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9. Imagine for Shakra

Your pov

Hi my name is shakra. And I have a lovely boyfriend named Niall. But he's been acting weird lately and I want to know why. Anyway I have a best friend named Zayn and we basically hang out every day(: we known each other since pre-k I love him so much, so much that I consider him my brother(; that's how I met Niall. Zayn is here were going to the beach.

No ones Pov

Shakra: ready?

Zayn: yes I am(;

Skipping car ride there

Niall's Pov:

I decided to go home and surprise shakra and when I got home she wasn't there but then I seen a note.

Dear Nialler,

I went to the beach with Zayn call me if you need me.

Love you lots,

Shakra xoxo

Really she with HIM again I mean yeah he's my mate but they act like their boyfriend and girlfriend. And no I'm not Jealous! I am going to the beach I have to talk to her.

*back with Zayn and shakra.*

Shakra: this is nice(:

Zayn: yeah.

Your Pov

Zayn and I were building a sandcastle when someone destroyed it.

No ones Pov:

Zayn: what the hell *looks up* Niall!

Shakra: what did you do that for Niall!

Niall: why are you hanging out with Zayn?

Shakra: um? Because he's my best friend!

Niall: you could of asked me.

Zayn: Niall take it easy man.

Niall: I will not "take it easy MAN"

Shakra: Niall why are you acting like this?!?!?

Niall: because you are always with Zayn and not me!

Your Pov

Oh I get it Niall is jealous of me and Zayn hanging out.

No ones Pov:

Shakra: Ni. Are you jealous?

Niall: pshhh no!

Shakra: *gives him the look*

Niall: okay i admit I'm jealous okay, you always hang out with Zayn and never me.

Shakra: awe Niall I'm sorry I didn't know that's how you felt.

Niall: it's my fault. I didn't tell you

Zayn said he would call me later and I said okay and that I was sorry. He said it is okay.

Shakra: let's go home

Niall: yah.

A year later you and Niall get married and then 9 months later you have a beautiful baby boy named James William Horan.

The end

I hope you liked it. Sorry I haven't been doing imagines I've been really busy. So I'm kinda rusty on theses and I'm sorry it sucked. Lots of love


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