I Am An Arien Faurey

Faureys are creatures that are comedians at heart.They are likely to be mistaken as humans,but only they themselves can tell which is which.

They are fun and mischievous,beautiful and haunting.Humans are known to them as the plains.

They are as abnormal as plains until it comes the time when they get more unusual.During the change,they will enter their world,Syrepia for the first time to be converted to the chosen horoscope.They can convert a worthy plain into a Faurey by assisting the plain through tests that are so randomly made.

Quela Blue is a Faurey.
Why not enter her humourous fantasy life?


1. Moving In

"Quela!Where the fucking hell are you?" Haha.The chicken's clucking again.I creep up behind her.

"Ma'am.Hi.I'm Casey.May I assist you in finding your child in return for some sort of payment?"I put on my best innocent voice and nearly choked out giggling inside while talking to the chicken.

My brown hair had turned blonde,my shadow black eyes had turned dark shade of blue and my lightly tan skin has become white freckly.

"Yes."Handing me a 20,"Please find my rogue child.I do believe she might have run off to the nearest park as soon as the car slowed."

I nodded hiding my smirk and ran towards the sandy stretch a block away.Oh yeah!Easy money!Sucker!That chicken totally deserved that.

Jumping into the blue green,I crashed into a muscly wall.Typical.

Both of us ended up laughing with me all teeth,blue hair,green eyes and back to my  original tan skin:him top teeth showing,dimples,brown hair,chesnut brown eyes and tan skin.

"So hot!"

His laugh turned into a chuckle."Thanks."
My laugh turned into a huge smile that only to me is a way of blushing.

"Where'd you come from Seaweed?"

"From the bottom of the sea of unexpected mishaps."

"So true.Can I interest you in dinner or lunch sometime?"

"Depends,can you?I might suddenly slip on a banana peel while I try to kiss you,but then it might turn into a very harsh wrestling match."

"Oh,you plan on kissing me eh?"

"But I rather wrestle you than get between you and your girlfriend."

I pointed to a gorgeous black-haired girl in a hot pink bikini who is swimming towards us with a curious look on her face.

She neared us,frowning at me.

"Dont worry I'm his distant cousin."I said calmly.

"It's not that.I can tell flirting from a mile away and you were clearly just being friendly.Your clothes.They're wet.I have an extra outfit if you want to change. "

I looked down at my black tee and white shorts.My tee is hugging my slim body.My shorts had become heavy soaking wih water.

"Nah.It's ok.I want to annoy the chicken when I get home.That reminds me,I.should be getting my gummies and getting back before the chicken starts clucking."

They both laughed.

"Sorry,we didnt catch your name,Seaweed.I'm Ethan and this angel over here is Selena."

"I'm Quela.See ya!"


Chewing my packet of gummy worms,I entered the driveway to my new home.Moving in,always the hardest.Oh who I kidding,I've stayed in so many houses,it can be my job to test the houses of so many foster parents.

It's already been a week with Mr. and Mrs. Chick and my scoldings have already become so regular that I could even be mistaken as their real daughter.

I changed my hair and eye back into their original colours as I reached the door.


"Special delivery for Mr. Chick!"I yelled jokingly.

A middle-aged man with kind eyes whom I know as my foster father opened the door.Steven is far more nicer than Annie.He gets my jokes and doesnt yell at me much.

"I see the little egg has found her way back!Come in.We're having pizza for din-din."See how I can love this guy?He even calls dinner,din-din.

After dinner,I immediately went to bed.As soon as my head hit the soft pillow,I fell asleep and found my way into my most favourite place in my mind,



Author's Note



I hope this chapter sucks you in.

It'll be confusing at first,but what the heck!
I garranty you this story will be hilarious.

Please comment.
Please vote.

I will update soon!

Cursed :D

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