I Am An Arien Faurey

Faureys are creatures that are comedians at heart.They are likely to be mistaken as humans,but only they themselves can tell which is which.

They are fun and mischievous,beautiful and haunting.Humans are known to them as the plains.

They are as abnormal as plains until it comes the time when they get more unusual.During the change,they will enter their world,Syrepia for the first time to be converted to the chosen horoscope.They can convert a worthy plain into a Faurey by assisting the plain through tests that are so randomly made.

Quela Blue is a Faurey.
Why not enter her humourous fantasy life?


4. Sunday Beach Time

I joined Meriden a while later at the beach wearing a red bikini,tan skin,blue hair,green eyes and a bright smile.

He is wearing red spiky hair,brown eyes,tan skin,blue shorts,a gorgeous smile that will make even gummy bears faint and no shirt.


"Hey.Wht you wanna do?Why not walk on water to freak people out and get easy money."

"Haha.Nah,we need a hermit for those kinda stuff."

I burst out laughing.

"Oh my god...Meriden...its permit not hermit! Imagine asking the police to check the poor hermit,the cat fights and old man shouting will make will make anyone scared!"

"Hey.Hey.Calm your butt people are starting to snicker."

Being the Faurey I am,I yelled

"Am I right people? It'll be weird seeing an old man try to fight of a police man that's trying to check the poor dear's pants,right?"

With that everyone burst out laughing.Even a few old men were chuckling and shaking their heads mumbling "youngsters.".

Suddenly a two strong hands grabbed my waist and threw me into the water!

"Meriden!"I got up and yelled playfully.

But Meriden was wrestling with some mime scaring away a big-sized family that were sharing about a hundred cones of ice cream until the mime smashed them while trying to fight off red-eyed meriden

Oh shit!

I ran towards them and touched Meriden's shoulder.His eyes turned back into their beautiful brown and he stopped punching the poor mime.

I helped the mime up and...


He groaned in reply.

"Oh my god! Ethan are you ok?"

His mask had a huge chunk punched off,his burette is lying in the middle of the pile of ice cream,his kinda muscly arms and chest had bruises and scratches everywhere and his mime black-and-white shorts has  ripped up a bit showing a bit more of his tanned thighs.

He chuckled and pulled of his mask.

"Next time I might want to think twice before throwing girls in the water for a little fun in front of their boyfriends."

I smacked him gently and playfully on the head making him groan a little.

"You better.My friend,Meriden isnt one that likes to see girls getting thrown in the water. "I said putting emphasize on the friend part.

"True.True.Wanna go back to my place so we can clean you up? Dont worry I'm not gay."said Meriden

"Can my cousin come too?"Ethan asked pointing to the black haired beauty from yesterday.

"Course,she's hot."said Meriden checking her out.

"Well if you dont plan on wrestling her,you guys make a great couple." Meriden and I just stared at Ethan and his random sentence.

"I-I'll go get her then."

She was sitting on a surfboard out in the ocean checking out surfing boys.I saw a taking his shark fin  burying it in the sand.

"Hey kid!"

He turned to look at me.He seemed about six with dirty blonde wet hair and weird poofed up yellow shorts.His eyes are orange and had slight markings of fur around it.

His eyes brightened when he too realized what I am.

"I've never seen an arien before."He said mesmerized.

"Well I've never seen such a young leo before."

He got up.He became taller,his chest now had a slight hint of muscle,his face now maturer but his pants still weird.Show-offs.Im geussing he is about 13.

"Nice one.Uh...Hey,can I have that fake shark fin that you are trying to bury?"

"Sure! Take it."He bent down and picked it up,winking at me.

I walked away.

"Nice pants.Hope to see you in Syrepia!"I called over my shoulder.


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