Falling Hard

Five friends meett five interesting boys. This is an Janoskians fanfic.


1. Hello

 So First chapter get excieted because its get intense pretty quickly. <3 vote, comment and share. Love you all. <3





It was midday Saturday and I was out shopping with my four crazy SBFFL (Sassy Best Friends For Life) Brodie, Lora, Sharni and Daria. And of course we were shopping. "Dayum look at the pigeon!" Brodie screamed running after a white pigeon. "Brodie you crack monkey that's a dove." Sharni said while skipping along with Lora. Fuck my friends are weird. "Sharni it can be a walrus and she will still call it a pigeon." Daria yelled. We stopped and looked at each and laughed. Yes we are a weird bunch but hey if you don't believe in being weird. You're weird. "Lora's hungry!" Lora said while running into the food court. Great the new games finding Lora.




We all walked into the food court to see Lora sat at a Macca's table for all of us. "What do you fudge nuggets want?" I said getting up. "HAPPY MEAL!” They all screamed. We are such little kids. I got up and walked to the counter and ordered. I also payed because it was my turn this time. I walked back with all the food. I couldn't see anyone of them until I heard weeee!. OH. MY. GOD. My friends were on the little kids play ground that every Macca's has OMG.  "Oi get the hell off and eat yo food." I screamed wanting them to come back. "Okay mummy." The girls yelled. I was given dirty looks from so many people. Lol no I don't own these kids when the fuck do think I had them!? I thought to myself. We all sat back down at our table and started eating.. Until some little fucker took Brodie food. Shit was going to go down..



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