I Am An Arien Faurey

Faureys are creatures that are comedians at heart.They are likely to be mistaken as humans,but only they themselves can tell which is which.

They are fun and mischievous,beautiful and haunting.Humans are known to them as the plains.

They are as abnormal as plains until it comes the time when they get more unusual.During the change,they will enter their world,Syrepia for the first time to be converted to the chosen horoscope.They can convert a worthy plain into a Faurey by assisting the plain through tests that are so randomly made.

Quela Blue is a Faurey.
Why not enter her humourous fantasy life?


2. Syrepian Kiss

Particles slowly formed into my slim body,my ears are now elf-like,my fingers now move gently like they have no bones,my eyes are now red with glittering star adorning them as if they're drawn,a maple leaf folds over my body like a dress that can only be made by magic, and the best of all,two magnificent white horns potrude out of my head.

This is my true form.I am an Arien Faurey.I remember my sorting like it was yesterday,but it was two days ago actually.


I was transported to Syrepia once again,but not to play this time,but to be sorted through tests to my rightful horoscope.Birthdays will be kept in mind of course.I entered the arena blur of what's to come.A field full of flowers greeted me.A river lay at the end and an apple tree stood in the middle of the field with a red cape to show it's glory.A few horses grazed in a small spot to my left.

My mind started to wander.

The grass must be so sweet,maybe this is one of those places where candy grows all around,maybe those apples are nougat and the grass is gummy!

I dropped down on my knees tearing at the grass with my fluid fingers.Even I surprised myself when I shoved the clump of green into my mouth.They are nothing like gummies,they're even better!As I chewed the smooth grass sweet juice poured out dripping down my chin.


Then suddenly I'm in a deep blue struggling to breathe,a boat sat on top of the surface.I quickly swam up before the air would be gone from my lungs.Noticing the boat had a couple of boys my age I shouted for them to help.They turned their heads and their eyes landed on my chest.I cannot believe I am completely naked!None the less I reached out for their hands and climbed the boat into safety.


Now I'm standing in the middle of a selection of things that sit on a ring of limestone:

A clump of grass,a flower,a real beating human heart,a book,spectacles,a hammer,a knife,pile of clothes,makeup,money,a small pile of snad,seashells,apples,water,and a bow and arrow.


i grabbed the clump of grass before they vanish and tried to control myself to not stuff the whole thing into my mouth.I grabbed the book to find that it's my favourite book from the Harry Potter series.Lastly I grabbed the beating heart that I felt pity for in a way.


I was immediately transported back to the sacred laughter haven with a pair of huge horns newly transplanted onto my head



I made my way down grindel lane grinning my ass of.Meriden,my Leo Faurey friend greeted me with the same big smile I was wearing.

"I found two very worthy people."I said breaking the grinning silence.His smile dropped as we entered the plain field.

"That's great.We have a problem.Us Faureys are becoming more and more endangered as the minute goes.We have to look to the plains now .But that doesnt mean we can lower our conscience in letting the plains give our secrets away."

"Then we will be in the dog house for sure.Rode anyone lately?"

"This is no time for fun and games,Quela.We Faureys have to take a huge step and start being serious."

I stared at him,offended.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!We Faureys have been serious.It's just being serious through fun and games."

"I know.What I meant is no more fun and games.We should become completely serious to save our species!!"His voice raised a thousand times and everyone turned to look at us with looks of dismay.We Faureys have never called ourselves species or anything.We just called ourselves Faureys that's that.To us, it's a complete insult.

"How dare you!We Faureys are not a species,we are made of laughter and a kid's first prank.We are nothing compared to those boring species or types.We are the Faureys and that is what we are.If you want to kill yourself by being completely serious,I can take you to the laughter haven and make you back into a plain."At that i turned and walked away from him, and entered the world of dreams.

I woke up to the sun shining through the little round window.

I walked down stairs to find a boy with shoulder-lengthed black hair blue eyes and gorgeous lips standing next to a cooking Steven and Annie.My eyes turned red with anger and hatred.

He turned to me and smiled.


I was about to answer back with a low growl a "Meriden,get out of the house!",but as fast as lightning he stood in front of me and gave me a deep kiss.


Author's Note

Hey my favourite pack of gummy bears,no offence.

Did u like the chappie?
Sorry for my bad writing,I'm still in the junior leageus.

Please comment.
Please recommend to ur friends who might be interested.

Peace out,
Cursed #^_^

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