notifications, smiling when I noticed Danielle post a picture of us two from not long ago, when she flew me over to see her. We were at a coffee house, I was eating french toast, and she was eating eggs benidict. It was a nice breakfast.


'Already miss my girl, @ChrissyIsChocolatePayno! Can't wait to see you again! Next time we'll go to the club! Love ya Chris!



I smiled, quickly commenting on the picture. Thousands of people had commented on the photo, some asking about Liam, others complimenting Danielle and I, or even commenting on our choice of food. Some were real negative against me, but that didn't matter.


'I miss you too Danster! Haha, like my knew name?? ;) Can't wait to go clubbing with you! Don't tell Liam, he'll kill the both of us! Haha! xx Love ya sis'


I had a few notifications from friends, some real, some just faking it. I checked all the comments on that photo and had to stifle a laugh. Fan girls are so cute and weird at the same time. I can't say that, if I ever met Alex Gaskarth I'd be doing just what they're doing. But one comment caught my eye.


'Dammit Chrissy, he said no interruptions. This is gonna be viral! You don't know how to follow instructions do you?'


It was Harry. I stared at him, eyes on Simon. I quickly typed back.


'What are you doing commenting on this @harrystyles? You should be listening to Mr. Cowell. Not scolding me. Plus, I haven't said anything through this whole meeting. So I'm not interrupting. I'm minding my own business really.'


Harry got it within seconds, and checked it when Simon was talking to Niall, who was next to me. I watched him and saw him roll his eyes. But he didn't reply, he just winked at me, and out his phone away. I rolled my eyes, exiting the photo, just to see a tag by Harry. It was a photo of me on my phone, about 3 minutes ago. That little shit.


'Look at @ChrissyIsChocolatePayno guys! Isn't she the cutest. Her and Niall came into the meeting late today… Heard a lot of screaming ;) Geez, Chrissy, what were you guys doing in there?

#PaybacksABitch ;)'


Already thousand of likes and comments. Some laughing at Harry's wittiness, others defending me, and some even attacking both of us. Some just went crazy that Harry posted  picture of me on Instagram. So I commented on his picture.


'And I'm the slimy one. You little shit. You just wait, you're gonna get it after this meeting. So much for the three musketeers, aye Hazza?'


When Harry got the comment he chuckled. I started scrolling through my photos. We did some crazy things in the car, so I was sure to find something embarrassing on Harry, and I did. I edited the video and added a caption.


'This is what happens when @harrystyles drinks V. He goes crazy in the car and pukes inside of it, then steps in it. No shit, he did this. Look at his face! Priceless.



I giggled. Man, am I in for it when we get out of here.

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