I Am An Arien Faurey

Faureys are creatures that are comedians at heart.They are likely to be mistaken as humans,but only they themselves can tell which is which.

They are fun and mischievous,beautiful and haunting.Humans are known to them as the plains.

They are as abnormal as plains until it comes the time when they get more unusual.During the change,they will enter their world,Syrepia for the first time to be converted to the chosen horoscope.They can convert a worthy plain into a Faurey by assisting the plain through tests that are so randomly made.

Quela Blue is a Faurey.
Why not enter her humourous fantasy life?


3. Sunday Morning

I pushed him away.

"What the hell! Meriden!"
Steven took the sign and quickly pulled an angry faced Annie out of the kitchen,calming her.

"Hey I'm sorry.Ok? I'm sorry I said those words.It was wrong.Very wrong.I dont know what came over me."His apologetic face turned into a frown."Is something burning?"

"Shoot! Steven!" I quickly turned off the fire and took out the already black bacon.I know I can never stay mad at Meriden even if I tried.He is has been my best friend since second grade.He changed two years before me and boy,was I jealous.The reason I didnt slap him when he kissed me is because he took my first kiss and I certainly dont regret it.

"Why are you here? Your house is like a state away." I asked curious.

"I wanted to see you.So I 'convinced' my foster parents to move here."

"You know you are not allowed to use our charming skill on plains.What about Sara?You guys were great together."I said in a hushed whisper.
His eyes turned black.Completely black.No whites.Just black.
His voice came out as a growl.

"I caught her sleeping with Bryan,my so-called best friend.They are part of the reason I moved here."

I sighed."Fine.I wont tell.Hey,wanna scare my fosters?"
Winking,I changed my hair and eyes to a pure white and walked out leaving Meriden laughing his gummy bear ass off.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! STEVEN!! STEVEN!!"Annie screamed out.Steven came running down the stairs.As soon as he saw me his hands flew to his head,pulling at his hair.Meriden came running in with a fake panicked look on his face.

I streched out my arms,mouth hanging open and hovering a few inches off the ground.Yes,us Faureys can hover,not fly.Hover.

Annie was kneeling on the floor screaming her lungs out.Steven was staring at me with horror in his eyes.Meriden had already ran out the door.Guess he couldnt control his laughter.

But this,this was seriously getting out of hand.I quickly turned my hair and eye back to their original colours and put a confused look on my face.

"What's wrong?"

Annie ran to me and hugged me.Woah,she's h-hugging me?

"Holy shit.Quela are you okay?
I'm sorry for treating you like vermin.I do not want to see that again."

I hugged her back.


I looked up at Steven still hugging Annie.He smiled.There were tears in his eyes.I guess it's not normal for Annie to act like this.

I hugged her even more tighter.No way I am doing that again.Unless.....of course if Annie became her old self again,Meriden has got to join me.



Hey! Sorry for the short chappie.I'll try to make the next one longer.

Pls comment.

Pls recommend.

Gummy peace out,

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